May. 9th, 2009

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... no time like the present to get my craft website up and running, eh? This weekend I'm going to toss up some stuff to sell, put up info for commissions, and so on and so forth. Kathy said she's going to point her friends in my direction, so hopefully I'll get some business. I'll also probably get a heap of commissions from [ profile] sailormoonfans, so that'll keep me busy too. And punch embroidering is fun - I can do it while I watch TV, or listen to the radio, I can punch out on the back porch, or while I'm babysitting, the possibilities are endless.

Once I get more stuff up there, I'll post a link for everyone so you can all poke around if you like. :)
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I'm not sure this post has much of a direction besides the fact that for the first time in a very long time, I have lived someplace longer than three or four months. It's actually been almost a year since Bryan and I moved into our apartment, and while he just moved back and forth between school and home for all of his college career, I've... been everywhere, I guess.

It started in 2000- my mom kicked me out a few months shy of my high school graduation. I lived with Joe the Jackass (who will get his own post later on when I have the heart to relive all that crap again) at his mom's house. We shared his room, with a curtain down the middle so he didn't peep while I changed clothes. (But that didn't stop him from trying.)

Anyway, I lived there for four months, then went back to Mom's for three, and then to college. A dorm room shouldn't really count as a permanent home, but since all my worldly belongings were stuffed into one half a dorm room... I guess Bowman Hall 2012 (and later 3011) was home to me. 2012 was my home for fall 2000, and 3011 was home for spring '01. (Three months in each place, pretty much, with couch surfing inbetween semesters) Summer '01 was spent in a crappy two room apartment in a scary part of Malone, a town an hour away from here. Then back to Potsdam, and I went through three different dorm rooms in one building during the course of the school year (thanks to two psycho roommates). More of the same once I flunked out in '02- Mom's for the summer, another crappy apartment in Malone for 5 months, a less crappy apartment after that for another five months.

This brings us up to fall of 2003, which starts us on a rollercoaster of different living situations. September was the last month I spent in Malone, in my little two story apartment on Webster St., which I still miss. October had me moving in with Joe the Jackass. Mid-November, half starved and sexually abused, I moved into a women's shelter. Stayed there for a month, then moved to my friend Sarah's for three weeks, then in January it was off to California to get away from Joe. (I was in a really bad state, and needed to get as far away from the problem as I could. I figured it'd be too much effort for Joe to follow me across the country.) I spent a month and a half in Antioch with Mikey, another month in San Jose with Mikey, and then a month or so at Sarah and Blain's in Santa Clara. Around April, Mom got worried about me and had dad buy me a ticket home. Spent May at Mom's, June at Keri's, July and August at Camp Talooli, and September through December in Van Housen Hall at college again.

So that's... 12 different places in just one year! You can see where I'm thrilled about being in one place for more than a few months.

Granted, after I started college again, I didn't move around so much - mostly between dorm buildings, and I did spend one summer in Geneva, NY - which was interesting, to say the least. But other than that, I've just bounced from apartment to apartment to dorm room to apartment up here in Potsdam, and noplace has ever really felt like home. I hadn't had chances to put down roots in any specific living situation before they were ripped up and planted someplace else.

It's very nice to know that it's May and I don't have to hunt down all the boxes I can possibly find, and scramble to pack during the next week. It's nice to have a finals week where I don't have to hunt through trash bags full of clothes to find something to wear. It's wonderful to be able to plod to my own bathroom in the middle of the night without worrying about running into skeezy people (either in the shared apartment like on Bay St., when sketchy guy Nick lived there, or when living in the dorms) and without worrying about the bathroom being gross. It's amazing to know that I can have another summer with my little back porch and the little flower patch in the backyard.

I know I probably won't live here forever, but good lord it's nice to have someplace to call home.


May. 9th, 2009 11:00 pm
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