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May. 17th, 2010 07:48 am
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Well, Johanna actually did read my letter on Facebook, and of course she wasn't happy. She denied she stole anything, denied she threw anything out, lied about how busy she was on my birthday and how she couldn't possibly take five minutes to say happy birthday but she could call to beg me to babysit, and lied about trying to poison Levon! Her entire reply to me (which I deleted out of frustration) looks like she's trying to make me out to be the bad guy. Suuure, because I'm totally the one who stole Mom's codeine, her collectible stuffed animals, and some of her medicine that she needs to survive, and I'm also sooo totally the one who threw out new vacuum bags, a dresser scarf, and all sorts of other stuff Mom was going to use! You would NEVER do something like that, right? Bullshit. Mom told me about how nobody in our family really likes her. About how one time when she was watching my cousin's kid's rabbit, amd got sick of taking care of it, so she snapped the poor thing's neck and said "There, I took care of it." And I remember the time she bought a dog that came with all sorts of supplies, kept it for a week, then took it out back and shot it for no reason.

This'll be the last post I make about her for a while. I can't have a toxic person like her in my life, and I can't think about someone toxic like this either.

I'm going to go drink my coffee, and ponder about working out this morning.
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Johanna, I've been trying to keep quiet on this but it's been bothering me too long. When we asked you to come over to help us get stuff at Mom's, we were hoping you were just coming to take the lizard cage and dog cage. When you said you'd help clean, we thought you'd respect her boundaries when it came to where we were cleaning. When you decided you wanted the fish tank too, we helped you with that. But you didn't listen to Mom. She told us specifically not to clean the den, and that I was only allowed in there to take out the guitar amp. When you 'cleaned' in there, you threw out stuff Mom was planning on using, or stuff that Mom needed - she's been in there a few times since we were there, and she keeps finding more and more things missing. The day after we cleaned, she couldn't find her vacuum bags, which she really needs. (She ended up finding some in the trash.) Today, she went in there to look in her laptop case for her camera box, and even that was missing - now she can't use her camera because the cables and the charger are gone, as well as the software and instruction manual. It was all brand new, Mom got it for Christmas. (The laptop case was in a different place than where it usually was, too, and open and dumped on its end, from what Mom said.) What do you expect her to do, buy a new camera? She can't use the one she has! Also, when you went in front of the shelves in Mom's room, she didn't want us messing with that much either, but you went and cleaned it anyway, and took things that you wanted without asking, like Mom's collectible stuffed Cocker Spaniel (which is another thing she can't find). She knew where everything was back there, like her medicine, and you just disregarded her wishes and went and tore everything apart. She had her medicine organized in the bags they were in by date, so she knew which ones to use first, and not only did you mess that up, you didn't even let her know where her medicine was when you were done, so she called me early that morning, freaking out because she couldn't find her medicine and couldn't afford to replace it. She told you not to touch her medicine, and instead you dumped it out of its bags, threw out half of it, and didn't tell Mom where the rest was. You used us cleaning Mom's house as an excuse to take all sorts of things you wanted, and who cares what Mom says. We didn't appreciate being used, and Mom didn't appreciate you not listening to her and going against her wishes to 'clean' the den and behind door.

And on the topic of being used, I don't like how you only really call me or get in touch with me when you need someone to watch the boys. Mom told me what your big news was, and told me that you said you needed me to watch the kids. I have a life and a job, and I can't drop everything to go watch the kids when you need it. Nor will I make Bryan drop everything to drive me down there. He has a more demanding job than I do, and driving me 3 hours down and 3 hours back just to babysit the boys is not his idea of a relaxing weekend. You didn't even wish me happy birthday when you called me on my birthday, and that hurt. Michelle, who I hadn't talked to in 3 years, wished me a happy birthday when she found me on Facebook, and she's just our cousin. You're my sister, and you not wishing me a happy birthday, not even mentioning it, really hurt. You also didn't say happy birthday to Mom, or happy mother's day. But if you need something, you expect me to be there, to drop everything and run to you. I'm sorry, but I can't do it. I won't.

