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So much stuff to do. I'm not anxious or stressed out about the wedding, like most people expect me to be. I'm actually really excited. I get to spend time with my closest friends and family, I get to dress like a princess and NOT get strange looks, I get to have my hair done up pretty and my nails done, and most importantly of all, I get to marry the man I love, the only person out there who truly understands me and accepts me for who I am - security blanket and all.

And I'll admit, it's scary to think that if our wedding plans had gone, well, as planned - we'd be getting married today. We originally picked August 1st so it wouldn't detract from all the other things going on in August - my sister Ruthie's birthday (on the 7th), Kathy and Mike's birthdays (the 16th and the 30th, respectively), Kathy and Mike's wedding anniversary (I think it's on the 20th), and even Grandma and Grandpa Carey's wedding anniversary (which is in there somewhere.) And then I had a talk with Bryan, and asked if we really wanted our anniversary to be on August 1st, and he suggested the 9th - "That way, our anniversary is 8/9/10, and I'll always remember it!" And when people complain about it being a Monday, I bring that up, and they understand. :D (And there's only four more years where you can get nifty dates like that to get married on - 9/10/11, 10/11/12 (which is when I think Bryan's friends Scott and AJ are getting married), 11/12/13, and 12/13/14!)

I can understand why some brides may be stressed out about getting married, and I have been a little stressed about things, but now that everything's falling into place, I'm enjoying the excitement more. :)

Alrighty, enough mushiness. Time to get back to cleaning. My bathroom looks like an entirely different place - I got an over-the-toilet shelf for the potty closet (don't ask), and ended up cleaning out a LOT of crap from the rest of the bathroom. Once it's all cleaned up, I'm going to take my video camera out and test it with a tour of the house. :)
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Okay, I'm done with that. But still. Wow. My friend Rae is helping me with wedding planning, and for those of you who remember Devan and how ranty I was about her last year... well, I actually took the time to get to know her, and she's really nice. And she's bringing jewelry for me to wear to the wedding, which is super nice of her. She's going to be my bridesmaid, and I think it was a good choice. What's really funny is that both her and Ruthie asked if they could wear black. Rae freaked. I honestly don't care, though. Rae's got a more traditional view of weddings.



Next week is Princess Camp! I get to be Snow White. I hope I can get pictures. That will be fun. I've been helping Beth Ann get everything together at work, and I've enjoyed it. On Friday, we get to decorate! :D

I should probably get off my bum and go shower. I have no idea what I'm wearing today. There is very little clean laundry. I am very close to throwing on the piano dress and dealing with the strange looks.
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It's Monday! Which means back to work again. I'm feeling a lot better, but that's probably thanks to the medications - I'd probably still be in bed right now, and would have spent the weekend in bed, if it weren't for the prednisone.

I did a LOT of cleaning this weekend. The house sparkles like Edward Cullen now. Even the kitchen. And the kitchen was nasty. Now I'm not ashamed to have people come over now! :D

Also did some weddingy stuff last night - printed out place cards, and started replacing the boring old plain cards in the frames I have with the cute new ones. I'm gonna try to get pictures of everything soonish, so anyone who cares about the wedding can see them. :) I've also printed out invitations to mail down to Kathy, so she can pass them out to the friends we didn't mail them to. (Hey, if they're paying for the reception, they can invite as many people as they want!) I've got a long list of stuff that's got to be taken care of in the next month... I hope I can pull it all together. I hope people actually come to my wedding.

Ah crap, I forgot to feed the fish. BRB.

*rushes off to give fishy flakes to her little fishkids*

Ahh, now I have happy fish. It's so fun to watch them eat! They're all so darn cute. :D My friend Mary is going to come over to see the fishies this afternoon, so she can see how to feed them when Bry and I go on our honeymoon - she's going to be our fish-sitter. She's currently fish-sitting for a couple down the street - they have a ton of fish in a dirty tank with hardly anything to play with in there. Poor bored fishies. I spoil my little fishlets, just like Mary spoils her dog Chowder. And oh lord, Chowder is getting big! He's only four months old, and he's already up to my knee! He's gonna be a big charmer when he grows up. :) Ahh, I can't wait until I can get a dog of my own....

Well, time to do a tiny bit more internet surfing before I go to work.
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Luzerne again tomorrow. YES. Two weekends out of this town? YESSS. Four day weekend? I COULD DIE OMG

So, Bryan started his new job yesterday - working as a wine seller for the Thousand Islands winery. I told him to buy me a bottle of North Country Red - he gets a 30% discount. It really makes no sense for me to go to the Potsdam Farmers Market, go to the wine booth, and give Bryan money that's technically already his, haha. Only thing that sucks about it (for both of us) is that he gets home from one farmers market at 10 pm (it's a late one that's two hours away), and then has to leave for the next one at 4:30 am! I saw him for maybe an hour last night before I fell asleep, and he left before I rolled out of bed at 6. Oh well, he can have a nice big nap when he gets home!

