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Yeah, it's snowing, and snowing a lot, and I shoveled at least 6 inches of snow off the front walk this morning, but SUNY Potsdam only cancelled classes until noon. I'm currently waiting for 11:30 to roll around so I can call the office (again) and see if I'm needed there. If not, I don't think I'm even going to bother to come to campus today. My only class is an independent study project, and I can work on that while I'm at home. Heck, I could work on it right now. But yeah. Not sure what's going on. All I know is that it's nearly 10 am and my street hasn't even been plowed yet. O_o This morning brought the longest list of school closings that I've seen since I lived in central NY. It's crazy.

Might straighten up the living room and then do some homework. We'll see.

edit: All classes cancelled. Freezing my butt off. Wondering if I have to go to work - called and left a message, since it rang a bunch of times and then went to voicemail. Hoping I don't have to leave. BRR.
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Well, the first week of classes went alright. No major mishaps, except showing up at the computer lab an hour late to work because I didn't realize I had the early shift instead of the late one. Oooops. At least my co-worker wasn't mad. But yeah, other than that, it was a busy week. Not looking forward to getting up early tomorrow after working late tonight, but we need the money, so no sleep for me. :P At least I've got some noodles made up for meals for the week, and Bryan's making bread, so that's good. I'm going to try and spend as little money as possible for the next two weeks - I need to hang onto what I've got, just in case. (After rent, I've got $100 left for the next two weeks. O_o) Bleh.

This week should be good - one of my old bosses is coming in to give a talk to our Networking class, and we're forming groups for Program Eval too. While the classes this semester aren't nearly as fun as the ones I had last semester, they're interesting, and that's good. I'm looking forward to classes - something that never happened in undergrad.

I might edit my novel a little bit tonight, not sure. I have a whole lot of nothing to do right now. :P
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Okay, so those 40 hour work weeks combined with 9 credit hours of classes and a million hours spent outside of class working on projects? Finally caught up with me today.

I am unbelievably exhausted. Totally, utterly exhausted. I mean, when my supervisor at work offers to let me leave to go buy coffee, you know you're beat.

In other news, Jacob actually apologized for what he said last night. I never expected him to - he doesn't seem like the kind of guy to apologize for things. He blames his medication for the way he acted. Figured he'd do that. Still doesn't stop what he did from sucking.

Part of me honestly wants to sleep through the next six weeks, and just recharge for the coming semester. At least I found out my work schedule for the Levitt Center for the spring - pretty much the same schedule I have now, but with two nights of Robert the Awesome Co-Worker instead of just one! It will be very awesome. I also have my requisite shift with a Gamma Sig girl - I think it's my punishment for quitting the sorority. (Yes, I was in a sorority. It didn't end well.)

But yeah. Tonight is going to be spent watching Bones, wishing my fishtanks weren't on timers so I could zone out on watching the fish-ohs swim, and waiting for Bryan to come home.
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Got out of class early, which is wonderful. My friend Janel drove me home, and I changed into comfy clothes and poured myself a glass of wine. :) It's good stuff, the green apple gewurztraminer I bought a million bottles of. Good occasional stress reliever, too. Mmm, apples.

Anyway! Class today was more of "I know this already, why am I here? Oh, to prove that I actually do know this". I ended up working on my portfolio during classes, to be honest. I did what the professor took an entire class time to explain and put it up on my website twice. (He had us convert Powerpoint presentations to a web friendly format.) If you'd like to take a look at my piddly portfolio, head here. My newest stuff is under Presentations, and there's some stuff under Video too that I put up today.

Work is good. I managed to get ALL MY FILING DONE OMG. It was an epic undertaking, but there was honestly nothing else left to do, so off I went.

Discovered Lily Allen's music lately. I'm kinda addicted. XD

Tomorrow is my long day. Much like longcat, long day is long. Not looking forward to it much, but oh well, what can you do?
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Well, I survived a second week of classes and work. I'm amazed!

I'm going to work on getting brave enough to wear Loli to work or class. I used to wear it nearly every day in the spring - granted, I didn't wear it to babysitting, and I would get some strange looks in class, but the professors didn't bat an eye. It's half tempting to set up my portable closet in my office in Dunn and hang all my Loli clothes in there, and just change before class.

Speaking of Loli! I bought some theraputic ruffles today. I bought this skirt, this blouse, and this jumperskirt. Bryan will probably give me 'the look' and say "Well, it's your money, dear." I haven't bought anything new since springtime, so I think it's time. I'm hoping to wear the red skirt to the office - not sure if it'll fly, but it looks a lot tamer than my Alice in Wonderland skirt and my puppy skirt. (It should fit better than they do, too.)