Mom is fed up with you, and I am too. Mom's house is not your personal shopping mall, and I am not your free babysitter. I'm sorry to have to dump everything out like this, but it's been bothering me for a few weeks now. Mom says to leave her alone, and to not come over - if you happen to have the camera stuff, please leave it in her mailbox.


p.s. And putting rat poison out for Levon to find? Come on, Jo, we're not stupid.
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I'm feeling sorta... scrambly right now. Dunno why. And despite feeling scrambly, I'm here writing. Fingers needed to type, I guess.

Had a good day setting up Prof. Hildreth's new desktop. My lord, that thing is beautiful. It's one of the brand shiny new iMacs, with the wireless mouse and keyboard. It was fun setting it up, and it was fun teaching him how to use it. I think next weekend I might be headed over there again to show him how to use iPhoto, iMovie, and some other Mac-specific stuff. Sure, we spent four hours playing with the computer (and two hours at lunch), but I had fun and enjoyed myself. I also got to spend time with the Pomeranians! Lord, I love those little dogs. Kaya's so sweet, all she wanted to do was cuddle me and lick my hand. When I get my own dog, I hope it's as sweet as she is.

I love how Johanna kinda ordered me to call her earlier. "Hey, you're awake, call me at home. My computer's acting up" is what she said to me after three messages on FB this morning. I'm going to just back off. Not make any attempts to call her or get in touch with her, and just let her come to me. It's frustrating, having to do this when I only just started having a real relationship with her, but she's manipulative and downright mean at some points, especially to animals. I don't want someone toxic like that in my life, even if it is my sister.

I hate wedding planning. I just want to get married and get it over with. Kathy and Mike apparently are planning on helping pay for catering, but could they outright tell us this? NOOO. We had to tell them three times that we can't fucking afford catering for them to tell us "oh we're gonna help". WHAT. Why the hell couldn't they have told us this earlier? Can I elope now? >:|

And tomorrow is going to be Insane Babysitting Day, since I'll be babysitting Tyler from 11:30 to 4, and Tyler and his sister Brittany from 4 until 7. I am going to be beat when I get home. I think I'm gonna bring all my DS games and see if Brittany will help me get some of my Pokemon off Pearl.
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Guh. Sorry I haven't posted a real entry in a few days - at least Loud Twitter's been keeping everyone updated, eh?

Anyway, birthday! I had a nice, quiet birthday. Practically everyone I know on Facebook wished me happy birthday, except my older sister. She even called me and left me a voicemail saying "I have some big news for you, and it might involve you and Bryan" while I was out to dinner with Bryan on my birthday. But did she wish me happy birthday as part of that voicemail? Of course not. But more about that later! My mom and dad and little sister sent beautiful cards, and I think Bryan's parents sent me flowers- my mom said that as far as she knows, Pop didn't send flowers, so they have to be from Kathy and Mike. (They signed the card "Love Mom and Dad", which is really sweet, considering I'm not even married to Bryan yet!) I had a quiet day of babysitting, too, which was nice, and as I mentioned earlier, Bry took me out to dinner. We went to my favorite Italian restaraunt, and I had my favorite dish there - tortellini with tomato and cheese sauce. Mmmmmm. Makes me hungry just thinking about it. Afterwards, we had a quiet evening full of playing Pokemon. I have been so very, very addicted to that game lately! :D

But yeah. Johanna. Turns out the reason she called me, the big news she had that involved Bryan and I, was that her boyfriend is moving in with her and the boys, and she wanted me to babysit them today while she finished moving him in. Of course the only compensation that I'd receive is spending time with my nephews! (and speak of the devil, she just FB messaged me) Mom relayed the fact that I was wanted as the free babysitter to me, since I didn't actually talk to Jo until literally 10 seconds ago, so that pisses me off. Jo seriously thinks that I'll drop everything to go babysit my nephews? I live three hours away, don't have any transportation of my own, and it's Mother's Day! If I was going home, I'd want to spend that time with Mom. Ugh. She frustrates me so much sometimes. Not only about the free babysitting thing, but the fact that when she was on the phone with Mom yesterday, Mom mentioned that it was my birthday, and all Johanna said was "oh". No "Oh, tell her happy birthday for me!" or "I should call her and wish her happy birthday!" Just "oh". Ruth delivered her birthday card to me in person, and Pop called me to wish me a happy birthday and left me a 5 minute long voicemail! Even Bryan's brother Danny left me a "happy birthday" on Facebook, and he's so self absorbed he has his own fan page on Facebook. XD Honestly, that hurt my feelings that my own sister didn't even bother to say happy birthday.

