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Snow day! Yay!

All I did was sit around and watch TV, and take one long Benadryl nap. It was nice.

Totally unrelated to anything, if anyone's got Ping Chat on their cellphones, feel free to add me - username's purpleparadox. I'd love to have more people to talk to.

Back to work tomorrow. Tomorrow's an all work day - CLEAR in the morning, the lab at night. Kindasorta looking forward to it.
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Yeah, it's snowing, and snowing a lot, and I shoveled at least 6 inches of snow off the front walk this morning, but SUNY Potsdam only cancelled classes until noon. I'm currently waiting for 11:30 to roll around so I can call the office (again) and see if I'm needed there. If not, I don't think I'm even going to bother to come to campus today. My only class is an independent study project, and I can work on that while I'm at home. Heck, I could work on it right now. But yeah. Not sure what's going on. All I know is that it's nearly 10 am and my street hasn't even been plowed yet. O_o This morning brought the longest list of school closings that I've seen since I lived in central NY. It's crazy.

Might straighten up the living room and then do some homework. We'll see.

edit: All classes cancelled. Freezing my butt off. Wondering if I have to go to work - called and left a message, since it rang a bunch of times and then went to voicemail. Hoping I don't have to leave. BRR.
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Well, the first week of classes went alright. No major mishaps, except showing up at the computer lab an hour late to work because I didn't realize I had the early shift instead of the late one. Oooops. At least my co-worker wasn't mad. But yeah, other than that, it was a busy week. Not looking forward to getting up early tomorrow after working late tonight, but we need the money, so no sleep for me. :P At least I've got some noodles made up for meals for the week, and Bryan's making bread, so that's good. I'm going to try and spend as little money as possible for the next two weeks - I need to hang onto what I've got, just in case. (After rent, I've got $100 left for the next two weeks. O_o) Bleh.

This week should be good - one of my old bosses is coming in to give a talk to our Networking class, and we're forming groups for Program Eval too. While the classes this semester aren't nearly as fun as the ones I had last semester, they're interesting, and that's good. I'm looking forward to classes - something that never happened in undergrad.

I might edit my novel a little bit tonight, not sure. I have a whole lot of nothing to do right now. :P


Jan. 24th, 2011 09:23 am
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Hooray! It's made it up to -14! When I woke up, it was -22! O_o

In order to make it to work/classes today...

-I'm wearing thermal leggings - they are uncomfortable, but warm
-I'm wearing wooly socks, much more comfy than the leggings
-I bundled up my laptop in its slipcase, that extra bit of padding should keep it warm
-I stuffed my phone in its little quilted sleeve - it's puffy, warm, and covered in Sailor Moon print, should be safe from the elements that way!
-I'll be wearing my giant fluffy pink hat, no matter how it destroys my hair
-I'll be using those little hand warmers for their actual purpose today, instead of taping them to my shoulders or wrists for use as cheap alternatives to Thermacare heat pads

Ah crap, time to get going if I want to make it to work on time. If I don't freeze to death first.
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Oh, you know you missed hearing about the novel, admit it. :D

Did some more editing today, and I'm up to 17 scenes edited (including one of the really emotional ones, I think I made it even better than it was originally), with 38 to go. 75,370 words! I've added 6,408 words, which is less than I'd written in a day during NaNo proper, but the goal of editing isn't to make it longer, it's to make it better. I'll probably end up spending a chunk of tonight working on the novel as well, considering I have a five hour shift at the computer lab tonight with no homework to do. I think once I finish this draft, I'll get the proof done - not sure if I'm going to mark it up like Hayley did with hers, but it'll be so nice to have a copy of my book to hold and show off.

In other news, Bryan made lemon poppy seed muffins. They were tiny, so I ate three. ^^; He's making brownies now. :D Hooray for Bryan!
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So! I love how the insurance company that covers the school changed everyone's prescription cards without telling us, leaving our old ones invalid. So, effectively, until Tuesday, I don't have health insurance.

And after Sunday, I have no Wellbutrin left. I know, it's my own fault for letting it get so low, but I doubt Bryan would have been willing to drive me to Walmart to get my prescriptions filled during the week. So, no antidepressants. And if I wanted to pay for them and my birth control out of pocket, it would have been around $100.


