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I think this year has treated me pretty well. I got back into grad school and haven't had a grade lower than a 3.7, I got off unemployment and have a real job again, I patched things up with Bryan and we managed to plan a wedding in 5 months, and we actually have a place to live! On top of that, there's the whole PhD in Videogames thing (XD) going on. 2010 ended well, and 2011 shows a lot of promise.

Tonight's plans involve going over to Kit's with lots of wine, hoping that she's healthy enough to enjoy said wine, and spending time with some of my favorite people. Even Morgan's going to be up here! Bryan may or may not go, considering his opinion of Morgan, but that's his decision. I'm not gonna let it ruin my New Year's. I haven't seen Kit in ages, and I miss her and the dogs. And I haven't seen Morgan in about a year, give or take. It's gonna be a good night, I think.

I don't even have to worry about waking up for Levitt tomorrow! I'm still not used to that. At least my weekend shifts are now on Sunday nights, so not only can I sleep in, I can sleep in stupidly late if I wanted to. Usually by that time of night, anyway, I've run out of fun things to do, so it'll be my designated homework time. :)

But yeah. Happy New Year's Eve to everyone! :D
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Things just keep on falling into place!

I got my new student ID and meal plan taken care of. (I think it's kinda funny that I look even younger on my ID than I did when I started 10 years ago. WTF.) All Financial Aid needed was a letter stating that I'm taking classes half time this semester. I probably won't have a job this semester, but that will leave me more time to work on my classes. I have wonderful Kit to make sure I'm taking care of myself, and to have great discussions with, I have Morgan to chat about all sorts of things with, and I have Bryan to support me through everything. I've got wonderful friends, I've got a nice computer, and life is very good right now.

I think I kicked the depression monster's ass. :D
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Hooray! I've made some new friends. Welcome to my journal, and enjoy your stay! :D

Today was another quiet day. Nancy, Kit's cleaning lady, came over and scrubbed the house from top to bottom, and while she did that I backed up her photos off of her iffy SD cards and put them on CD so she could get them printed. She's just started scrapbooking. I've been thinking of getting into the hobby - it looks like fun. I just need to scrounge up enough pictures to make a scrapbook. I'm glad I could help Nancy out with her pictures, and I told her if she ever needs anything computery to give me a call.

Brought the rest of my stuff over from Tara's. Now that's all taken care of, and I'm officially living here. (Which reminds me, better get my address changed. Someone remind me to do that, ok?) I shoulda made some coffee this morning - I need it. I'd love a hot cup of delicious coffee right now, but since it's almost 8, there's no point in filling myself with caffeine.

Not sure what's going on tomorrow - might go over to Bryan's, I dunno. Might just relax at home.
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Well, I'm halfway moved into Kit's, and I must say, I'm enjoying it here. It was so nice to be around Morgan and Kit and William the past few days, and I'm sad that Morgan had to leave this morning. He and I stayed up until 3 am this morning, talking and watching Dexter (my new television obsession). He was thinking of staying a few more days, but he couldn't get a hold of his travel agent, and so at 1 this afternoon Kit and I sent him on his way to Vermont to catch his flight. I miss him already, to be honest.

I spent the rest of my day today organizing stuff- sorting out my clothes, trying to rearrange my room for when more stuff comes in tomorrow (which didn't end up working out well, but hey, I can move stuff to make room for the bookshelves and desk), and putting stuff in the basement. Tomorrow I'm going to help Kit organize the kitchen, and offer to help her organize all her papers downstairs. I also battled with the wireless router - the Time Warner supplied modem/router did not want to play nice with Silver, so I cheated and hooked up my wireless router into the TW modem/router and bam - internets. Also went out for coffee with Bryan, and ran some errands. And now here I am, with my fishy who I missed so much, hanging out in my room here. :D

New Year

Jan. 1st, 2010 09:14 am
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Well, it's a new year.

I get the feeling it may not be the greatest, but then again, only the first 40 or so minutes were awkward, so maybe that was the worst of 2010. One can hope, right?

Moved some stuff over to Kit's yesterday, and got my bed set up so I can sleep there tomorrow night when I am finished pet sitting. We went out to dinner at 1844 House - we had reservations for 8:45 pm but got there a little early. When we did get seated, it took over an hour for our food to make it there. It was okay, though- I had fun talking with Kit, Morgan, and William. Then, after that, Morgan and I went to La Casbah and I ran into one of my old professors there. Morgan ran into his ex wife. It was reeeally awkward for me. There were a bunch of college kids there dancing and drinking, and a bunch of older people expecting live music and getting a DJ, and then there was me, in my cute pink coat, nursing an amaretto sour. Yeah.

I was actually pretty glad to go home, drink some water, and go to sleep.

At least the dogs were relatively quiet last night, and I probably could have slept in later than I did, but the doggies needed to be fed, so here I am.

I might go back to bed, though. Not sure. I think today is going to be one of those days.


Dec. 30th, 2009 09:02 am
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Forgot to post yesterday. However, I actually *gasp* did stuff yesterday, so I guess that makes up for it, right?

Met Morgan the other day, on Monday night. He's a riot. I really like him. I can see how he's related to Kit! :D We sat around and drank wine on Monday night, and talked a lot. Yesterday, he and Kit came by to take me out to breakfast, and we ate at Foxy Roxy's. After breakfast, we all went back to Kit's (which will soon be my place, too, she's moving me into the extra bedroom) and we watched Dexter for a few hours. Then we came back here and watched Dexter some more while keeping the dogs company. At around 4, we headed back to Kit's - and just in time, too, since William (Morgan's son) had just gotten home from a trip. (And he didn't know Morgan was here, either.) So, he got a nice surprise. We all hung out together at Kit's for a bit, then I ran back here to feed the doggies. Then we all went out for dinner at Maxfield's - a very nice treat. Then, after that, I got dropped off here, and spent the rest of the night with the poms and the cats watching Lifetime movies.

And now here I am, about to take a bath, listening to the Princess and the Frog soundtrack. :D


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