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I've just been so energyless this week. The only thing that's keeping me going is copious amounts of coffee. Mmm, coffee.

At least I have a break before Web Development tonight, hopefully. (Knowing my luck, Brenda won't get home until closer to five, and I'll only have an hour and a half until class to just sit and be mindless) I have so much stuff that needs doing around the apartment, but the past few mornings I've been downright braindead. I haven't really wanted to do much of anything. The living room is a wreck, the kitchen is a wreck, there's a giant nasty dirty fish tank in the middle of my bathroom... yeah. I need a day to sleep in, take a nap, and just relax. Part of me is really hoping Brenda will call in a few minutes saying "oh, there's an opening at daycare for the afternoon! we don't need you today!" Oh, that'd be lovely. It'd be hell on my paycheck, but I've just been so dead lately.

In other news, I'm going to do some reading up on Buddhism. I've always been fascinated by different religions, and deep down inside there's a part of me that hopes I find one that fits me someday. I bought two books on Buddhism off Amazon as an early birthday present to myself (9 days until my birthday! O_o), and hopefully I'll find them interesting.

*zones out for a few moments, then snaps back to attention* Oh geez. I need more coffee. I think I'll finish this entry up before I start gibbering nonsensically.
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Went bowling tonight with Bryan and Bubba. I sucked miserably, but still had fun. My best game was an 82, Bry's was a 142, and Bubba's was a 212. I kept falling over - I think I was using a ball that was too heavy for me, but oh well. I had fun. :D At one point I wobbled, fell, and ended up landing right on my ass in a sitting position. I got a strike that time, I think! XD I think I was annoying the more professional bowlers next to us with me swearing whenever I got a gutter ball and dancing whenever I got a strike, but whatever. I don't care. After that we went to a diner and had some delicious diabetes-inducing cake. And we talked a lot. I got to hear lots of old Bryan stories, heheh.

Earlier, we cleaned out the laundry room/Mike's office, which hadn't been cleaned in, what, five years? Yeah. We found Nintendo games under the dryer, about a million punch embroidery patterns, four tons of papers, and a lot of money in change, and some porn! An eventful cleaning session. I don't think the room's ever been that clean. After that we cleaned the side yard, which involved Bryan putting the fence by the pond back up so Smokey couldn't go swimming in there anymore, and him shoveling dirt around and raking leaves, and me scooping Smokey's poops. It was relatively uneventful, except for when Smokey almost fell in the pond again. Goofy dog.

Tomorrow we're going to go finish the backyard, and we're also going out to dinner. I am going to wear my Alice in Wonderland skirt. It'll be fun. :D

New things.

Apr. 9th, 2010 03:11 pm
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Today, I got a new monitor and a new bank account!

The new monitor is huge, a 20 inch widescreen monitor. It's even bigger than Bryan's, and has a wider screen too. I'm not used to it yet, haha. It's even HD, too, which is super nice. I'm justifying it as an educational expense, like the desktop, because it's annoying as hell trying to do 3D animation and construction stuff in Blender on a 15 inch monitor.

The new bank account is because HSBC decided to eliminate the type of account I have (free student checking) and start taking money from me if I decided to stop doing direct deposit to my checking, and take money if my savings account is lower than $5000. (Which it always is. ._. ) Soooo, once my security deposit check goes through, since that just got deposited yesterday, I'm going to cancel my HSBC account and put my money in my shiny new Community Bank account. (I'm also going to work on keeping better track of my money, now that it's in a new bank account, instead of guessing how much money I have and being shocked at the fact that there's not nearly as much as I'd hoped in there.)

Other than that, did a lot of running around today. Went to visit Edd, my favorite IT professor (and right now, my only IT professor), and got his OK to miss classes next week - apparently I'm not even going to be missing class on Wednesday, since we'll all be Skyping in to class, haha. I'm gonna see if I can manage to get Smokey, Bry's dog, in on the Skype To Class action. XD Edd also almost convinced Bryan to go back to grad school for Educational Technology - it is a good major, and Edd said that everyone who's been through the program has been hired as soom as they got out of school. (Which is very, very promising.)

And now, to surf about the internet a little bit before we start cleaning the house in a half hour. (It's a friggin' wreck right now!) If anyone wants to see pictures of the place once it's clean, let me know and I'll make a post of apartment pictures.
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Is it sad that the first thing I'm doing is cleaning the hell out of the apartment? The kitchen looks better than it has since Bry got back the first time, the bedroom's neat, the living room is almost there, and oh lord am I going to scrub the hell out of the bathroom when I get done with everything else. The toilet is gross (especially with what happened early Friday morning, I don't want to get near it unless absolutely necessary), the tub is hairy, and the floor could use a good mopping.

Other than that, I have plans for a nice relaxing weekend. Hopefully tonight, I can go over to Amanda's and watch some more Hyperdrive, and I want to get some punch embroidery done. I'm close to finished on a Care Bear embroidery, and when that's done I can sew the pillow together and pop it up for sale on the website.

OH! The website is now open for business! http://www.beescrafts.net is where to go. If you don't see anything you want, feel free to ask for a commission - I'll do just about anything on a pillow. I've also got some yarn and stuff, and if you happen to have a burning desire for a Sailor Moon bath towel, let me know. I've got an experimental one almost done, and it's looking amazing.
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I got a lot done today. Yay! In the morning I cleaned, and worked on cleaning up the Mint Chocolate Chip Mobile, since it's back in our possession again. I got a lot of crud out of the rug, and febreezed the chairs. Bryan and I used some car cleaning wipes to clean up the dashboard and doors, and it looks a lot better now. We also bought a new vacuum cleaner, a bagless one, and HOLY CRAP I can't believe the amount of crud it sucked out of our carpet! When I finish cleaning tomorrow, I'm going to vacuum every bit of carpet in the house and see how much crud comes up.

After my insane whirlwind of cleaning, I went over to Amanda and Romeyn's to watch TV and stuff, and I had lots of fun. Their kitties are so sweet! :D Amanda's socially awkward like I am, so I don't feel so weird around her, trying to be normal. We had a lot of fun, and I think we might make this a more regular thing. :D

Now I'm home, with goodies- Romeyn gave me his extra copy of the Xanadu soundtrack on vinyl, and Amanda gave me her extra copies of Firefly and Serenity. (I know what I'm watching while I clean and punch embroider tomorrow!) Dunno what I'm going to do now, but oh well.

Oh! Almost forgot! Welcome to my new to DW friends, [personal profile] littleandy and [personal profile] stars_of_avalon! Both are friends of mine from LJ who wanted to see what it's like over here. I hope you guys enjoy it here!


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