Apr. 25th, 2009

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Bryan will be so proud of me. XD I did just about ALL the dishes, and I hate doing dishes, so this is an accomplishment.

For the DWers who read this, my LJ paid account died today. (LJ readers already know this.) I will not mourn its passing.

Other than doing dishes, I cleaned up the kitchen, straightened up the living room, and took out the trash. I'd love to be out on the back porch, doing punch embroidery, but there's a multitude of flies out there (and I have no idea where they came from), and unless I want to hang out in my tent, it's too frustrating to swat away all the bugs. Bleh.

Also, it's freakin' windy out. Our poor cucumber plants got all beat up, poor things. I don't know if many of them are going to make it. :(

I suppose I should go put the kitchen back together.
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In case anyone was curious as to what I look like...

That's me. Shaggy brown hair, glasses, almost-always flushed cheeks, and chocolate brown eyes.

In other news, I worked on some punch embroidery today, cleaned the kitchen, and watched Bryan clean out his camping backpacks. I also cleaned Artemis' fish tank, which was... an undertaking. (I renamed the fish because she loves to hunt down her dinner and nom on it ferociously, so I named her Artemis after the Greek goddess.) I managed to suck out almost all the water with the fishy vacuum, which wasn't my original intent. Thank god I took Artemis out and put her in her fishy cup, and had Bryan keep an eye on her while I cleaned her tank. I spent a good chunk of the afternoon outside, too, after the ordeal with the fishtank. We cooked out on the grill for dinner, and went out for ice cream afterwards. All in all, a wonderful day.

Now I'm gonna go settle in front of the TV and watch... something... while I punch embroider.
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Either that, or it's just that I'm discovering more amazing things about him. Like how he actually LIKES to watch Sailor Moon. Even the dub, which I throw on while I punch embroider so I can listen to what's going on without actually watching. And we watched Interstella 5555 tonight, the anime movie that's set to Daft Punk's Discovery, and he liked it. HE LIKED IT. He doesn't usually like my music- he gets cranky when I put on Spock's Beard ("it's too repetitive!"), and he thinks ELO is annoying, so to find out that I've successfully made him a fan of Daft Punk is awesome. :D

I have to post pictures of the Sailor Moon embroidery I'm working on. It's really detailed and it looks amazing so far.


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