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So, Alex was here less than 24 hours! Ah well. He does have a lot of work to do for grad school, and the class he teaches, so it's alright.

I'll admit, the visit was a little awkward. I guess it always is awkward, when an ex boyfriend visits. Bryan was very good about it, though, and I think the guys enjoyed each others company. We talked about wine, video games, and life in general. I tried very hard to be normal. I think I succeeded. We ended up spending last night sitting around, drinking chocolate wine and watching Dexter and talking, and this morning Alex and I went to his favorite diner while Bryan set up for the farmers market, and then all three of us hung out there for a bit. Then, Alex and I came back here because I wasn't feeling too well (stupid Wellbutrin side effects), and then he headed out.

Yeah, I'm back on Wellbutrin, for anxiety and depression. I also had blood drawn yesterday, to check and see if the reason I'm so tired and libido-less is because of my thyroid or some other reason. The medicine is wreaking havoc on my insides, so I'm curled up on the couch, watching the best vampire movie ever - Interview With The Vampire. No sparkles, no werewolves. Just vampires, and Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. :D

I'm debating on giving up my Saturday shifts at the Levitt Center for good - I really do need the time off to relax. It's so nice to not have to get up and rush to get dressed and dash out the door. I wonder if anyone would be willing to take it...

Labor day!

Sep. 6th, 2010 09:25 am
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Hooray, no work today! Although all that means is my day starts in the afternoon, instead of the morning. I'm not complaining. :)

I might go hang out in the ICT office for a bit today, I'm not sure. I have some nerdy things to hang up in there, and I don't know why, but I like hanging out there. It's probably because the professors are super cool, and most of my fellow students are awesome. Some of them are a little strange, but that happens, especially in a program that attracts so many nerds.

I can't believe how chilly it is in here. I guess fall finally came, after that one last crazy heat wave.

Day 02 – Your first love

I'm going to take this to mean the first person I realized I was really, truly in love with, and not the first person I said "I love you" to.

Anyhow, my first love, my first real, true love, was Justin. We started dating almost 10 years ago, in the second semester of my freshman year. We were both a mess - we were both dealing with depression, and I was dealing with all sorts of other crap. His mom was the one who took me to my first actual counseling session. We had some really good times, though - there would be days where we'd just sit next to each other and read books. Other times we'd go to the rec park in Malone and go walk the trails with his dog, Buckwheat. One of my favorite memories was when we went out in his dad's old Mustang convertible during the Perseid meteor shower back in 2001, late at night, and pulled over on the side of the road out in the country and just laid back and watched the shooting stars.

I'm glad that after all we've been through, and all the crap I put him through, we're still friends. He actually asked if he could come to my wedding, and I told him "of course you can, silly". Out of all the ex boyfriends I have, he's one of the few that I talk to on a regular basis.

The rest of the days )
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A glass of wine, allergy medicine, and Dexter. That's what's comprised my evening so far.

Emailed Morgan earlier. I don't know if it was a good idea or not, but so far things are okay. He's moved to Florida for work, living in a hick neighborhood, already plotting his return to San Francisco.

I feel very floaty right now.

I don't even know why I'm writing right now. I guess I felt I had to.
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To do list:

- raid the neighbor's yard for dirt
- put a layer of dirt in the bottom of the fishtank like Prof. Hildreth said (Why do I feel like this is going to fail epically on me?)
- get brave and toss the stones in
- make 20 trips to the fishtank with a 1 gallon water bottle to fill the tank, then empty tank of muddynasty water
- lather, rinse, repeat until the water doesn't look like a mud puddle
- clean the apartment so I don't have to do all of the above while navigating an obstacle course of laundry, stuffed toys, and Nintendo 64 games

Guh. This may continue on until tomorrow. At least today's impromptu day off has given me the opportunity to get the tank as clean as possible. Some of those mineral deposits on the inside of the tank are probably never going to come off, but eh. They didn't kill Mom's fish, I don't think they'll kill mine.


Jan. 26th, 2010 09:45 am
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If something's meant to happen, everything will fall in place in order for it to happen, right?

