Day Four

Nov. 4th, 2009 08:12 pm
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Well, today went better than expected.

I read through four volumes of Trigun Maximum (and was really sad to find out that it doesn't end at Volume 10, which is the last volume I have, which means I have to buy more when I get money), and packed up some stuff as well. I also moved some stuff around over at Tara's, and emptied some buckets in the process (and made a mess of my bed over there as well - since I don't have a closet or dresser or anything yet over there, my bed is a closet until I move in). Tara bought some pretty purple sheets to put on my bed, which makes me feel special. I like them.

Did some writing- a little over the daily 1,667 I'm supposed to do, but not too much. I'm still ahead of where I should be, thank goodness, and if I really get motivated, I could break 10,000 words tonight. It's a good feeling. I used Write or Die tonight, and it helped a bit- I cranked out all the words I needed in 32 minutes! Including this gem of a sentence, in reference to the cleanliness of dorm showers: "Yeah, the shower stall sparkled like a vampire from a Stephenie Meyers book," Sarah said.

Best. Sentence. EVAR.

9660 / 50000 words. 19% done!
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I'm going to omit a lot of this to spare any of the NaBloWriMo readers out there, but to make a long story short, Bryan's bad attitude has ended up with him not being able to move in to Tara and Josh's house. I'm more than welcome over there, but his attitude towards them, and how he treats me, has made Josh decide that he just doesn't want to put up with Bryan.

Which is understandable.

Also, I've only cranked out 600 words for my novel today (I was going to shoot for another 3,000, and who knows, I could make it, but only with coffee and chocolate and late night writing), I slept through the morning, I lumped around all day on the couch, and now I'm freezing and starving.

Oh lord, how I LOVE being an adult.
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I feel like it's practically 2 in the afternoon, and it also feels like I've done nothing all day.

Well, the last part is somewhat true, I really haven't done much today. I made myself some lunch, and I helped Bryan gather laundry, and we went to the store together to get some food. And I wrote. A lot. I'm past where I should be for tomorrow, and my goal is to hopefully get even further ahead by tonight. Not too much has happened, novel-wise: I've done a halfway decent job of establishing who my main character is, and we've introduced the love interest! Typing up IM conversations between two characters is a great way to rack up the words. As long as I take care of myself, stay optimistic about things, and don't let myself fall in a hole like I did last year around this time, I should be just fine. I may actually win this year! If I do, I'm totally framing my little completion certificate, and using that "get your novel printed for free" goodie I get when I complete.

But yeah, the end of DST always messes me up. I feel like it's much later in the day than it really is, I haven't even bothered changing some of the clocks (we're moving in a few weeks, what does it matter? They'll be changed when we move), and night-time creeps up way too quickly for my liking. Stupid season changes and accompanying seasonal affective disorder, bleh.

I think I'm going to hunt down my USB heated gloves- my hands are chilly.

5002 / 50000 words. 10% done!
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Last night I went to my friend Patty's house in Syracuse and got to see a lot of my friends, as well as meet Patty's girlfriend. Heather is super cute! I like her a lot. We all found out that our friend Crystal is pregnant, and I'm not quite sure how to take that. I'm not a huge fan of her current significant other - he skeeves me out to no end, and he's also a lot younger than she is (she's 27, like I am, and he's 19), so I don't know how long that relationship will last. They're planning on getting married, but... yeah. I dunno.

Today we all got up, and Patty, Bryan, and I went to Wegmans for some food. I got a delicious salt bagel! :D I miss having a Wegmans near me- it's one of the best grocery stores ever. Then we puttered around Patty's apartment for a bit, and then she put us on the bus to come back up home. I haven't taken a bus in a long time - I actually really enjoyed it today! I took a tiny powernap on the bus, too- I needed it. I slept like hell last night.

Anyway, here I am now, with my first blog entry for NaBloWriMo. I've been coming along pretty well with my novel, too- I'm way ahead of where I should be, and the story's coming along pretty well. I get the feeling I might be jumping around a bit when I write the story, but if it happens, it happens, so long as I get the words out, right? :)


Oct. 27th, 2009 09:05 pm
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I'm really getting excited about NaNo. This is the first year I've done any sort of preparation besides "oh hey, I have a title, a vague idea, and a handful of characters", and I think I'm going to do really well this year. I started planning in September, that's how early I got started on my novel this year. I'm glad I've got some friends on Dreamwidth who are doing NaNo as well, and hopefully I won't bore the other people who read my entries with rambling about my novel.

One of the things I am not excited about, however, is the urinary tract infection I have. Not fun. At least the antibiotics aren't killing my stomach - one small thing in my favor, I guess.

I'm slowly getting stuffed moved over to Tara's. I would have loaded her car up and made a trip over today, if I didn't have to go over to Student Health to get this "omg I have to pee all the time" taken care of. Ah well, there's always tomorrow. I'm going to see if I can explore her basement and see how gross it is down there, if it's not too bad I might put some of our plastic buckets of stuff down there so Bryan and I can have a relatively clutter-free attic and bedroom. Although... hahah, clutter free bedroom? Like that'll happen- the bed takes up practically the entire room. XD

My paid account runs out soon, and I can't afford to pay for more paid time right now. Maybe when I get paid next week, I dunno, but it might be a while before I can afford a paid account since we're so broke. Ah well. I wonder what 6 icons I'll be stuck with! That's always a fun game to play. I can't believe I've uploaded so many icons- I never did this when I had a paid account on LJ.

I gotta get into the swing of blogging every day, for NaBloWriMo.
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... I'm doing National Blog Writing Month on top of it all! (it's at, if you're interested) I figure November will be full of my ramblings about how my novel is going, and how life in general is - you know, the usual, just with extra NaNoWriMo goodness thrown in. So for those of you stumbling across my blog for the first time, thanks to NaBloWriMo, hi there! :D

Speaking of life, Bryan found out that he's not getting paid nearly as much as he thought he was for substitute teaching, so next month is going to be interesting. Let's just leave it at that.


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