May. 1st, 2009

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It's gross and wet and gray outside today. My plan was to take a half day at work at the Lab, and then go to The Body Shop and sign up for a fitness membership there. There is SO MUCH MORE THERE than there is at Curves. They have a hydraulic circut for women... and free weights, and weight machines, and an entire aerobics room complete with TVs that show movies and all you have to do is turn into the FM frequency of the movie you want, and FREE fitness classes (like yoga, pilates, and spinning) if you're a member, and a real locker room, and SHOWERS. God, there were some workouts at Curves where I'd end up so gross, and all I could do was wash my face in the sink.

I don't know why I didn't just go over there in the first place. I probably would have been saved from working at Curves (which is ranking up there as the most annoying work experience I've ever had), and I'd be in better shape. I can do a little bit of everything while I'm there. And the kicker is that it's so much cheaper than Curves, for so much more.

Anyway, since it's pouring out, I have two options. I'm either going to finish my practicum assignments, aided by a LARGE cup of coffee, and then go to The Body Shop (by foot if it's not raining, maybe by taxi if it is) in the afternoon, or I'll just wait until Bryan gets home, punch embroider and do work, and then have him bring me there around 4.

It doesn't feel like May yet. The green grass and the trees with their little leaves are telling me it is, but it never really feels like May until my birthday hits. (And I still can't believe my birthday is in 6 days. I'm always like this every year. :P)

I am SO HAPPY that open beta started. I wish I had enough invite codes to give to the world, yanno? It's so nice to know that there are familiar faces on my reading page as well as the new friends I've made. And [personal profile] rin is here! My almost girlfriend! (It's a long story. I might write an About Me entry about it this weekend.) We're going to take over DW with so many awesome communities! :D

Anyhow, I think it's time I cleaned off my desk, put some pants, on, and made some coffee. And maybe some waffles. Mmm, waffles.


May. 1st, 2009 02:09 pm
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Oh, you guys are going to laugh.

So, I walked over to The Body Shop, to go look around and sign up for a membership. The fitness tech I talked to, Julie (I think that was her name), was very friendly, and when she found out I quit Curves, she told me she used to go there, and she quit because there's not much there at all. She's not a fan of the management, either. Anyway, Julie gives me the tour (oh man there's so much there to play on), and as we get to the salon, and go through the hair styling room....

WE RUN INTO MY OLD MANAGER. XD Getting her hair styled. When Julie figured out who was in the chair, she rushed me back into the lobby and we laughed. She told me Carey comes in pretty regularly to get her hair done, but (obviously) doesn't work out here.

So, yeah, that was fun. I like the machines, they're a damn good workout. And there's SO MUCH THERE. I might go get my nails done there next week, if I can. :D


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