Apr. 30th, 2010 10:28 pm
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So, my mom told my dad about how we cleaned the house, thinking that he'd be happy that we cleaned the house. Instead, he yelled at her for letting us take things like the train set and one of Mom's paintings. And he got very upset about Mom giving me the ruby ring he gave her the night they... uh... made me. And I think he wants the train and the ring back. Now, the train was something he bought my sister and I when we were kids - it's a Playmobil train, and I think I accidentally broke it shortly after we took it out of the box. I mean, come on, I think I was only six years old. It's not worth nearly as much as he claims he paid for it (he said he paid $270, and eBay says that new, sealed in box, it's worth $212, and ours is nowhere near new, and the box is in nasty condition). Why the hell does he want it, and why did he get mad about it? It's not like I'm going to sell it - most likely, I'm going to set it up around my own Christmas tree. And the ruby ring, I'm going to get repaired and keep it the hell away from Dad. I honestly have nothing that was passed down from him - sure he's not the greatest father, but it'd be nice to have something.

I don't get why he's acting this way, and I don't like it.

Then again, this is the same man that broke into Mom's house to steal her pain medicines. I know this because Mom left me at home one day when I was in high school to catch him trying to sneak into the house. He copied Mom's key while she was at a doctor's appointment, then snuck in the house while he thought Mom and my sister and I were at a dentist's appointment.

Totally unrelated to anything previously mentioned, Bryan and Callie are talking about student teaching. I am borderline panic-attacking just thinking about it. I made it through half of student teaching and with the way it ended, it's a wonder I can even to back to college. It screwed me over so hard. Bryan talks about "oh you can come to my kindergarten room and teach a lesson", and I get sick to my stomach just thinking about it. I don't think he understands.
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Worked with a substitute teacher yesterday. It was an interesting day, to say the least, but the kids were on their best behavior, and we got through most of what we were supposed to. I lost a half hour's worth of lessons because we had a guest teacher come in for her drug and violence prevention lesson, and then lost another 15 minutes or so because of a fire drill. I'm amazed we got as much done as we did, honestly, considering the fact that it's a Friday and the kids are usually itching to get out of school.

I felt more like the classroom was mine, though. I did silly things and the kids laughed. They took some tests and did alright, and went over some worksheets and managed to grasp what I was teaching them.

Today was crap. Bryan moped all day because he's broke and jobless and is doing nothing about it, and I called him on it. I cleaned, and played World of Warcraft, and tried to get WoW working on the desktop but apparently it can't find the login server, so whatever. I gave up and went back to playing on the laptop.

I want to go on a vacation. Rin says I can go visit her over Columbus Day weekend, but since she works that Monday, I wouldn't have much time down there. Alex says he'd love to have me visit, too, but he doesn't have any vacation time left for the year, and with student teaching I'm booked until practically January... so we're planning a visit for January, I guess. I'm looking forward to it- I haven't seen Alex in years, not since before he went to grad school. It gives me something to work towards, too. Granted, it's barely October now, so it'll be 3 months until I see him, but still, I'll definitely deserve it after all this work and all the crap I deal with.
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So I'm crossposting here and on LJ. Yergh. I thought I'd quit for good, but I guess not.

I'm a moderator over at [ profile] sailormoonfans2, which is one of the reasons I figured I'd come back to LJ. I can't leave everyone over there wondering what I'm really up to, can I? (Not like I'm up to much of anything besides teaching.)

Speaking of teaching, I got a set of stamps to use when grading my students' work. (Amusingly enough, it's the same exact set that my mentor teacher has!) I'm excited, I can't wait for them to come in the mail. I also can't believe that I'm almost halfway through student teaching at Madrid-Waddington. I really don't want to leave. With doing my 100 hour observations there, and student teaching as well, I've become really attached to the school. I want to work there when I'm a fully certified teacher. I want to have my own classroom there, and be surrounded by friendly teachers and well behaved students.

Tomorrow I'm going to watch Sailor Moon. Not sure what season I'm going to watch. It's sad- I never have actually watched to the end of S and SuperS. I know what happens, of course, but I've only seen about half of S and five or so episodes of SuperS. I'm a horrible Sailor Moon fan, I know.

Bryan is snoring next to me, and it's a little annoying. ^_^;;;
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Ugh.  I hate it when that happens.  It drives me insane.

Anyway.  I've been learning a lot while doing my student teaching - about myself, about the kids I work with, and about life in general.  I've noticed a lot about myself just working with these kids - mostly, I see some of my immature habits reflected in the kids, and it makes me want to work on them in order to grow up and be a more effective teacher.  I tell too many stories, I talk too much when it's not appropriate, and I need to pay attention more.  Life is a learning process, though, and so is teaching, and it's a good thing that I've got this opportunity to grow.

Outside of teaching, not much has been happening.  I hung out with Amanda on Sunday, we watched some Big Bang Theory (because we ran out of Doctor Who), and played Topple.  I won on a technicality, haha.  (I never win when I play games against Amanda!)  Before that, Bryan and I spent the weekend in Lake Luzerne with his parents.  The weekend felt much too short, and I spent most of it reading We Were The Mulvaneys by Joyce Carol Oates.  I read it ages ago, I think, but I couldn't remember what went on, so I re-read it.  I forgot how depressing it was, honestly, but it was a good read nonetheless.  Now I'm reading Ruled Britannia by Harry Turtledove, which is pretty good so far.

zoning out

Aug. 28th, 2009 08:18 pm
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Justin sent me a new album to listen to- Supernature by Cerrone. It's one of those albums that I just want to curl up in the dark and listen to while I drift off to it. It's a disco album ("the best disco album ever", Justin says), and I have to admit, I'm enjoying it. I want to light some incense, dim the lights, and drift off, haha.

Student teaching in three days. I'm not sure whether to be excited or utterly terrified. I'll probably spend the next three days slacking off while I can- I work at the computer lab on Sunday night with my friend Kayli, so I might sit around and watch Sailor Moon for five hours, if I can swing it, and work on making scarves.

I think I might just go curl up in bed and zone out for a bit. This album almost makes me wish I'd downloaded it earlier so I could listen to it while I was all woobily on Benadryl. That would have been interesting.


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