So, yeah. Not really doing too well right now, emotionally. Tempted to go lay down until Kit shows up to take us to dinner.
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Yeah, it's rare to have such awesome, fun dreams - I'm usually stuck with the weird or creepy ones, but last night's was awesome.

It started out with going to an amusement park, and testing out this new ride that was supposed to be bumper-cars-esque, but it was held inside a giant sphere, and everyone was put in teams of two and strapped into these big bubble-like things, and depending on which way you leaned it'd send the ball spinning in one direction or another. Apparently I was paired up with Violet, a girl who's been in a few classes with me, and we were doing awesomely as a team making this thing go crazy - it felt like a tilt-a-whirl on crack, haha. It was so amazing! Anyway, after doing that, everyone who was there (apparently we were on a grad school trip?) went back to the hotel, and I realized I'd forgotten something somewhere, and next thing I know I'm at my mother's, and there's a ton of snow on the ground. So, I climb up to the top of the fence that separates the driveway from the back yard, and see the snow is at least seven feet high... and I take a swan-dive into a snowdrift. XD And I swam along in the poofy snow! So awesome.

And then I woke up. XD
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I think this year has treated me pretty well. I got back into grad school and haven't had a grade lower than a 3.7, I got off unemployment and have a real job again, I patched things up with Bryan and we managed to plan a wedding in 5 months, and we actually have a place to live! On top of that, there's the whole PhD in Videogames thing (XD) going on. 2010 ended well, and 2011 shows a lot of promise.

Tonight's plans involve going over to Kit's with lots of wine, hoping that she's healthy enough to enjoy said wine, and spending time with some of my favorite people. Even Morgan's going to be up here! Bryan may or may not go, considering his opinion of Morgan, but that's his decision. I'm not gonna let it ruin my New Year's. I haven't seen Kit in ages, and I miss her and the dogs. And I haven't seen Morgan in about a year, give or take. It's gonna be a good night, I think.

I don't even have to worry about waking up for Levitt tomorrow! I'm still not used to that. At least my weekend shifts are now on Sunday nights, so not only can I sleep in, I can sleep in stupidly late if I wanted to. Usually by that time of night, anyway, I've run out of fun things to do, so it'll be my designated homework time. :)

But yeah. Happy New Year's Eve to everyone! :D
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Yeah, today we get to spend 8 hours in a car filled with dirty laundry and Christmas presents as we make our way down to Long Island. This should be interesting.

Going to have to finish up my PhD application while I'm down there. That's going to be interesting too.

*sigh* Starting to wonder why I'm doing this...
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Why do I feel guilty for just wanting some time to myself? I've been constantly on the go, all damn semester long, and I just want some down time. It's the first weekend I've had since August where I haven't had some sort of commitment to worry about. Is it so wrong that I just want to sit in front of my computer, surf the internet, and listen to music like I haven't really been able to do all semester?

I mean, yeah, I did get some chances to do that, but they were in the ICT office, surrounded by computer bits, in an uncomfortable desk chair, and with people constantly coming in and out and in and out of my office. But aside from that, and the hour or so I was able to snatch each morning and evening after waking up/before going to bed, I haven't had time to do my sort of relaxing in a very long time.

Why do I feel guilty about this?

We just sat and watched TV together for two hours, and ate dinner, and it was nice, but now that I want to use the computer again, I feel guilty because he's on his side of the room, sad because we're not next to each other, paying attention to each other, and so on.

I want to hide, and just come out tomorrow when I feel better again.
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It is much too cold in the living room today. I just want to go back in the bedroom and lay down, but then I won't get up in time for work, and I'm pretty sure they need me at work today.

At least when I get to work, I can turn the heater on under my desk and snuggle into my warm shirt of choice and be nice and warm.

Four more months to go until the snow is gone. Dammit. :/
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Okay, so those 40 hour work weeks combined with 9 credit hours of classes and a million hours spent outside of class working on projects? Finally caught up with me today.

I am unbelievably exhausted. Totally, utterly exhausted. I mean, when my supervisor at work offers to let me leave to go buy coffee, you know you're beat.