Anyway, meme time! I'm going to catch up today and do two. :D

Day 06 - Your Day

I'll tell you about my day yesterday, since my day today is only three hours old. :P

Yesterday, I woke up at 3 am, when Bryan's alarm went off to remind him that he's gotta work the farmers market at 7 in a town two hours away. I rolled over and slept until 6 am, then crawled out of bed, put my bathrobe on, and internetted for two hours. (I also got dressed somewhere in there.) Then, around 8, my friend Michelle came and picked me up for work, and we went to work. Beth Ann was using Michelle's computer when we got there, so we wandered off to get coffee, and then came back and worked all day. It was insane yesterday - I didn't realize we had two events on campus today, so I was doing a lot of extra stuff in addition to my usual answering the phones and charging credit cards. It was busy, but fun. (We've got a triathlon and a piano competition happening on campus right now.) At 3, I finished up at CLEAR and puttered around for 15 minutes before giving up and going to the computer lab to wait for my shift to start. My co-worker, Umer, had the same idea. (I used to be a little afraid and very annoyed with Umer, but now that he's opened up and talks to me, I actually don't mind him too much.) I worked from 4-6 at the computer lab, and Umer talked my ear off the whole time, alternating between telling me about his family and wishing he had money for one of the new iPod Touches. Then, at 6, I went home, dealt with a grumpy Bryan, talked to Michelle online for a little bit, gave up on the internet, and crawled into bed with my iPod and Dexter at 8. I watched the gleefully gruesome misadventures of Dexter for a few hours before I passed out.

And that was my day!

Day 07 - Your Best Friend

I don't know if I have a best friend anymore. I used to. Her name was Rin, and we were very attached to each other. We used to spend lots of time talking to each other online, and sometimes we'd talk on the phone. I think the reason why we started drifting away initially was work and stuff, but when I had some issues with Bryan last summer, she told me I should dump him. I ended up doing exactly the opposite, and she is still of the opinion that he's not good for me, so she stopped talking to me before he and I got married. I'm still bitter about that, honestly. I mean, none of my friends thought Franco was good for me, but they still stuck around, even when I was being really dumb and sticking with him.

I guess the closest I have to a best friend right now is Michelle. We work together, and we're a lot alike - both socially awkward, both into nerdy things, and we both ramble on about random stuff. Michelle would fit in perfectly in my family, eheh. I'm pretty comfortable around her, and she always listens to me, just like I always listen to her. I hope I don't scare her off.

The rest of the days )
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I think I'm going to make an effort to post more. I should get my thoughts out more often, and put myself out there more often. No more hermit Bethie.

Got a lot done today. I am officially Beth Hoey, according to Social Security, the DMV, and my bank. Tomorrow, the college will recognize me as Beth Hoey, and that'll be just about all the places I need to change my name. I also opened up the boxed wedding presents we got (pots and pans, and a ton of Pyrex glassware), and cleaned up the kitchen, and started writing thank you notes. I also found out there was a living room underneath all the plastic bags, greeting cards, and flowers.

Now that we're back home, it feels like life as usual. I don't feel married. (Or maybe I've felt married for two years.) I end up surprised whenever I see my name as Beth Hoey anywhere. I have to re-learn how to sign my name! I screwed it up on one of the forms I filled out yesterday, and had to white it out and sign it again.

I don't want to go back to work tomorrow. I mean, I sort-of do, but I sort-of don't. I know it's going to be crazy with phone calls from people registering for fall non-credit classes, and I'm going to be so frustrated if my email's not working tomorrow. (Apparently CTS has been replacing a borked volume on the email servers, and not only are all my saved mails gone, half the time I can't even log in!) At least I can email people with the online registration email, even if it'll seem like people are getting emailed by a robot, until my mail is fixed - OH WAIT IT'S BACK. Thank god. I need my email for work!

I can't believe classes start in less than two weeks. The summer's flown by! Granted, there were some points where it felt like it was dragging (like from 2-4 pm every day), but in general, it's just shot right by. I never even got a chance to use my new tent. (I might see if I can find a relatively poop-free spot in Caroline's backyard when I petsit and set it up there, or ask Kit if I can camp out in her yard) When the school year starts, it's going to be crazy. 12 credit hours of classes, 30 hours of work at CLEAR, and 9 hours of work at the computer lab. If I'm not dead by the second week of school, or if I don't have a direct IV of coffee inserted into me, I'll be damn surprised.
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Got an exercise bike yesterday! Hopefully it will motivate me more to actually work out. It's very nice to have my own personal gym right in my oversized bathroom, haha. It's small enough that if I really wanted to (and cleaned out a closet) I could stuff it in one of the closets. I can also haul it out to the living room to watch TV on while I bike. After dinner tonight, I might go haul it out and watch Dexter on the big tv. :D We ended up getting it from Walmart late last night, and we were putting it together at 10 pm. XD I was up super late because of that (and the nap I took earlier), but it was nice. I worked out a little this morning, and realized just how out of shape I am.

