May. 22nd, 2009

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Dear Bryan,

I love that you said you'd call me when you get to Flagstaff. What you neglected to mention in your text was that you don't get into Flagstaff until SUNDAY. Oh, what a way to torture a girl! I didn't think to look at the itinerary on the fridge until after I waited an hour or so for you to call. Ah well. The less I hear from you, the more I know you're having fun. Don't forget about poor little overworked me over here.


And holy crap overworked is right, compared to all my old jobs. I was doing work - actual work - from 8:30 to 4:05 yesterday, with a few breaks and a lunch thrown in there.

And I didn't get bored! :D I think Judy and Brenda are happy with how quickly I learn things, and happy with how I ask for work when I finish up. I like making people's loads of work lighter.

I need to stop eating junk food. It messes with my insides. Ugh. Last night was not pleasant, with the hurty stomach and all. The fact that it was about a million degrees in my room last night didn't help either - I actually had to get up and turn the fan on! I think being on the rag kinda messes with my stomach, too. Just about everything messes with my stomach, haha.

I get a three day weekend! Woohoo! Dunno what I'll do with it. Probably finish punch embroidering the moon kitties for [ profile] ittyfox6, and read through that pile of books I have.
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I just remembered why I hate living alone so much. There's nobody to talk to, and nobody to do stuff with on weekends. Even if it's just laundry, or taking a walk to the store, it's better with a buddy. Preferably a curly haired buddy named Bryan. God, I miss him. I'm not mopey about it, though.

He called today- he's going to be camping in the Grand Canyon for two night (lucky bastard), and THEN I might actually get to talk to him. He called while I was at work, and unlike every other job I've had on campus, Financial Aid actually has me doing work, so I can't pick up the phone and chat whenever I want.

Speaking of work and calling people - my dad fucking ditched me AGAIN. Granted, he said he could come up Wednesday, but this is bullshit. I can't count how many times I've cleared my schedule for him only to have him say "Sorry, sweetheart, but I can't come up, you know I hate giving you such short notice", blah blah blah, if he hated it so much why does he still only give me a day or two notice?

Maybe I shoulda gone to Massena with Tara. I'm bored and lonely, and Tara's pretty much the only person in town that I hang out with. Phil's usually working (as evidenced by his mom bringing in his financial aid papers), and my grad school friends - wait, what am I saying? I have no grad school friends.

Dammit. I wish I had Animal Crossing already. I'd just sit and play that all night.

Well, I still haven't beaten the second Phoenix Wright game (sad, I know), or the third one, so I may do that tonight - just bring the DS out on the back porch, get comfy, and play until the mosquitos start eating me.
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So, I not only plan on overhauling my crafts website this weekend, I plan on giving it a new name as well as a new home. (And my lovely little scissors-wielding bee from Digital Design will finally get some use!) is where my crafts will be, once I get all the behind-the-scenes stuff done.


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