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Well, I survived a second week of classes and work. I'm amazed!

I'm going to work on getting brave enough to wear Loli to work or class. I used to wear it nearly every day in the spring - granted, I didn't wear it to babysitting, and I would get some strange looks in class, but the professors didn't bat an eye. It's half tempting to set up my portable closet in my office in Dunn and hang all my Loli clothes in there, and just change before class.

Speaking of Loli! I bought some theraputic ruffles today. I bought this skirt, this blouse, and this jumperskirt. Bryan will probably give me 'the look' and say "Well, it's your money, dear." I haven't bought anything new since springtime, so I think it's time. I'm hoping to wear the red skirt to the office - not sure if it'll fly, but it looks a lot tamer than my Alice in Wonderland skirt and my puppy skirt. (It should fit better than they do, too.)

Anyway, meme time! I'm going to catch up today and do two. :D

Day 06 - Your Day

I'll tell you about my day yesterday, since my day today is only three hours old. :P

Yesterday, I woke up at 3 am, when Bryan's alarm went off to remind him that he's gotta work the farmers market at 7 in a town two hours away. I rolled over and slept until 6 am, then crawled out of bed, put my bathrobe on, and internetted for two hours. (I also got dressed somewhere in there.) Then, around 8, my friend Michelle came and picked me up for work, and we went to work. Beth Ann was using Michelle's computer when we got there, so we wandered off to get coffee, and then came back and worked all day. It was insane yesterday - I didn't realize we had two events on campus today, so I was doing a lot of extra stuff in addition to my usual answering the phones and charging credit cards. It was busy, but fun. (We've got a triathlon and a piano competition happening on campus right now.) At 3, I finished up at CLEAR and puttered around for 15 minutes before giving up and going to the computer lab to wait for my shift to start. My co-worker, Umer, had the same idea. (I used to be a little afraid and very annoyed with Umer, but now that he's opened up and talks to me, I actually don't mind him too much.) I worked from 4-6 at the computer lab, and Umer talked my ear off the whole time, alternating between telling me about his family and wishing he had money for one of the new iPod Touches. Then, at 6, I went home, dealt with a grumpy Bryan, talked to Michelle online for a little bit, gave up on the internet, and crawled into bed with my iPod and Dexter at 8. I watched the gleefully gruesome misadventures of Dexter for a few hours before I passed out.

And that was my day!

Day 07 - Your Best Friend

I don't know if I have a best friend anymore. I used to. Her name was Rin, and we were very attached to each other. We used to spend lots of time talking to each other online, and sometimes we'd talk on the phone. I think the reason why we started drifting away initially was work and stuff, but when I had some issues with Bryan last summer, she told me I should dump him. I ended up doing exactly the opposite, and she is still of the opinion that he's not good for me, so she stopped talking to me before he and I got married. I'm still bitter about that, honestly. I mean, none of my friends thought Franco was good for me, but they still stuck around, even when I was being really dumb and sticking with him.

I guess the closest I have to a best friend right now is Michelle. We work together, and we're a lot alike - both socially awkward, both into nerdy things, and we both ramble on about random stuff. Michelle would fit in perfectly in my family, eheh. I'm pretty comfortable around her, and she always listens to me, just like I always listen to her. I hope I don't scare her off.

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Jan. 14th, 2010 11:24 am
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I had two dreams last night, both of them pretty good. One starred [personal profile] rin, another starred Morgan. (Sorry, Bry, I don't think you were in them.)

Dream One: In the first dream, Rin and I got married! :D At the circus, I think. o_O It was... interesting. And pleasant. And I think that because I married Rin, I also ended up married to Panzer, too. (Since you can't has a Rin without a Panzer and all.)

Dream Two: I guess Morgan wasn't really actually present in this dream. I was in an attic somewhere, looking through a collection of books I had when I was a kid, and I found one that I remember had writing in it from someone who owned it before. Apparently it was Morgan's, when he was a kid, and all the writing and drawings in it were his. I remember saying, "This explains everything! I knew Morgan before I even met him!" I don't know what the everything it was explaining was, but eh. Who knows.

Today, I'm going to mail my Paperback Swap books out, and work on another pillow (maybe I'll finish the Doctor today), and work on my French. And read "The 48 Laws of Power". It's a very, very interesting book, and I'm only two chapters in so far. I like how it uses historical examples to get its point across.

Oh, and trying to tag entries on the iPod? IMPOSSIBLE. It's so annoying. I gave up trying to tag last night's entry.
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Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday- not much really happened yesterday. I walked to campus, put in my grad school application, and watched a lot of Dexter.

Today I watched Dexter, talked to Morgan, had a bagel with Bryan, and now I'm watching more Dexter. And eating popcorn. Nom nom nom.

Oh! And I talked to my Rin! :D That made my day. I haven't talked to her in weeeeeks.

Other than that, not too much has been going on. Things are beautifully quiet.
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Worked with a substitute teacher yesterday. It was an interesting day, to say the least, but the kids were on their best behavior, and we got through most of what we were supposed to. I lost a half hour's worth of lessons because we had a guest teacher come in for her drug and violence prevention lesson, and then lost another 15 minutes or so because of a fire drill. I'm amazed we got as much done as we did, honestly, considering the fact that it's a Friday and the kids are usually itching to get out of school.

I felt more like the classroom was mine, though. I did silly things and the kids laughed. They took some tests and did alright, and went over some worksheets and managed to grasp what I was teaching them.

Today was crap. Bryan moped all day because he's broke and jobless and is doing nothing about it, and I called him on it. I cleaned, and played World of Warcraft, and tried to get WoW working on the desktop but apparently it can't find the login server, so whatever. I gave up and went back to playing on the laptop.

I want to go on a vacation. Rin says I can go visit her over Columbus Day weekend, but since she works that Monday, I wouldn't have much time down there. Alex says he'd love to have me visit, too, but he doesn't have any vacation time left for the year, and with student teaching I'm booked until practically January... so we're planning a visit for January, I guess. I'm looking forward to it- I haven't seen Alex in years, not since before he went to grad school. It gives me something to work towards, too. Granted, it's barely October now, so it'll be 3 months until I see him, but still, I'll definitely deserve it after all this work and all the crap I deal with.
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Oh good lord, after an entire freaking hour and 11 minutes, I can has [personal profile] rin. I am so happy to have at least one LJ friend here, and Rin is my bestest friend evar.

(Sorry, I go into lolcat speak when I'm tired/excited/both.)


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