Jan. 24th, 2011 09:23 am
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Hooray! It's made it up to -14! When I woke up, it was -22! O_o

In order to make it to work/classes today...

-I'm wearing thermal leggings - they are uncomfortable, but warm
-I'm wearing wooly socks, much more comfy than the leggings
-I bundled up my laptop in its slipcase, that extra bit of padding should keep it warm
-I stuffed my phone in its little quilted sleeve - it's puffy, warm, and covered in Sailor Moon print, should be safe from the elements that way!
-I'll be wearing my giant fluffy pink hat, no matter how it destroys my hair
-I'll be using those little hand warmers for their actual purpose today, instead of taping them to my shoulders or wrists for use as cheap alternatives to Thermacare heat pads

Ah crap, time to get going if I want to make it to work on time. If I don't freeze to death first.
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I really hope they don't take Bolt off of Instant Netflix. Tyler will probably freak out when the day comes where we can't watch "Bodt on the copuder". I might have to see if I can get myself a copy somewhere - it is a really cute movie, and I like it a lot. (Although I wish he'd want to watch different movies sometimes!)

I finally got one of the things I've been ogling in the Lolita fasion world for years - the mini Bunnybear Bag I bought off someone on LJ finally made its way here from France! I should have known that "mini" meant "more suitable for a ball-jointed doll than for you". Honestly, the pocket inside is barely big enough to hold some pocket change. (Which is all most lolis have after they spend all their money on clothes and silly things like the bunnybear XD ) Seriously, though, it's super adorable, and Hitomi looks adorable holding it in her lap. I should take a picture of her with the bunnybear, if I ever find my camera.

Tomorrow, I think I may sequester myself in the ICT lab and do some work on my game and my website. I'm redoing the Newco Chimney Traditions website for my assignment (it's the chimney sweep company that Bryan occasionally works for when he's home, and his dad works for part time, and his mom is the secretary for), and good lord it needs some redoing. It's hosted on a site that won't even let you do your own HTML, and it was created back in 2006, so it looks a little... dated. Some parts look a little ridiculous, too - instead of creating a graphic with the business name and info on it, Kathy just scanned some letterhead, blew it up, emailed it to Bryan, and told him to stick it on the website. (He's the webmaster, poor honey.) It looks silly. I'm going to make something that looks loads better, and hopefully nobody'll want me to tear it apart and change it without paying me. If this works out well, I'm going to make one for Johanna's grooming business.

I want to burrow back under my warm covers. It's chilly in here, and I'm tired.

Then again, it is only 39 degrees outside, and the window is open a teeny bit, and the heat's off.

*marches off to go find her bathrobe*


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