Dec. 22nd, 2009

purpleparadox: (Glee!)
*rubs eyes blearily* wha... Is it really 7:48 am?

Wow. I haven't seen 7 am since student teaching.

Ah well, pomeranians are a much better excuse to get up this early.

Anyway, I do happen to have a cup of coffee next to me, so this may be the reinstatement of Morning Coffee Updates! (for my Dreamwidth buddies, Morning Coffee Updates are updates I make in the morning while drinking a cup of delicious, delicious coffee.) Granted, I'm not in my own house, or even drinking coffee out of one of my Tinkerbell mugs, but the coffee was made with my coffee maker! (Yes, I dragged it over here.) Anyway, last night was good, even if I couldn't get to sleep last night. I think it was because I was sleeping in someplace different. Leo cuddled at my feet early in the night, and then Kaya and even Smokey the Cat joined in. Athena, another of the cats, kept wandering in to check on me, which I thought was sweet. I may not be a big cat fan, but I do love Athena. Nobody woke me up by barking this morning - instead, I got kisses from Kaya. (However, once I got up and out of bed, then the barking started. Now everyone's quiet again, though. Good puppies.)

I think the cold I caught last week is on it's way out- I feel a bit less stuffy, and my sinuses don't feel so gross. I'm a little wheezy, but it could be because my lungs aren't used to these cats.

Other than that, I've got nothing.


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