Because holy shit, not only am I back in grad school, but I start classes today. TODAY. I've got Multimedia Production this afternoon in my favorite computer lab in the entire school (Satterlee 300 for the two people who read this who'll actually know what I'm talking about), and tomorrow night is Advanced Web Page Development (also in Satterlee 300). I'm a little worried about that class - I mean, I taught myself HTML, and that was back in 1998. I'm afraid it's going to be like that time when my advisor stuck me in French 103 after not having taken any French in 3 years. (I shouldn't be so worried, though! I'm at least using my HTML knowledge, unlike French where it just sat in the back of my head for years!)

The next thing that has to fall into place is financial aid. Even with them screwing me around with taking money from my loans to pay me with 'work study' money, I should at least have some money left over to take six credit hours. (And if not, hopefully my dad might help me)

I need to remember to not be so damn hard on myself this time around. Everything I do is NOT garbage, and this WILL lead to a job you absolutely enjoy. :D
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Hooray! I've made some new friends. Welcome to my journal, and enjoy your stay! :D

Today was another quiet day. Nancy, Kit's cleaning lady, came over and scrubbed the house from top to bottom, and while she did that I backed up her photos off of her iffy SD cards and put them on CD so she could get them printed. She's just started scrapbooking. I've been thinking of getting into the hobby - it looks like fun. I just need to scrounge up enough pictures to make a scrapbook. I'm glad I could help Nancy out with her pictures, and I told her if she ever needs anything computery to give me a call.

Brought the rest of my stuff over from Tara's. Now that's all taken care of, and I'm officially living here. (Which reminds me, better get my address changed. Someone remind me to do that, ok?) I shoulda made some coffee this morning - I need it. I'd love a hot cup of delicious coffee right now, but since it's almost 8, there's no point in filling myself with caffeine.

Not sure what's going on tomorrow - might go over to Bryan's, I dunno. Might just relax at home.
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So, I know, I'm more talkative than usual today! Well, I've got nobody here except the cats, and most people I know left for the holidays already, so it's just me and you, internets. (At least until tonight, then it's me, the internets, three cats, and three dogs, and a bird, and a bunch of fish.)

I have come to the realization that I am not a cat person. I mean, sure, I can live in the same house as cats, but it's so much nicer when Molly and Oliver are around to herd them upstairs.

However, if they were here, I wouldn't have had the experience of Shadow trying to eat my arm through my bathrobe, or get to enjoy her climbing up my back so she can gnaw on my ponytail and chew on my shoulder.

Other than Shadow running around like crazy, it's been quiet here. I've spent much of the day watching Law and Order


and it's two hours later, and I'm pom-sitting now, watching more Law and Order. :D


Aug. 19th, 2009 02:39 am
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Today I get to go learn how to be a good student teacher. :D I've got my outfit all picked out, some fancy new shoes to wear (with high heels, too!), and all my important teaching stuff is all packed. I almost feel like a teacher already!

I will admit, I am a little scared, but oh well. I'll deal with it the same way I dealt with coming to grad school in the first place last fall- one step at a time, and remembering that everyone else is in the same spot I'm in- new at this and nervous.
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Ohhh, it's the little things that just make me melt and fall in love with him all over again.

Little things like "Have you been eating well? Are you doing okay?". Ohh.

I miss him so much. I'm so glad he's having fun. He's gonna send me a package while he's in Flagstaff. And he's going to call me again later, after he has dinner.

I'm gonna eat one of his ice creams. :O
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I got to sleep with no trouble last night (although I will admit, I slept with my bedroom door shut - I tend to do that when I sleep alone). Didn't need Bunzilla, either. :P (And I promise there will be pictures of him later - humorous ones.) And it looks like it's going to be another beautiful day in Potsdam, too. Hopefully last night was the last night I'll have to haul in all the plants. I think my pansies are confused. XD

...which reminds me. Gotta haul out all the plants again. *does that*

*four hours later*


While I was hauling the cucumbers out, I got a phone call from campus, and I figured it was financial aid telling me I don't have a loan for summer classes, and I'm screwed. Instead, financial aid told me they found some money to hire me with! :D

So, I will not be broke as hell this summer. WOOHOO.


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