Jan. 14th, 2010 11:24 am
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I had two dreams last night, both of them pretty good. One starred [personal profile] rin, another starred Morgan. (Sorry, Bry, I don't think you were in them.)

Dream One: In the first dream, Rin and I got married! :D At the circus, I think. o_O It was... interesting. And pleasant. And I think that because I married Rin, I also ended up married to Panzer, too. (Since you can't has a Rin without a Panzer and all.)

Dream Two: I guess Morgan wasn't really actually present in this dream. I was in an attic somewhere, looking through a collection of books I had when I was a kid, and I found one that I remember had writing in it from someone who owned it before. Apparently it was Morgan's, when he was a kid, and all the writing and drawings in it were his. I remember saying, "This explains everything! I knew Morgan before I even met him!" I don't know what the everything it was explaining was, but eh. Who knows.

Today, I'm going to mail my Paperback Swap books out, and work on another pillow (maybe I'll finish the Doctor today), and work on my French. And read "The 48 Laws of Power". It's a very, very interesting book, and I'm only two chapters in so far. I like how it uses historical examples to get its point across.

Oh, and trying to tag entries on the iPod? IMPOSSIBLE. It's so annoying. I gave up trying to tag last night's entry.
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Ah, so NOW he wants to start wedding planning. It only took Bryan a year and two months to get his butt in gear, haha.

I made Save The Date cards today. Granted, I don't need to mail them out until November or so, but it gave me something to do. When my camera's battery is charged, I'm going to try on Amanda's wedding dress again and take some pictures. (if anyone wants to see pictures, please let me know and I'll post them- I can't promise they'll be good, since I'll be using the self timer on my camera.) I've also gotten the wording done for the invitations, and when Bryan gets the chance to take a look at them, I'll print out the invitations we've got. (There are more do-it-yourself invitations on their way to us.)

Other than that, today's been uneventful. I'm gonna work on my Sailor Jupiter punch embroidery, maybe finish up my Chibimoon towel, and post them on my website. Maybe someone will want to buy something at some point. It'd help if I had more inventory. :P I'm working on it, though. I wonder how Kathy manages to sell so much of her stuff... My plans are to raise money for the wedding by selling punch embroideries. ^_^;
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... no time like the present to get my craft website up and running, eh? This weekend I'm going to toss up some stuff to sell, put up info for commissions, and so on and so forth. Kathy said she's going to point her friends in my direction, so hopefully I'll get some business. I'll also probably get a heap of commissions from [livejournal.com profile] sailormoonfans, so that'll keep me busy too. And punch embroidering is fun - I can do it while I watch TV, or listen to the radio, I can punch out on the back porch, or while I'm babysitting, the possibilities are endless.

Once I get more stuff up there, I'll post a link for everyone so you can all poke around if you like. :)


Apr. 26th, 2009 09:10 pm
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Holy crap my mom is on Facebook.

Not that she knows what to do with it now that she's got it, heheh. Jo set her up with it when she was visiting Mom today, and Ruth and I had the same reaction - "Holy shit, how did Mom end up on Facebook?" XD

In other news, I punch embroidered. A lot. And watched Sailor Moon. A lot. And tried to nap. And yelled at the broken internet. (Apparently the entire internet was having issues in Potsdam - the computer lab had no internet for the first hour of Bryan's shift.)

Bryan made peanut butter bread. It smells really good.

I think that's it from me today- I'm gonna go get the coffee pot set up for tomorrow morning's coffee, that way there's no issues like Thursday, where I poured the water into the filter basket instead of into the water tank. Oops. Besides, I'm going to need the extra caffeine, it'll be my first time with my second graders in a LONG time. Hooray for spring break and all that crap. Ugh. I don't want the week to start.
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Either that, or it's just that I'm discovering more amazing things about him. Like how he actually LIKES to watch Sailor Moon. Even the dub, which I throw on while I punch embroider so I can listen to what's going on without actually watching. And we watched Interstella 5555 tonight, the anime movie that's set to Daft Punk's Discovery, and he liked it. HE LIKED IT. He doesn't usually like my music- he gets cranky when I put on Spock's Beard ("it's too repetitive!"), and he thinks ELO is annoying, so to find out that I've successfully made him a fan of Daft Punk is awesome. :D

I have to post pictures of the Sailor Moon embroidery I'm working on. It's really detailed and it looks amazing so far.


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