May. 28th, 2009

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Tonight I've got another group meeting for Integrating the Arts. I'm hoping everyone who needs a costume made can bring in a couple of bucks for fabric - otherwise, I'm the only one that's got a costume. And oh shit, I forgot I have lines to memorize. Grah. Granted, it's not that long of a play, but I'm the lead character, and I've got more lines than just about anyone. (Hell, Elizabeth has only one line - she's the chicken. She makes chicken noises. And the girl who's the peacock has no lines. XD) But that and Diversity and Advocacy in Education are keeping me busy. I'm glad I took summer classes - it's nice to have something to learn. (I just have to remember that Diversity is meeting on Saturday, I think it's our only face-to-face meeting, and I have to bring a copy of my first assignment with me. I should probably print that out.)

At least I'll get to spend some time with Elizabeth this weekend - I like her, she's really friendly. She drives me home from classes, and we share a common weakness for Vera Bradley. We're going to go to Ogdensburg or Massena to go hunt down some fabric for costumes.

I should start getting ready for work. I like working at Financial Aid - my day has a set schedule. I try and find some work to do from 8 to 8:30, then enter forms until 9:45, then have my break and come back to get the mail key, sort mail for an hour, then forms for another hour until it's lunchtime at noonish. Then I come back, enter forms, direct traffic, and whatever until the end of the day, minus one more 15 minute break. My co-workers are nice (Stephen's a cute kid, and I hope I'm giving him the right advice about grad school - I think he wants to be a math teacher, and I've told him the better way to go about it is to do his undergrad in Math and then go do his MST in Secondary Ed Math, and then he won't have to do all the crap with blocks and stuff, or worry about finding something to specialize in during grad school), the whole office has an atmosphere of good humor, and it's a welcome change from sitting at a desk all day with nobody to talk to unless a tutoring group comes in.

I think I'm gonna start focusing the bulk of my entries over on Dreamwidth - I may post stuff on LJ but it'll have the "comment with open ID on Dreamwidth" thing tacked on to the end of the entries. LJ just doesn't hold much for me anymore besides a few communities and a few friends.


May. 28th, 2009 11:00 pm
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Beth's day, in a nutshell:

  • 06:26 @CrystalChord oh lord. my wireless is on all the time. your dad sounds like somethin' else. #
  • 06:29 i'm really enjoying my job at financial aid. yeah, it's pretty much traffic control and data entry, but it keeps me busy #
  • 19:54 needs to be held liek woah. #
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