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I'm feeling sorta... scrambly right now. Dunno why. And despite feeling scrambly, I'm here writing. Fingers needed to type, I guess.

Had a good day setting up Prof. Hildreth's new desktop. My lord, that thing is beautiful. It's one of the brand shiny new iMacs, with the wireless mouse and keyboard. It was fun setting it up, and it was fun teaching him how to use it. I think next weekend I might be headed over there again to show him how to use iPhoto, iMovie, and some other Mac-specific stuff. Sure, we spent four hours playing with the computer (and two hours at lunch), but I had fun and enjoyed myself. I also got to spend time with the Pomeranians! Lord, I love those little dogs. Kaya's so sweet, all she wanted to do was cuddle me and lick my hand. When I get my own dog, I hope it's as sweet as she is.

I love how Johanna kinda ordered me to call her earlier. "Hey, you're awake, call me at home. My computer's acting up" is what she said to me after three messages on FB this morning. I'm going to just back off. Not make any attempts to call her or get in touch with her, and just let her come to me. It's frustrating, having to do this when I only just started having a real relationship with her, but she's manipulative and downright mean at some points, especially to animals. I don't want someone toxic like that in my life, even if it is my sister.

I hate wedding planning. I just want to get married and get it over with. Kathy and Mike apparently are planning on helping pay for catering, but could they outright tell us this? NOOO. We had to tell them three times that we can't fucking afford catering for them to tell us "oh we're gonna help". WHAT. Why the hell couldn't they have told us this earlier? Can I elope now? >:|

And tomorrow is going to be Insane Babysitting Day, since I'll be babysitting Tyler from 11:30 to 4, and Tyler and his sister Brittany from 4 until 7. I am going to be beat when I get home. I think I'm gonna bring all my DS games and see if Brittany will help me get some of my Pokemon off Pearl.
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Yeah, no Tyler today, and I've got Friday off as well! This is nice. :)

Called my mom today. We talked for a bit, and I whined about wedding crap. I get the distinct feeling there's going to be some drama at my wedding, especially if Kathy starts talking to my dad. She's been pushing me to invite my dad's wife, and I told her there is no way I'm doing that. My dad would most likely cut me out of his life if I did that - he keeps us and Martha separate. Not to mention the last time she saw me, she threatened to call the police on me if I didn't leave her property. Yeah, I totally want to invite this woman to my wedding.

I also found out that one of Mom's dogs, Levon, might be partly blind - she started putting things together, like how he's always running into things and how he freaks out if someone comes up and they're just out of his vision, then they come close and pet him, and came up with the answer that he's probably mostly blind. Poor puppy. It probably explains a lot, though, especially about why he's so skittish and everything.

The living room is clean! YAY! And after I get back from Joe's office (gotta fix his netbook's email issues), I'm going to clean up the bedroom as well.
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Had dinner with Bryan and his family last night, and it was... interesting. Apparently, according to Bryan's grandparents, we're changing the date of our wedding! To August 1st, so it "inconveniences less people".


I understand that the date isn't the greatest for everyone, but honestly, Grandma Carey and Mike (my future father in law) want us to change the date of our wedding so it's more convenient for them. It's not just wanting, but outright pressuring. And I don't like it. Absolutely don't like it. This is our wedding, not theirs. WHAT THE FUCK.

Also, Kathy (my future mom in law) is pushing that we serve a whole meal at the wedding. WE CAN'T FUCKING AFFORD THAT. Should have just eloped before we even sent out the save the date cards.

Fuck. I just can't win, even with my own damn wedding.


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