Oh lordy, I had other things to say but I completely forgot them.

Anyway, going to Jan's for dinner tonight after class. Jan is kind of a surrogate mother to me. I met her through my old boss, Cynthia, from when I was working at the Instructional Technology Center, and I ended up helping her with a gallery showing and scanning pictures for one of her books. We're going out to her little cabin in the woods, and having a pre-wedding dinner. Tomorrow I have a half day from work, which means I'll be cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. If I could clean the house and spend the rest of the weekend in the tent, so I don't mess anything up, I totally would.

Guh. I need more morning time, but don't want to wake up at the buttcrack of dawn. :/ Why does time run away from me when I surf the internet in the morning?
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-New job is going well. I love the fact that there's always something to do. And I also like that while I'm the youngest person in the office, I'm only the youngest by a year. The other office girls range in age from 29 to 35, and Nancy (the boss) is older. All the office girls are really friendly, and I really like this job. Part of me hopes it might turn permanent, but then again, with the economy and the fact that I'm a student assistant, it's not likely to happen.

-Dad said he'd help me with school. Not sure how much he'll be able to help, but even if it's just cosigning a loan, it's enough. So, no worrying about school for now.

-My night class is killing me. It's not the work so much as the late hours, and the fact that by the time the class ends, I've spent 12 hours straight on campus with maybe an hour's lunch break. It's not fun. Also, I have a group project to do that I have no idea what my part is. I really hope my group doesn't say "oh hey, let's stay after class and get this done!" Noooo. I have to go home and sleeeeep.

-I miss working out. Once my official work schedule gets set up, I might actually have time to get over to the Body Shop, but until then, I hardly have time for my computer when I get home. I usually go home, check Facebook and the news, and then drag myself off to bed to watch Law and Order until I fall asleep. Merf.

-The new fishies are doing well. Sephie's fin is growing back, and Diana's being... well, Diana. Artemis is a happy chubby fish, and Gus loves it in his big tank in the bedroom. Yes, I spoil my fishies. Speaking of the fishlets, I should feed them...
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I've just been so energyless this week. The only thing that's keeping me going is copious amounts of coffee. Mmm, coffee.

At least I have a break before Web Development tonight, hopefully. (Knowing my luck, Brenda won't get home until closer to five, and I'll only have an hour and a half until class to just sit and be mindless) I have so much stuff that needs doing around the apartment, but the past few mornings I've been downright braindead. I haven't really wanted to do much of anything. The living room is a wreck, the kitchen is a wreck, there's a giant nasty dirty fish tank in the middle of my bathroom... yeah. I need a day to sleep in, take a nap, and just relax. Part of me is really hoping Brenda will call in a few minutes saying "oh, there's an opening at daycare for the afternoon! we don't need you today!" Oh, that'd be lovely. It'd be hell on my paycheck, but I've just been so dead lately.

In other news, I'm going to do some reading up on Buddhism. I've always been fascinated by different religions, and deep down inside there's a part of me that hopes I find one that fits me someday. I bought two books on Buddhism off Amazon as an early birthday present to myself (9 days until my birthday! O_o), and hopefully I'll find them interesting.

*zones out for a few moments, then snaps back to attention* Oh geez. I need more coffee. I think I'll finish this entry up before I start gibbering nonsensically.
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I really hope they don't take Bolt off of Instant Netflix. Tyler will probably freak out when the day comes where we can't watch "Bodt on the copuder". I might have to see if I can get myself a copy somewhere - it is a really cute movie, and I like it a lot. (Although I wish he'd want to watch different movies sometimes!)

I finally got one of the things I've been ogling in the Lolita fasion world for years - the mini Bunnybear Bag I bought off someone on LJ finally made its way here from France! I should have known that "mini" meant "more suitable for a ball-jointed doll than for you". Honestly, the pocket inside is barely big enough to hold some pocket change. (Which is all most lolis have after they spend all their money on clothes and silly things like the bunnybear XD ) Seriously, though, it's super adorable, and Hitomi looks adorable holding it in her lap. I should take a picture of her with the bunnybear, if I ever find my camera.

