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Sorry I've dropped off the face of the internets the past few days - Tuesday morning I spent fighting with my damn game for Multimedia Development, and yesterday I went to work out. But it's Thursday, and here I am with a giant coffee in my hand and some Lady GaGa downloading. I finally gave up and figured, what the hell, her songs get stuck in my head enough as it is, why the hell not just get her albums?

Anyway, I'm absolutely exhausted. I've been running around constantly the past few days. Monday we drove to Massena to go get some fishies for my late birthday present. One came home dead, so last night we returned it and got two more. My house is now a friggin aquarium. There are more fish here than people. Do I have to make tags for all my fishykids? Artemis has her own tag. I think Augustus, Metella, and Rufilla would be very sad if I didn't give them tags, yanno? (Oh my lord, Beth, they're fish. They don't care if you have tags. Drink your coffee.) I've noticed they all have their own personalities, too. Artemis is just Artemis, being cute and silly and sometimes doing ridiculous stuff, like sleeping in the handle of the Greek vase in her tank. Gus is calm, cool, collected, and loves to come to the glass when I talk. He's a very social fish. He's also one of the most spoiled male bettas I've ever seen, he's got five gallons all to himself! (Then again, right now Artemis has 20 gallons to herself. XD) Rufilla is a little smaller, and Metella was picking on her in the bag on the way home, and she reminds me of a line that her namesake had in my Cambridge Latin 2 book - "You don't understand! You don't care!" Nobody understands what it's like to be a tiny blue betta, heheh. Metella's also named after a Cambridge Latin character, from book 1 - she acts like she's the boss, and Metella in the books was the lady of the household, so there we go.

Oh my lord I am explaining the reasoning behind what I named my fish and their personalities. I am a crazy fish lady.

Anyway, two days of babysitting left and then it's the weekend. I had Tyler and Brittany yesterday, since she was sick. I felt so bad for her, she looked really out of it and miserable. Hope she's feeling better today.

Can I go back to bed?
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I think my big Christmas present this year was the pomeranians letting me sleep in until 8 this morning. Which is honestly quite amazing, considering I wasn't sleeping with them (last night I slept in the attic, while the other nights I slept in the guest room so the pets could climb in with me), and they usually wake me up at 5 am when I do sleep with them. Ahh, it was nice to get to sleep in.

Last night was fun- I went on Skype with Bryan and watched him butter the turkey - it's almost like I was there, which was nice. I also watched just about every Rankin/Bass claymation Christmas special in existence, too. I called my mom, and we talked for a little bit.

Today, I might go out to lunch with Kit - I'll know for sure if she calls me. Other than that, it's just me, the pomeranians, the cats, and A Christmas Story. :P

(And apparently my nephew Logan on Facebook. :D )
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So, the dogs woke me up at 5 am to go potty. They sorta fell back asleep, but then Bryan woke up (he spent the night last night) shortly afterward, so he went downstairs with the doggies. He let me sleep in until 8, which was nice. I like sleep. I woke up feeling pretty cruddy, but now that I've got some coffee in me, I'm feeling better.

Yesterday, Bryan and I did a little running around - I cashed my Christmas check from my dad, we did a little shopping, and I fed Tara's cats- I'm amazed they haven't set the house on fire yet. I'm fully expecting to go home one day this week and find the Christmas tree knocked over and Shadow napping in the middle of the mess. We also went to Massena, and I ran into my friend Ken there. We geeked out over manga and comics in the bookstore - it was good. :D I bought the giant book of Azumanga Daioh, and also picked up an electric blanket for when I go back home.

Alright, I should probably go wake up Bryan - he went to go take a nap, and told me to wake him up at 10.
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*rubs eyes blearily* wha... Is it really 7:48 am?

Wow. I haven't seen 7 am since student teaching.

Ah well, pomeranians are a much better excuse to get up this early.

Anyway, I do happen to have a cup of coffee next to me, so this may be the reinstatement of Morning Coffee Updates! (for my Dreamwidth buddies, Morning Coffee Updates are updates I make in the morning while drinking a cup of delicious, delicious coffee.) Granted, I'm not in my own house, or even drinking coffee out of one of my Tinkerbell mugs, but the coffee was made with my coffee maker! (Yes, I dragged it over here.) Anyway, last night was good, even if I couldn't get to sleep last night. I think it was because I was sleeping in someplace different. Leo cuddled at my feet early in the night, and then Kaya and even Smokey the Cat joined in. Athena, another of the cats, kept wandering in to check on me, which I thought was sweet. I may not be a big cat fan, but I do love Athena. Nobody woke me up by barking this morning - instead, I got kisses from Kaya. (However, once I got up and out of bed, then the barking started. Now everyone's quiet again, though. Good puppies.)

I think the cold I caught last week is on it's way out- I feel a bit less stuffy, and my sinuses don't feel so gross. I'm a little wheezy, but it could be because my lungs aren't used to these cats.

Other than that, I've got nothing.
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World, meet Silver, my new MacBook Pro. (holy crap I own a pro omg). Her keys light up, she has an INSANE battery life, and she played nicely with Snowball and took ALL my settings and stuff off him and set them up on her. Even Word and Powerpoint. Even my tablet drivers.

I'm going to bring her to work with me today, and see if I can set her up so that way I can surf the internet in a less obvious place.

I miss Amanda. I hope she's having fun in DC. I also miss Elizabeth, but I'll see her later this week when she brings my external hard drive back.
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So yeah, these have gone back to being morning coffee updates - here I sit, my sheepy mug half full of coffee, and here I am updating my journal. What a coincidence.

So, I realized I made a grave mistake last night in eating two butter rum muffins. Ugh. Will probably never eat another butter rum muffin again - while I didn't get physically ill, my stomach was not happy and I feel all scuzzy.

Gotta work again today. (Of course.) And I have Integrating the Arts tonight with Dr. Chadwick- YAY! I thought I did miserably in Kiddy Lit, but it was the one class I got a 4.0 in. I'm pretty sure I would have 4.0'd Math too if I'd remembered to turn in that one assignment. Ah well. I think I'll be able to 4.0 all my summer classes - not because I think they're easy, but I tend to do extremely well in classes I enjoy. (Or that let me do math in pictures, apparently) I hope Dr. Chadwick lets us out early - I can barely make it through a 4:30 to 7 class, how am I going to do 5:45 to 8:45? Yeep.


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