Nov. 13th, 2009

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So I found out I have to reapply to grad school if I want to change my major. Sure, I'll be dealing with the anxiety of finding out if I got in again or not, but I want to get into the Information Technology Production program, and if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out.

So, here's what I have to do.
-I need two letters of recommendation that reflect my knowledge of technology. I'm not sure if an employer can write a letter of recommendation, but if so, I'm going to ask Paula to write me a letter. Either her or Romeyn, even though I didn't work for him for as long as I worked in the ITC. My experience in the ITC should help me out a lot. Letter two will probably be from Caroline, since not only have I helped her out technology-wise in school, I've helped her family out as well.
-I need to fill out the application again. Piece of cake, I think. The letter of intent may be a little harder to do, because "I just like playing with computers" will not get me into graduate school. "CTS likes me a lot!" probably won't work either.
-I need to fill out my FAFSA in January.
-Once I find out if I'm getting into grad school or not, I need to talk with Sarah or Paula or Romeyn, and see if I can work for any/all of them. (Or I can get in touch with Laurie, and see if Financial Aid could use me, especially if I end up taking summer classes.)

All in all, so far today is a good day. :D I also cleaned out the bathroom, and called my mom! Now I'm just waiting for Tara to get home, and then we're gonna go to Ogdensburg. :D


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