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It's Monday! Which means back to work again. I'm feeling a lot better, but that's probably thanks to the medications - I'd probably still be in bed right now, and would have spent the weekend in bed, if it weren't for the prednisone.

I did a LOT of cleaning this weekend. The house sparkles like Edward Cullen now. Even the kitchen. And the kitchen was nasty. Now I'm not ashamed to have people come over now! :D

Also did some weddingy stuff last night - printed out place cards, and started replacing the boring old plain cards in the frames I have with the cute new ones. I'm gonna try to get pictures of everything soonish, so anyone who cares about the wedding can see them. :) I've also printed out invitations to mail down to Kathy, so she can pass them out to the friends we didn't mail them to. (Hey, if they're paying for the reception, they can invite as many people as they want!) I've got a long list of stuff that's got to be taken care of in the next month... I hope I can pull it all together. I hope people actually come to my wedding.

Ah crap, I forgot to feed the fish. BRB.

*rushes off to give fishy flakes to her little fishkids*

Ahh, now I have happy fish. It's so fun to watch them eat! They're all so darn cute. :D My friend Mary is going to come over to see the fishies this afternoon, so she can see how to feed them when Bry and I go on our honeymoon - she's going to be our fish-sitter. She's currently fish-sitting for a couple down the street - they have a ton of fish in a dirty tank with hardly anything to play with in there. Poor bored fishies. I spoil my little fishlets, just like Mary spoils her dog Chowder. And oh lord, Chowder is getting big! He's only four months old, and he's already up to my knee! He's gonna be a big charmer when he grows up. :) Ahh, I can't wait until I can get a dog of my own....

Well, time to do a tiny bit more internet surfing before I go to work.
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-New job is going well. I love the fact that there's always something to do. And I also like that while I'm the youngest person in the office, I'm only the youngest by a year. The other office girls range in age from 29 to 35, and Nancy (the boss) is older. All the office girls are really friendly, and I really like this job. Part of me hopes it might turn permanent, but then again, with the economy and the fact that I'm a student assistant, it's not likely to happen.

-Dad said he'd help me with school. Not sure how much he'll be able to help, but even if it's just cosigning a loan, it's enough. So, no worrying about school for now.

-My night class is killing me. It's not the work so much as the late hours, and the fact that by the time the class ends, I've spent 12 hours straight on campus with maybe an hour's lunch break. It's not fun. Also, I have a group project to do that I have no idea what my part is. I really hope my group doesn't say "oh hey, let's stay after class and get this done!" Noooo. I have to go home and sleeeeep.

-I miss working out. Once my official work schedule gets set up, I might actually have time to get over to the Body Shop, but until then, I hardly have time for my computer when I get home. I usually go home, check Facebook and the news, and then drag myself off to bed to watch Law and Order until I fall asleep. Merf.

-The new fishies are doing well. Sephie's fin is growing back, and Diana's being... well, Diana. Artemis is a happy chubby fish, and Gus loves it in his big tank in the bedroom. Yes, I spoil my fishies. Speaking of the fishlets, I should feed them...
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Sorry I've dropped off the face of the internets the past few days - Tuesday morning I spent fighting with my damn game for Multimedia Development, and yesterday I went to work out. But it's Thursday, and here I am with a giant coffee in my hand and some Lady GaGa downloading. I finally gave up and figured, what the hell, her songs get stuck in my head enough as it is, why the hell not just get her albums?

Anyway, I'm absolutely exhausted. I've been running around constantly the past few days. Monday we drove to Massena to go get some fishies for my late birthday present. One came home dead, so last night we returned it and got two more. My house is now a friggin aquarium. There are more fish here than people. Do I have to make tags for all my fishykids? Artemis has her own tag. I think Augustus, Metella, and Rufilla would be very sad if I didn't give them tags, yanno? (Oh my lord, Beth, they're fish. They don't care if you have tags. Drink your coffee.) I've noticed they all have their own personalities, too. Artemis is just Artemis, being cute and silly and sometimes doing ridiculous stuff, like sleeping in the handle of the Greek vase in her tank. Gus is calm, cool, collected, and loves to come to the glass when I talk. He's a very social fish. He's also one of the most spoiled male bettas I've ever seen, he's got five gallons all to himself! (Then again, right now Artemis has 20 gallons to herself. XD) Rufilla is a little smaller, and Metella was picking on her in the bag on the way home, and she reminds me of a line that her namesake had in my Cambridge Latin 2 book - "You don't understand! You don't care!" Nobody understands what it's like to be a tiny blue betta, heheh. Metella's also named after a Cambridge Latin character, from book 1 - she acts like she's the boss, and Metella in the books was the lady of the household, so there we go.

Oh my lord I am explaining the reasoning behind what I named my fish and their personalities. I am a crazy fish lady.

Anyway, two days of babysitting left and then it's the weekend. I had Tyler and Brittany yesterday, since she was sick. I felt so bad for her, she looked really out of it and miserable. Hope she's feeling better today.

Can I go back to bed?


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