Dec. 24th, 2009

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Or happy holiday of your preference. While I may not exactly be religious, Christmas is still what comes to mind for my winter holiday. I try to be as politically correct as I can, and wish people happy holidays, since there are so many holidays celebrated at this time of year.

Anyhow! I was woken up at 6:40 this morning by my little furry friends, and of course they woke me up early after I went to bed late last night.

And holy crap, last night I was popular. It's like everyone wanted to talk to me, all at once, and it was all people I haven't talked to in ages - like my ex, Gregg, who I literally haven't talked to since shortly after we broke up in 2004. And Dean, who drifted out of contact back in 2007. And Jason, who I haven't even SEEN since 2003. And Ken, who I saw on Tuesday! :D I haven't talked with that many people online all at once in a very long time. It was almost overwhelming. Jason wants me to go to Plattsburgh and hang out with him for a few days - I just may do that. We'll have a Doctor Who marathon, and when we get sick of Doctor Who (heaven forbid), we'll watch Torchwood and Sarah Jane adventures. :D It'll be so awesome to go hang out somewhere other than Potsdam, I think, and it'll be nice to see Jason again. I might even get to see Justin, too!

It's odd, spending Christmas alone this year. It doesn't really feel like Christmas this year, anyway... It's just been a rough year, I guess. I anticipate that I'll be spending my holiday watching Christmas shows, keeping the Pomeranians entertained, and wishing I was 14 again, where not only did I still get Christmas presents, I got the Nintendo 64. And the Sega Channel. Oh, now that was a Christmas.


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