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So, I got my last paycheck from Curves mailed to me, finally, along with a letter reminding me of my confidentiality and non-competition agreement. Which, when I look at it, makes it sound almost like I can't be a member of the Body Shop for a year after I quit my job at Curves. I'm not sure if I'm reading it right - it could just mean that I can't end up employed there. (Which I'm not looking for anyway, I just need a place to work out- Dr. Moose said I need to work out as part of my anti-depression regimen.) And I know I'm not supposed to share the 'trade secrets', which there aren't many of, with The Body Shop. All I did was talk to the fitness tech and tell her I'd quit working at Curves, and needed a place to work out because I was dissatisfied with the Curves workout. She used to work out there too, and agreed with me that after a time, the machines just aren't enough. And that was it. (And then we ran into Carey, and then I got this letter with my last paycheck.) Either way, I'm angry. What the fuck do they think I'm gonna do, go spread the news that Curves sucks? It's spreading all on its own! The Body Shop is cheaper, has a lot more to do, and the place is in a lot better condition than Curves. I know part of that is due to the building Curves is in, but honestly, the stuff that's on the walls has been there since Keegan bought the place.

And to top it all off, Bryan's parents' van died, and they might have to take his car home. I remember the last time Bry's dad borrowed Bryan's car when he was on vacation. He totaled it.



May. 1st, 2009 02:09 pm
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Oh, you guys are going to laugh.

So, I walked over to The Body Shop, to go look around and sign up for a membership. The fitness tech I talked to, Julie (I think that was her name), was very friendly, and when she found out I quit Curves, she told me she used to go there, and she quit because there's not much there at all. She's not a fan of the management, either. Anyway, Julie gives me the tour (oh man there's so much there to play on), and as we get to the salon, and go through the hair styling room....

WE RUN INTO MY OLD MANAGER. XD Getting her hair styled. When Julie figured out who was in the chair, she rushed me back into the lobby and we laughed. She told me Carey comes in pretty regularly to get her hair done, but (obviously) doesn't work out here.

So, yeah, that was fun. I like the machines, they're a damn good workout. And there's SO MUCH THERE. I might go get my nails done there next week, if I can. :D
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After the manager @ Curves showed up late for the umpteenth time (a half hour late this time), I just gave her my key and told her I had too much schoolwork to do next week to come in, and I'm done.

And then I left.

GO ME! I actually do have a backbone in me somewhere. XD
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So I put in my two weeks notice at Curves today. I told the manager that since my hours kept getting cut (the week of May 10th only had me working TWO HOURS), and that since Brittany and Abbie are in need of hours, I'd be done there in two weeks. She tried to guilt me into staying, but I told her that even if I got trained, with Abbie needing hours and all, I'd still only have a handful of hours, and since I can't work at the Lab over the summer, there's no way in hell that I can even buy groceries on 2 hours a week, let alone pay rent. And she said, "Well, if that's what you feel is best..." And that's what I feel is best.

Meanwhile, I might have a job at Financial Aid for the summer. Andy, my friend Kayli's uncle (and also the VP for CTS, my old job), mentioned that Financial Aid was hiring and that he put in a good word for me. I stopped by there this afternoon, and Laurie, the front desk worker, said she wasn't sure what kind of budget they'd be getting over the summer, but when she finds out she'll let me know. She also said that with my computer skills and office work skills, I'm at the top of the list for getting hired. I really hope Financial Aid has the money to hire me.

I got Girl Scout Cookies today. :D Today actually turned out pretty well!
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It's strange, but true. I babysat some very well behaved little boys tonight, Anders and Carl. We spent the whole night hanging out on the couch, watching the Super Mario Bros. Super Show and playing DS games. It was like hanging out with two little brothers. They were so nice, and so friendly, and even the cat liked me!

I had a pretty good day overall, actually, I set up the tent and took a nap on the back porch, and then we set Bryan's tent up to air it out. And then we played with the plants! I took the cucumbers out for a bit, and they really liked being out in the sun. Bryan transplanted his little tomato plants, so hopefully they'll grow bigger soon. Also got to talk to Mom today, and Jo and I bounced facebook messages back and forth a few times. Haven't talked to Ruthie in a while, though. Apparently Mom's getting a little chihuahua. He's a red/brown little guy, and he's rather adorable, he's about 8 months old. I was looking to see if his picture was still up on Kijiji, but it's down already, so no baby puppy pictures. (I'll have some soon enough, though!)

I should go to bed. This is the latest I've been up in a while, and I'm starting to feel drowsy. At least I get to sleep in tomorrow!

Oh, while I'm thinking of it, Curves cut my hours AGAIN. I'm about to quit. What's the point in coming in for FOUR HOURS a week?
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Work at Curves this morning was quiet and short. Only four people came in while I was there, and then I chatted with Deb about the lovely changes in hours for Brittany and I. (Deb is Brittany's mom in law.) She's not happy at all with what the manager did with the hours. The owner decided to close every day between 1 and 3, and so since that cuts out a few of the manager's shifts, she took one of Brittany's shifts for herself and gave another of Brittany's shifts to Abbie, leaving poor Brittany with only 4 hours a week. Sarah, my Learning Lab boss, says I should just quit Curves. I sent an email to the Office of Field Experiences here on campus (one of our Curves members is one of the higher-ups in that office, and mentioned they might be looking for a student worker for the summer), so hopefully I can get a job there for the summer. It's all student teaching related, so I'll probably be a pro. :P

Speaking of school, I registered for summer classes. This is the first time I've ever taken summer classes! I'm taking Diversity and Advocacy in Education (online), and Integrating the Arts in the Elementary Classroom. I know both of the professors (I've done a lot of work for Dr. Conrad through the ITC when I was there, and Dr. Chadwick is my advisor and is pure awesomeness), and the classes look like they'll be a good use of my summer. I'll also be unofficially taking Social Studies Content and Methods (well, more like finishing an incomplete, but I missed so much from being sick that it's like taking the class for the first time). That, plus work and driving lessons, will keep me busy this summer. I don't mind, though- I'll still enjoy myself. I'm also all registered for Student Teaching in the fall, and hopefully soon I'll find out exactly where I'll be student teaching.

All in all, today's been a very good day so far. :)


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