In other news, Jacob actually apologized for what he said last night. I never expected him to - he doesn't seem like the kind of guy to apologize for things. He blames his medication for the way he acted. Figured he'd do that. Still doesn't stop what he did from sucking.

Part of me honestly wants to sleep through the next six weeks, and just recharge for the coming semester. At least I found out my work schedule for the Levitt Center for the spring - pretty much the same schedule I have now, but with two nights of Robert the Awesome Co-Worker instead of just one! It will be very awesome. I also have my requisite shift with a Gamma Sig girl - I think it's my punishment for quitting the sorority. (Yes, I was in a sorority. It didn't end well.)

But yeah. Tonight is going to be spent watching Bones, wishing my fishtanks weren't on timers so I could zone out on watching the fish-ohs swim, and waiting for Bryan to come home.
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Today, I...

-woke up with a nasty sore throat and a NyQuil hangover
-fell down the porch steps, nearly spraining my arm and definitely bruising my ass
-PWNED THE GRE OMG (or at least pwned it enough to get into a doctorate program)
-bought some bras that actually fit (I've finally admitted to myself that I've gained weight, and it's not going away, and the tight bras are just not doin' it for me anymore)
-had a delightful victory latte
-listened to lots of Christmas music in the car on the way to/from the GRE

And now I am enjoying a celebratory glass of chocolate wine and listening to Straight No Chaser's holiday album. A capella singers give me the wibblies. Mmm.

Tomorrow is my office's Christmas party! Well, not so much party as we're all going out to lunch and exchanging our Secret Santa presents. I wonder who got me! I know who doesn't have me - Beth (my supervisor) wanted me but originally got herself, and I don't know who she has now; Michelle has Nancy (my other supervisor), and Deb has Kevin. I'll see who's got who tomorrow.

I think I'm gonna curl up in bed soon. I'm beat.
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So, I had a strange and mildly upsetting dream last night.

I dreamed that I was Em (from my NaNo novel, see my usericon) and that I was working with some cops to try and find a criminal (Em's a security guard) and I'd gotten shot in the chest, just above my right breast. I was bleeding, and somehow Em's (my?) mother showed up at the scene and told the paramedics to just let me die, that I was worthless and I didn't deserve to live. And the blood is draining out of me, and I'm losing consciousness, when somebody - a coworker, Nina, who knows - says "You have to save her!" And then I'm whisked off to the hospital, someone pulls the bullet out of my chest, and I'm bandaged up.

It's the first time I've dreamed about death like that, and it was strange that I was Em in the dream. Granted, I find myself thinking like her a lot. I'll be acting a certain way, and say to myself, "I'm having an Em moment." It was so strange to dream that I was her.

Next time I dream I'm Em, I want Trout to show up. And I want him to look like TJ Thyne, who plays Jack Hodgins on Bones.

holy carp.

Nov. 21st, 2010 04:45 pm
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I printed out all 181 pages of my novel today while working at the computer labs. It is an impressive pile of paper - I honestly can't believe I wrote it all.

Yep, that's me and my novel. I loves it so. It's going to be put into a binder when I get home, and it's going to sit on a shelf for a month or two, then I'm going to edit the holy hell out of it. Maybe someday it'll be fit for human consumption. I would love it if people actually read my book, but I'm nervous. After all that horrid fanfiction I wrote years ago, I'm a little self conscious about sharing my writings.

Yay, nine minutes until I can go home and play with the deep fryer! Yesterday we made pumpkin fritters and hush puppies, and tonight it's apple cider donuts and pierogies. I think the deep fryer is the wedding present that's gotten the most use.
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I'm still alive, my novel didn't eat me, I promise.

I think I'm done, at 67k. There's a lot of editing to do, and I think I have one other scene to add before it's really done, but my story's been told, and my poor characters are exhausted. I'm writing a little short story with Em, Trout, and Nina - they're all going off on vacation on a different planet, in a tropical locale. I think they deserve it, poor guys. I'm still trying to decide whether or not to make Em polyamorous - she loves Trout, but she's got feelings for Nina as well. Ahhh, the drama. Poor Em. I've put her through so much in this novel - it's a wonder she still lets me write about her.