I had two strange dreams last night. I guess sleep deprivation does that do you. Anyway, the first dream was that apparently I'd had a baby. (For those of you who don't know me too well, I am absolutely terrified of childbirth and what it will do to my body - I already have issues with my body, I don't need more. I also don't think I'd be a very fit mother - I'm a great babysitter, but then, I don't have to be the parent and it's only for a few hours.) Bryan and I were trying to figure out how to take care of it. It had curly red hair, which could entirely happen, because Bryan's part Irish. It was a cute baby, I guess, but still. Yeeep. I commend all you mothers out there who have had children, and hope you don't hate me too much because I don't want kids of my own. (Maybe when I'm a little more stable I'll be a foster parent!) But anyway, back to the dream. Bryan actually tried to breastfeed the baby. XD I looked and him and said "No, you're doin' it wrong," and took the baby and fed her myself. That's the last part I remember.

Dream number two was infinitely less scary. Mom got me a HUGE Keurig coffee maker, a red one to match my tiny one! Apparently Bry, Ruthie, and I were all at Mom's, and Ruthie thought Mom got it for both of us. We both tore into the box and started reading the instruction manual, which was really complicated, and Ruthie's planning what coffees we'll make. I tell Bryan we can give my little Keurig to his dad, and he said "Let's not worry about that now." Then Mom comes in and tells Ruthie that the coffee maker is just for me, and she runs off crying. Oh lordy.

Wedding planning is going along well. My co-worker, Brittany, brought me some Precious Moments stuff she used for her wedding! Which is nice, since it matches our wedding invitations. If Bryan's parents were going to be up north for the weekend, I'd bring it all with me so Kathy could see. She'd love it! Brittany gave me a few helium balloons, a cake topper, a little banner, and a whole bunch of bubble stuff bottles. She also gave me a set of the napkins she used - they had cute little Precious Moments designs on them. :D I am amazed at how well this wedding is going, and how little we're having to spend on it. So far, all Bryan and I have spent on it is $90 for my dress. The ceremony site is free, I think the Mayor will marry us for free, Bry's parents are paying for the reception, we're getting inexpensive rings with the promise that someday we'll upgrade them, and Bryan's wearing his suit for the wedding. And getting him to wear a purple shirt and tie to match the wedding color will be no problem at all, because he has a million purple shirts and at least three purple ties. XD I think that's why we picked it. In fact, when I was suggesting wedding colors to him, I even said "Purple like your shirts!" XD I think this weekend will be spent cranking out wedding ideas and stuff. I'm half tempted to bring my printer with me so I can actually get some stuff printed out. We'll see.

Anyhow, I should get on with my morning internet browsing, since I have to get ready for work eventually. I'll see if I can bring my laptop and leech wireless from someplace, otherwise I'll try and post on my phone. :D
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I'm feeling sorta... scrambly right now. Dunno why. And despite feeling scrambly, I'm here writing. Fingers needed to type, I guess.

Had a good day setting up Prof. Hildreth's new desktop. My lord, that thing is beautiful. It's one of the brand shiny new iMacs, with the wireless mouse and keyboard. It was fun setting it up, and it was fun teaching him how to use it. I think next weekend I might be headed over there again to show him how to use iPhoto, iMovie, and some other Mac-specific stuff. Sure, we spent four hours playing with the computer (and two hours at lunch), but I had fun and enjoyed myself. I also got to spend time with the Pomeranians! Lord, I love those little dogs. Kaya's so sweet, all she wanted to do was cuddle me and lick my hand. When I get my own dog, I hope it's as sweet as she is.

I love how Johanna kinda ordered me to call her earlier. "Hey, you're awake, call me at home. My computer's acting up" is what she said to me after three messages on FB this morning. I'm going to just back off. Not make any attempts to call her or get in touch with her, and just let her come to me. It's frustrating, having to do this when I only just started having a real relationship with her, but she's manipulative and downright mean at some points, especially to animals. I don't want someone toxic like that in my life, even if it is my sister.

I hate wedding planning. I just want to get married and get it over with. Kathy and Mike apparently are planning on helping pay for catering, but could they outright tell us this? NOOO. We had to tell them three times that we can't fucking afford catering for them to tell us "oh we're gonna help". WHAT. Why the hell couldn't they have told us this earlier? Can I elope now? >:|

And tomorrow is going to be Insane Babysitting Day, since I'll be babysitting Tyler from 11:30 to 4, and Tyler and his sister Brittany from 4 until 7. I am going to be beat when I get home. I think I'm gonna bring all my DS games and see if Brittany will help me get some of my Pokemon off Pearl.
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Yeah, no Tyler today, and I've got Friday off as well! This is nice. :)

Called my mom today. We talked for a bit, and I whined about wedding crap. I get the distinct feeling there's going to be some drama at my wedding, especially if Kathy starts talking to my dad. She's been pushing me to invite my dad's wife, and I told her there is no way I'm doing that. My dad would most likely cut me out of his life if I did that - he keeps us and Martha separate. Not to mention the last time she saw me, she threatened to call the police on me if I didn't leave her property. Yeah, I totally want to invite this woman to my wedding.

