Jun. 13th, 2009

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Well, I'm telling LJ goodbye as we speak. I'm setting all my entries to friends-only, posting a note about how I'll only be using the journal to browse communities and watch a few friends, and closing up shop. I never really pay attention to half of what's going on in my friends list on LJ anyway - either they're over here already, or we just don't click anymore. I only really check to see what's going on in the Sailor Moon communities.

Anyway, I'm kinda bummed- it's supposed to rain today, so no helping out in Magistra Opdyke's gardens. We might get to go canoeing, but even then it depends on whether or not Bryan wants to risk getting soaked.

I did some cleaning today - mostly it was just shuffling the laundry out of the back of the living room and into the bedroom, and picking up some stuff. When Bry gets home from his last teacher certification exam, we'll clean some more, I bet.
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Now that I'm used to it again, I'm finding biking really enjoyable. I got a new bike seat, more suited for my butt, and it's so comfortable. Bryan and I biked downtown and I had some lunch, and we went to the hardware/book store. I spent a heap of money on old kids books and stuff, and Bry bought some books he was looking for. Biking makes me feel good. :D


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