I'm sad that the story is over - while I enjoyed writing about the characters (and in Em's case, as the character) back when Pedro and I roleplayed back in 2001, I've grown very attached to them all after this novel. It's almost like they're human to me, and I don't want to leave them just yet.

I gave up waiting to put up my Christmas tree, and decided to put it up tonight. I'm ridiculous, I know, but I've been waiting to put this sucker up since I bought it at a garage sale in August for $5. I didn't quite realize just how HUGE this thing was - I went from a three foot tree to a seven and a half footer! I stuck my Princess Serenity doll on the top, instead of an angel or a star, and poor Serenity's head almost hits the ceiling. It was also a pain to put together - it was color coded, but I had no idea which colors went where. It was like putting together a puzzle that's only one color, and all the pieces are roughly the same shape. At least it came out relatively tree looking, even if it is listing to one side a little. Once my camera's battery charges, I'll post some pictures. It's a very eclectic tree - only on our Christmas tree will you find The Simpsons ornaments, Beauty and the Beast ornaments, Precious Moments ornaments, a sprinkling of tiny stuffed animals, and a Sailor Moon doll stuffed on the top.

I did a little bit of circle trimming today - mostly it was people who haven't updated in months (with the exception of [personal profile] nomnomchuupie, considering we're married and all that). If you're just lurking around DW, and don't post entries but still read mine, and you're sad I removed you, just let me know and I'll add you back. (Although, one person I removed hadn't updated in something like 78 weeks, so I doubt they're lurking.)

AUGH. I just looked at my tags. NaNoWriMo and Christmas tags shouldn't ever be used together. XD


Nov. 8th, 2010 09:13 pm
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So, my wonderful, lovely, not even a year and half old Macbook Pro, the one that has my NaNoWriMo novel's original files and all my wedding pictures on it?


Today. In fact, before class. It froze up, then when I rebooted it, Silver went all "durrrrr, where's my operating system? Are you my mommy?"

And I freaked and took it to my old boss at CTS. And he told me, and I quote, "Your hard drive's hosed. I hope you have Time Machine."


and now we're going to the Apple Store in Syracuse tomorrow.

(at least my novel is safe in my Dropbox account, even if I did have to piece all 40 something RTF files that Scrivener made into a coherent word document)


Nov. 5th, 2010 09:39 pm
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Word count: 25,171

Outline: Rewritten from chapter 6 on to make more sense with what my characters have done with themselves

Sanity level: I'm two steps away from speaking in LOLcat, oh hay guise i wroted a novel

I promised myself a NaNoWriMo coffee mug if I managed to get to 25,000. Since I hit that tonight (which I didn't expect), I bought the mug! If I get to 50k, I'm getting myself a t-shirt, and Bryan is buying me something as well.

Someday I want to be able to donate a ton of money to NaNoWriMo, so I can get a phone call from Chris Baty, and go eat pie with him. XD

I really can't believe how quickly this is going. I may have to bring back some more of the old RP characters and write some short side stories that take place after the end of the novel, to keep me busy until December.

In other news, if you hear about a disgruntled computer lab worker setting her co-worker on fire tomorrow, that would be me. I hate working on Saturdays, solely because of my co-worker. I hope I get to work with Robert and Nathan for all my shifts in the spring. Today was crazy at the non-credit office, my main job - two of my co-workers were out, and my supervisors were busy all day, so for most of the day it was just me. It was crazy. And lonely. I hope Michelle's having fun in NYC!

For those of you on my NaNo filter who may have missed it, I posted a bit of story up. If you feel like reading it, go ahead. Leave comments. Or something. ^^;
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I wrote 5,000 words yesterday. FIVE THOUSAND. I think that's a new first-day-of-NaNo record for me. Holy holy crap. Granted, yeah, 1700 of them were at midnight, but still. Five thousand. I think I may win. I've already got my 1,667 for today down, and will most likely add more after work and before class.

Other than that, not much is going on. Applied for a graduate assistantship that will pay for my classes next semester, I hope I get it. My dad would be so pleased that he doesn't have to pay for school.


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