Sep. 18th, 2009

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So I'm crossposting here and on LJ. Yergh. I thought I'd quit for good, but I guess not.

I'm a moderator over at [ profile] sailormoonfans2, which is one of the reasons I figured I'd come back to LJ. I can't leave everyone over there wondering what I'm really up to, can I? (Not like I'm up to much of anything besides teaching.)

Speaking of teaching, I got a set of stamps to use when grading my students' work. (Amusingly enough, it's the same exact set that my mentor teacher has!) I'm excited, I can't wait for them to come in the mail. I also can't believe that I'm almost halfway through student teaching at Madrid-Waddington. I really don't want to leave. With doing my 100 hour observations there, and student teaching as well, I've become really attached to the school. I want to work there when I'm a fully certified teacher. I want to have my own classroom there, and be surrounded by friendly teachers and well behaved students.

Tomorrow I'm going to watch Sailor Moon. Not sure what season I'm going to watch. It's sad- I never have actually watched to the end of S and SuperS. I know what happens, of course, but I've only seen about half of S and five or so episodes of SuperS. I'm a horrible Sailor Moon fan, I know.

Bryan is snoring next to me, and it's a little annoying. ^_^;;;


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