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I think I'm going to make an effort to post more. I should get my thoughts out more often, and put myself out there more often. No more hermit Bethie.

Got a lot done today. I am officially Beth Hoey, according to Social Security, the DMV, and my bank. Tomorrow, the college will recognize me as Beth Hoey, and that'll be just about all the places I need to change my name. I also opened up the boxed wedding presents we got (pots and pans, and a ton of Pyrex glassware), and cleaned up the kitchen, and started writing thank you notes. I also found out there was a living room underneath all the plastic bags, greeting cards, and flowers.

Now that we're back home, it feels like life as usual. I don't feel married. (Or maybe I've felt married for two years.) I end up surprised whenever I see my name as Beth Hoey anywhere. I have to re-learn how to sign my name! I screwed it up on one of the forms I filled out yesterday, and had to white it out and sign it again.

I don't want to go back to work tomorrow. I mean, I sort-of do, but I sort-of don't. I know it's going to be crazy with phone calls from people registering for fall non-credit classes, and I'm going to be so frustrated if my email's not working tomorrow. (Apparently CTS has been replacing a borked volume on the email servers, and not only are all my saved mails gone, half the time I can't even log in!) At least I can email people with the online registration email, even if it'll seem like people are getting emailed by a robot, until my mail is fixed - OH WAIT IT'S BACK. Thank god. I need my email for work!

I can't believe classes start in less than two weeks. The summer's flown by! Granted, there were some points where it felt like it was dragging (like from 2-4 pm every day), but in general, it's just shot right by. I never even got a chance to use my new tent. (I might see if I can find a relatively poop-free spot in Caroline's backyard when I petsit and set it up there, or ask Kit if I can camp out in her yard) When the school year starts, it's going to be crazy. 12 credit hours of classes, 30 hours of work at CLEAR, and 9 hours of work at the computer lab. If I'm not dead by the second week of school, or if I don't have a direct IV of coffee inserted into me, I'll be damn surprised.
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It was dark out at 5 am, when I rolled over, found out Bryan was still in bed, and said "why are you still here? You should have left an hour ago?" He freaked, woke up, and managed to shower, load the car, and leave in a grand total of 15 minutes. I think my heart stopped for a second when I rolled over to steal his pillow because it smelled like him, and found out that he was still there. (He has to drive down to Carthage today, an hour and a half's drive, to sell wine at a farmers market)

But back to it being dark. It's depressing. Soon I'll be waking up at regular time and it'll be dark. At least I don't have to leave for work at 6:30, like when I worked for Curves. That sucked, leaving in the dark and opening the fitness center in the dark and hoping no skeezy guys decided to walk in and try to rob me. But the darkness means that summer is over. The big thing I've been looking forward to all summer is almost here, and then I have a week and a half off work, and then that's it. Two weeks of work and then classes start. (Again, anyway.) And then the warm temperatures go away, and the trees change color, and before we know it we'll be dragging the air conditioner out of the window while it's snowing.

Oh well. It's 5:45 right now, and it's a little light outside.

I hope the drive-in at Glens Falls is playing good movies. I haven't been to the drive-in in a while, and while it won't be the Midway or the 56 Drive-In, it'll be nice to go see a movie under the stars. Is there really any other way to go see a movie? Honestly, I'd rather see a movie in the comfort of my own car, and watch little kids who are up way past their bedtimes play games with their parents, everyone in pajamas and smelling like bug spray.

I can't believe the wedding is three days away. I also can't believe I agreed to watch the pomeranians this weekend. I mean, they're easy, and I miss them, but holy lord I will be so busy this weekend, between cleaning and pommies. At least Caroline said that Joe would be willing to look after my fish while we're on our honeymoon. I should change the filter in the big tank and give both tanks some more water - it's been so hot here that it's been evaporating. O_o

Artemis is staring at me, and her fishy brain must be thinking "why the hell are you up?"

Oh man, I have discovered that there is no better way to wake up than with a cup of coffee and some Lady Gaga. (Yes, I am a dork.)
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Today's song lyric title is brought to you by We Love Katamari - that's the only English line in the whole song. XD

Babysat yesterday. It went alright. Wish there weren't so many mosquitos out in the woods, I would have liked to go exploring with Tyler more. Ah well. Today looks like it's going to be nasty, so I think we'll have to have some adventures in the house. (Unless I get a call that he's going to daycare, then that's all moot.)

Pomsitting tonight! Jacob's going to help Bryan and I out. After puppies, Amanda's picking me up so we can hang out- we haven't seen each other in a few weeks, and I miss her.


Not like there's going to be any huge celebrations or anything, but still, my birthday is always exciting to me. I survived another year! I have made it to level 28! THERE'S NO STOPPING ME NOW.

(haha, I think I've had too much coffee)
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So, I know, I'm more talkative than usual today! Well, I've got nobody here except the cats, and most people I know left for the holidays already, so it's just me and you, internets. (At least until tonight, then it's me, the internets, three cats, and three dogs, and a bird, and a bunch of fish.)

I have come to the realization that I am not a cat person. I mean, sure, I can live in the same house as cats, but it's so much nicer when Molly and Oliver are around to herd them upstairs.

However, if they were here, I wouldn't have had the experience of Shadow trying to eat my arm through my bathrobe, or get to enjoy her climbing up my back so she can gnaw on my ponytail and chew on my shoulder.

Other than Shadow running around like crazy, it's been quiet here. I've spent much of the day watching Law and Order


and it's two hours later, and I'm pom-sitting now, watching more Law and Order. :D


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