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-New job is going well. I love the fact that there's always something to do. And I also like that while I'm the youngest person in the office, I'm only the youngest by a year. The other office girls range in age from 29 to 35, and Nancy (the boss) is older. All the office girls are really friendly, and I really like this job. Part of me hopes it might turn permanent, but then again, with the economy and the fact that I'm a student assistant, it's not likely to happen.

-Dad said he'd help me with school. Not sure how much he'll be able to help, but even if it's just cosigning a loan, it's enough. So, no worrying about school for now.

-My night class is killing me. It's not the work so much as the late hours, and the fact that by the time the class ends, I've spent 12 hours straight on campus with maybe an hour's lunch break. It's not fun. Also, I have a group project to do that I have no idea what my part is. I really hope my group doesn't say "oh hey, let's stay after class and get this done!" Noooo. I have to go home and sleeeeep.

-I miss working out. Once my official work schedule gets set up, I might actually have time to get over to the Body Shop, but until then, I hardly have time for my computer when I get home. I usually go home, check Facebook and the news, and then drag myself off to bed to watch Law and Order until I fall asleep. Merf.

-The new fishies are doing well. Sephie's fin is growing back, and Diana's being... well, Diana. Artemis is a happy chubby fish, and Gus loves it in his big tank in the bedroom. Yes, I spoil my fishies. Speaking of the fishlets, I should feed them...


Apr. 30th, 2010 10:28 pm
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So, my mom told my dad about how we cleaned the house, thinking that he'd be happy that we cleaned the house. Instead, he yelled at her for letting us take things like the train set and one of Mom's paintings. And he got very upset about Mom giving me the ruby ring he gave her the night they... uh... made me. And I think he wants the train and the ring back. Now, the train was something he bought my sister and I when we were kids - it's a Playmobil train, and I think I accidentally broke it shortly after we took it out of the box. I mean, come on, I think I was only six years old. It's not worth nearly as much as he claims he paid for it (he said he paid $270, and eBay says that new, sealed in box, it's worth $212, and ours is nowhere near new, and the box is in nasty condition). Why the hell does he want it, and why did he get mad about it? It's not like I'm going to sell it - most likely, I'm going to set it up around my own Christmas tree. And the ruby ring, I'm going to get repaired and keep it the hell away from Dad. I honestly have nothing that was passed down from him - sure he's not the greatest father, but it'd be nice to have something.

I don't get why he's acting this way, and I don't like it.

Then again, this is the same man that broke into Mom's house to steal her pain medicines. I know this because Mom left me at home one day when I was in high school to catch him trying to sneak into the house. He copied Mom's key while she was at a doctor's appointment, then snuck in the house while he thought Mom and my sister and I were at a dentist's appointment.

Totally unrelated to anything previously mentioned, Bryan and Callie are talking about student teaching. I am borderline panic-attacking just thinking about it. I made it through half of student teaching and with the way it ended, it's a wonder I can even to back to college. It screwed me over so hard. Bryan talks about "oh you can come to my kindergarten room and teach a lesson", and I get sick to my stomach just thinking about it. I don't think he understands.
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The apartment looks like crap. Screw it. Pop can deal with it. I worked all day and then planned a musical based on a book about some Amish kids and a peacock for two and a half hours after that. And I cleaned a little. I put the laundry and the sewing away. If he doesn't like it, maybe he should show up when he says he will, like he was supposed to last week. The house was clean last week.

I have to change the resin kids into their nicer clothes, because I just feel weird having them sit there, 'Tomi in that failure of a nightgown I made (the pattern was a failure - I put it together pretty well), and Aidan in the same clothes he's been in since last summer when I changed his clothes last. Why the hell do I not care about impressing Pop, but want the resin kids to impress him? What the fuck am I on?

Ugh. My father makes me feel so negative. I'm sick of trying to arrange my life around his rare visits. I mean, honestly, I can barely remember the last time I saw him. I know it's been longer than two years - maybe closer to three. I'd rather go see Mom, but with her health being crappy and everything...

Ugh. I'm going to go grab something to munch on and then go to bed. Eff this.
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Banner is down, so I can't actually do any work or file any forms or look up any info or anything. So, here I sit, manning the front desk of Financial Aid, surfing the internet. XD

And my dad called, and he's supposedly coming tomorrow at noon, so hopefully he'll actually be there. If not, I'll just come back to work, I guess.
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Yeah, last night sucked, but today's been pretty darn good. I went downtown to mail some stuff, deposit some money, and went to campus. The sun was out, and it wasn't too hot, and the trees are green and pretty. Talked to Bryan a few times today, too. I also got to hang out with Tara and play with her lovely puppies. I'm gonna try my hand at making little loli clothes for Hitomi later. :D

My dad is an idiot and is using the fact that Bryan's dad's van is broken and I may or may not have to be around to give the keys to the van to whoever tows it as a reason not to come up to visit tomorrow. I fucking knew this would happen. This is the 6th time in the past year that he's said he'd come up and then tell me he's not coming the day before he's supposed to be up here. I've stopped expecting much. I see Bryan's dad more often than I see my own. Hell, I think the last time I saw my dad was before I was even dating Bryan.

Mmm, I has yummy noodles to nom on for dinner. :D
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Well, there goes my Saturday. I spent an hour or so at the gym and got a good workout, then walked downtown to deposit the check my dad sent me and get something to eat. I went to The Bagelry, which is the only place in town you can get a decent bagel (rumor has it that they had water shipped up from Long Island to make their bagels with years ago, but they don't do it anymore). I waited in line for a half hour! It was a good bagel, though, and the two workers there were doing the best they could. (Apparently just about all their day staff quit for the summer, must have all been Clarkson students.) Then, I walked over to the library, feeling rather exhausted, and found out that they ARE open on Sundays, so I'll go over tomorrow and get those books for that assignment that I let slide until almost the end of the semester. Then I called my mom, and we talked while I walked home. She's not getting the little chihuahua she was thinking about - the little guy hurt himself while roughhousing with two other chis, and he dislocated something in his leg. Mom said she can't risk getting a dog that will probably hurt himself again, and end up in a lot of pain.

I mentioned to Mom while I was on the phone with her that I was in the market for a new computer. (I also mentioned the same thing to Bryan, who said "We've already got two! And three laptops!" However, one laptop is a netbook, which is really pokey. One is Snowball, and he's starting to show his age. His mouse button doesn't work quite like it used to - there may be crap under there, but I don't want to try popping the button off only to break it. Also, his hard drive can't hold everything I have for projects, music, graphics and everything. The third laptop is a dead Dell Inspiron 5100, same model that Ruthie has (which makes it about 7 years old). One desktop is 'mine' (Bryan uses it more than I do), and the other belongs to the TV (used to be Bry's main computer). I was looking at the Dell Studio Hybrid (I know, it's a Dell, but it's all I think Dad will buy me). It seems like a nice little computer, and it'll be $725 with a monitor (and $500something without one). He hasn't bought me a computer since I was 16 (and that was shared with Ruth), so maybe he'll do it... I'm not sure. I hope so.


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