Today is going to be fun. I'm helping Professor Hildreth (the guy who has all the pomeranians I petsit for) set up his new iMac! It's going to be awesome. There's a few things I'm worried about when setting it up- this'll be the first computer I've worked with that has a Bluetooth mouse AND keyboard. And it's one of the new no-button mice, so I hope Prof. Hildreth doesn't get too confused!

Alrighty, off to go scrounge up some more breakfast.
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Oh, a lot went on over Thanksgiving, and just about all of it was good. Some of the things I learned about my family scared the shit out of me, and explain a lot, but for the most part, it was good.

Wednesday morning Bryan and I left for my older sister Jo's house, and we got there in the afternoon. When we got there, it was just Logan and Kyle, my two nephews, since Jo was out running errands. Logan was happy to see us, and I don't think my younger nephew, Kyle, really understood who we were at first (he's autistic), but later on when we were unpacking the car he turned to me and said "You're my mom's sister, you're my aunt." And I said "Yeah, I am your aunt!" And he replied to that with "I just don't remember you because I haven't seen you a hundred times yet." He's a cutie. :) Anyway, Jo came home within a half hour, and she was really happy to see us. I ended up spending a lot of time with my nephews that night, since Jo had to go meet with her lawyer (she's about to divorce her husband, who I hate, and just about everyone who knows him hates him) about getting the divorce papers finished up. (He's getting served tomorrow, I hope.) After that, Jo had to go to Oswego to get her boyfriend (yeah, already), and Bryan ended up driving her because she has horrible night vision, like most of the family. So Logan and I sat around and talked while Kyle watched stuff on Youtube. I feel so bad for Logan. He's homeschooled, so he doesn't have many friends his age. The poor kid needs to get out and socialize! We talked and talked, and I told him about Mom (his gramma) and Ruth (who he barely remembers), and we had a lot of "I guess that runs in the family" moments, like with video games and stuff. It was so cute. I want to bring him up to visit sometime, and take him out to do stuff. I bet he'd have fun. Sure, it's not interaction with kids his age, but it gets him out of the house, and I'm sure he'd enjoy that.

Thanksgiving was great. Eric (Jo's boyfriend) is really nice, it felt like he's been part of the family forever. He fits right in. He cooked everything for Thanksgiving dinner, including the turkey. Bryan helped a little too. (Us Mirra girls don't know how to cook, haha.) And I call us Mirra girls because that's Mom's maiden name, and we've all got different last names - Johanna was raised as my Aunt Connie's daughter, so her last name is Gardner, and Ruth and I are Blakeslees, and Mom still has her first husband's last name of Sterpe, so what the heck do we use to refer to ourselves? Anyway, turkey day was amazing, and we all had a great time together. The food was amazing, and Eric's first turkey ever turned out delicious.

Friday was good too - Jo ended up driving Eric back so he could go to work, and Bryan and I did some more free babysitting. After Jo got home, we went and visited Mom, which was nice, and we got to see her new dog, Two. Yes, Two. Or Twoie, or Twotwo. The dog's original name? Talulah. Mom bought her from a breeder, she's a Great Dane, she's about two and a half years old, was a breeding dog and now she's Mom's new baby. She's a sweetie, I love her to pieces. Also got to see Aubi and Levon, Mom's sweet little Cocker Spaniels. After that, we went to Aunt Linda and Uncle Bob's- Jo hadn't seen them since she was 19, and I hadn't seen them since the family reunion three years ago. I got to meet their dog, Jeb, and my cousin Bob's dog Waylon, and oh lord those two are funny together. It was amazing - if I'd seen Ruthie, I'd have seen just about all my family all in one day. (Aunt Connie's off in Florida, and so's my cousin Jimmy, but I'm not very close to them)