I also found out that one of Mom's dogs, Levon, might be partly blind - she started putting things together, like how he's always running into things and how he freaks out if someone comes up and they're just out of his vision, then they come close and pet him, and came up with the answer that he's probably mostly blind. Poor puppy. It probably explains a lot, though, especially about why he's so skittish and everything.

The living room is clean! YAY! And after I get back from Joe's office (gotta fix his netbook's email issues), I'm going to clean up the bedroom as well.
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Had dinner with Bryan and his family last night, and it was... interesting. Apparently, according to Bryan's grandparents, we're changing the date of our wedding! To August 1st, so it "inconveniences less people".


I understand that the date isn't the greatest for everyone, but honestly, Grandma Carey and Mike (my future father in law) want us to change the date of our wedding so it's more convenient for them. It's not just wanting, but outright pressuring. And I don't like it. Absolutely don't like it. This is our wedding, not theirs. WHAT THE FUCK.

Also, Kathy (my future mom in law) is pushing that we serve a whole meal at the wedding. WE CAN'T FUCKING AFFORD THAT. Should have just eloped before we even sent out the save the date cards.

Fuck. I just can't win, even with my own damn wedding.
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Hello everyone! :D

I'm down on Long Island with Bryan and his family. I hadn't been here in a year, and it's nice to see that not much has changed. The dog remembered me (and didn't eat me!), and everything's good.

We went shopping yesterday and today. Yesterday I went a little crazy and bought all sorts of pretty things - I got a new pair of shoes, two pairs of socks (one with an argyle print and hearts on it, the other with a coffee cup print), an Alice doll from the Disney store (she's so soft and cuddly), a Tinkerbell metal water bottle, some hair bows, and a new wallet. Today I bought some underwear (how exciting) and Bryan repaid some of his debt to me by buying me this OMG AMAZING Keurig Mini one cup coffee maker. I've been wanting one for ages, and now I have one, and it matches our mixer, haha. (It's a pretty red color.) We're going to be awash in K-Cups when we get home - they had a special deal where if you register your coffee maker online and bought two large boxes of K-Cups, you can get two boxes free. So I took advantage of that. We're going to have a million of the little things shortly after we get back from Long Island. I don't think I'm going to buy any more coffee makers ever again, haha.

I think I might be becoming slightly obsessive-compulsive about things. Weird stuff. I mean, I've always been a little weird about my security blankets, like how I hate it when people sit on them and have to tell them to get off my blanket, or if they fall in a dusty hole and get gross I have to wash them, or when I get really iffy about people touching my stuff. (I am very territorial, to the point where it irritates me if someone starts going through my stuff without my permission. Somehow, Bryan hasn't aroused that irritation yet - I think he understands about me being territorial and is nice like that.) Now, I have a new weirdness! Apparently when I eat candy or pretzel rods or anything like that which isn't pre-packaged and pre-proportioned, I have to eat an even number of said item. I don't know why. I don't care what the serving size is. I have to eat an even number. I get iffy if I don't. So what if the serving size for pretzel rods is 7? I will only take and eat six.

Anyhow, Brentwood is nice. It's very nice to get out of the north country. There's actually stuff to do here! :D

Bryan has his head resting on my knee. He's watching me type. OMG WATCHING ME TYPE.

I SEE WHAT YOU DO THERE [personal profile] nomnomchuupie.

(yeah, I'm a little silly tonight)

Also, the wedding date? May need to be changed. Cue me trying not to rip my hair out. AAAGH.
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Ah, so NOW he wants to start wedding planning. It only took Bryan a year and two months to get his butt in gear, haha.

I made Save The Date cards today. Granted, I don't need to mail them out until November or so, but it gave me something to do. When my camera's battery is charged, I'm going to try on Amanda's wedding dress again and take some pictures. (if anyone wants to see pictures, please let me know and I'll post them- I can't promise they'll be good, since I'll be using the self timer on my camera.) I've also gotten the wording done for the invitations, and when Bryan gets the chance to take a look at them, I'll print out the invitations we've got. (There are more do-it-yourself invitations on their way to us.)

Other than that, today's been uneventful. I'm gonna work on my Sailor Jupiter punch embroidery, maybe finish up my Chibimoon towel, and post them on my website. Maybe someone will want to buy something at some point. It'd help if I had more inventory. :P I'm working on it, though. I wonder how Kathy manages to sell so much of her stuff... My plans are to raise money for the wedding by selling punch embroideries. ^_^;


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