Sep. 26th, 2009

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I just love Bryan's priorities some days.

Oh, the house is a wreck, I can't find my other pair of glasses, and I have stuff to prepare for teaching next week? "Hey, let's go geocaching! :D"

And now he sulks because I won't go with him, and apparently it's no fun to go alone.
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Worked with a substitute teacher yesterday. It was an interesting day, to say the least, but the kids were on their best behavior, and we got through most of what we were supposed to. I lost a half hour's worth of lessons because we had a guest teacher come in for her drug and violence prevention lesson, and then lost another 15 minutes or so because of a fire drill. I'm amazed we got as much done as we did, honestly, considering the fact that it's a Friday and the kids are usually itching to get out of school.

I felt more like the classroom was mine, though. I did silly things and the kids laughed. They took some tests and did alright, and went over some worksheets and managed to grasp what I was teaching them.

Today was crap. Bryan moped all day because he's broke and jobless and is doing nothing about it, and I called him on it. I cleaned, and played World of Warcraft, and tried to get WoW working on the desktop but apparently it can't find the login server, so whatever. I gave up and went back to playing on the laptop.

I want to go on a vacation. Rin says I can go visit her over Columbus Day weekend, but since she works that Monday, I wouldn't have much time down there. Alex says he'd love to have me visit, too, but he doesn't have any vacation time left for the year, and with student teaching I'm booked until practically January... so we're planning a visit for January, I guess. I'm looking forward to it- I haven't seen Alex in years, not since before he went to grad school. It gives me something to work towards, too. Granted, it's barely October now, so it'll be 3 months until I see him, but still, I'll definitely deserve it after all this work and all the crap I deal with.


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