And it's so weird how Jo and I are so similar. We both have favorite blankets that we can't really sleep without, we both cuddle up around pillows when we're sleeping on the couch, we both remember ridiculous things from ages ago, we both love to draw and paint, we're both stubborn as all hell, we have a lot of the same mannerisms, and it's just so weird how alike we are. It's not like that with Ruthie. I mean, yeah, Ruth and I have our similarities too - we read a lot, and we're not terribly picky about our music (we'll listen to just about anything), but other than that, we're not that alike. It's just scary how alike Jo and I are. It's interesting, getting to know an older sibling after you're both all grown up. I wish we'd grown up together, though. I really do. I think it would have helped me out a lot. It's so weird, realizing I'm someone's little sister. I was always the big sister when I was growing up, and then when I was 17, I wasn't the oldest anymore. And now we're actually able to have a relationship, since Dave is out of the picture (thank God, that guy is just horrible). It's nice to have a big family. :D


Apr. 26th, 2009 09:10 pm
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Holy crap my mom is on Facebook.

Not that she knows what to do with it now that she's got it, heheh. Jo set her up with it when she was visiting Mom today, and Ruth and I had the same reaction - "Holy shit, how did Mom end up on Facebook?" XD

In other news, I punch embroidered. A lot. And watched Sailor Moon. A lot. And tried to nap. And yelled at the broken internet. (Apparently the entire internet was having issues in Potsdam - the computer lab had no internet for the first hour of Bryan's shift.)

Bryan made peanut butter bread. It smells really good.

I think that's it from me today- I'm gonna go get the coffee pot set up for tomorrow morning's coffee, that way there's no issues like Thursday, where I poured the water into the filter basket instead of into the water tank. Oops. Besides, I'm going to need the extra caffeine, it'll be my first time with my second graders in a LONG time. Hooray for spring break and all that crap. Ugh. I don't want the week to start.
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It's strange, but true. I babysat some very well behaved little boys tonight, Anders and Carl. We spent the whole night hanging out on the couch, watching the Super Mario Bros. Super Show and playing DS games. It was like hanging out with two little brothers. They were so nice, and so friendly, and even the cat liked me!

I had a pretty good day overall, actually, I set up the tent and took a nap on the back porch, and then we set Bryan's tent up to air it out. And then we played with the plants! I took the cucumbers out for a bit, and they really liked being out in the sun. Bryan transplanted his little tomato plants, so hopefully they'll grow bigger soon. Also got to talk to Mom today, and Jo and I bounced facebook messages back and forth a few times. Haven't talked to Ruthie in a while, though. Apparently Mom's getting a little chihuahua. He's a red/brown little guy, and he's rather adorable, he's about 8 months old. I was looking to see if his picture was still up on Kijiji, but it's down already, so no baby puppy pictures. (I'll have some soon enough, though!)

I should go to bed. This is the latest I've been up in a while, and I'm starting to feel drowsy. At least I get to sleep in tomorrow!

Oh, while I'm thinking of it, Curves cut my hours AGAIN. I'm about to quit. What's the point in coming in for FOUR HOURS a week?
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So, you know how I posted about finding Johanna on Facebook during my family post?

She actually messaged me back. And we've been talking for abour an hour, and passing messages back and forth. You don't know how happy this makes me.

I missed having my big sister.

And I don't know why it didn't click until today that her birthday is EXACTLY two weeks ahead of mine. ^_^;;;
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Edit: HAHAHA, I am a durr. I went to see if I could just show this to people who subscribe to me, just in case my younger sister stumbles across this (I'm so paranoid!), and I accidentally ended up deleting the entry. Oi vey. Let's try this again.

I figure my family is a good place to start the detailed entries. My issues and experiences with my family have contributed a lot to who I am, and I think it might be good for everyone to know where I'm coming from. (Also, for those of you who enjoy trainwrecks, this is for you - my family is so fucked up it's ridiculous.)

Read more... )


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