Tomorrow, I think I may sequester myself in the ICT lab and do some work on my game and my website. I'm redoing the Newco Chimney Traditions website for my assignment (it's the chimney sweep company that Bryan occasionally works for when he's home, and his dad works for part time, and his mom is the secretary for), and good lord it needs some redoing. It's hosted on a site that won't even let you do your own HTML, and it was created back in 2006, so it looks a little... dated. Some parts look a little ridiculous, too - instead of creating a graphic with the business name and info on it, Kathy just scanned some letterhead, blew it up, emailed it to Bryan, and told him to stick it on the website. (He's the webmaster, poor honey.) It looks silly. I'm going to make something that looks loads better, and hopefully nobody'll want me to tear it apart and change it without paying me. If this works out well, I'm going to make one for Johanna's grooming business.

I want to burrow back under my warm covers. It's chilly in here, and I'm tired.

Then again, it is only 39 degrees outside, and the window is open a teeny bit, and the heat's off.

*marches off to go find her bathrobe*
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There is a huge blister on my heel from walking around yesterday in my too-large shoes with no socks. I haven't seen a blister that big since I was 12 and had my cast taken off after breaking my arm and my entire hand was covered in blisters of varying sizes. I hate blisters.

Not looking forward to class tonight. I am so frustrated with the game I'm making that I'm on the verge of just deleting it and starting over. I may spend a few nights this week in the computer lab doing just that.

Tried registering for classes. Apparently I need advisor approval for 3/4ths of them. And apparently Dr. Chadwick is still my advisor, even though I switched programs and the head of ICT told me that Edd is my advisor now. I am confused. Must email the Grad Studies department.

Not much else going on, I guess. Gotta babysit today. Gotta go to class. Have to clean out the aquarium before the fish hops out and decides she'd rather live in the bathtub. Guh. Not a good day to be me, I think.
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Holy shit. I have so much work to do for my classes it's not even funny. Ugh. Why did I think working full time while taking summer classes was a good idea?

Meanwhile, I have a Myspace again- sorta. There's not much there. http://www.myspace.com/beebee047 is the link, in case any of you want to add me. I've only got one friend so far. :P

Back to classes, at least I know I got a 4.0 in Integrating the Arts. Dr. Chadwick complemented our group highly, and I got a 4.0 in her other class, so I know I'll do fine with this last class. And with Social Studies, I have half the work done already - I've got the opportunity to make it better, though, so I'm going to take it and work hard to get a 4.0 in this class as well. I'm having issues keeping up with everything that's going on with Diversity in the Classroom, but I'm doing well regardless. Online classes are hard.

I'm dealing with some... emotional issues lately. I'm not going to get into them- the more I talk about them, the worse it gets.

I've added some more stuff to my Sailor Moon collection. My cheap eBay dolls got here last week, and I've got a few more things coming soon - a new Cutie Moon Rod, and two six inch dolls - old style Sailor Moon and Princess Serenity. I'm going to take a picture or two or six of my collection soon, and post them to [community profile] sailormoon to share with everyone, and get the community moving.

Oh, and I think I'm going to just close up shop over at LJ, and read only the communities and friends I really pay attention to. I find myself more often than not just skimming everything over there.
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Bryan comes home in two days! :D

Today is going to be another long day. Ugh. I have so much work to do and so little time to do it in, with work and all. I'm going to end up doing reading for Diversity on my lunch break, and before everyone gets to Just Plain Fancy rehearsal, just so I can pass the quiz I have tonight. Urgh. Working full time and trying to take two classes is insane.
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Tonight I've got another group meeting for Integrating the Arts. I'm hoping everyone who needs a costume made can bring in a couple of bucks for fabric - otherwise, I'm the only one that's got a costume. And oh shit, I forgot I have lines to memorize. Grah. Granted, it's not that long of a play, but I'm the lead character, and I've got more lines than just about anyone. (Hell, Elizabeth has only one line - she's the chicken. She makes chicken noises. And the girl who's the peacock has no lines. XD) But that and Diversity and Advocacy in Education are keeping me busy. I'm glad I took summer classes - it's nice to have something to learn. (I just have to remember that Diversity is meeting on Saturday, I think it's our only face-to-face meeting, and I have to bring a copy of my first assignment with me. I should probably print that out.)

At least I'll get to spend some time with Elizabeth this weekend - I like her, she's really friendly. She drives me home from classes, and we share a common weakness for Vera Bradley. We're going to go to Ogdensburg or Massena to go hunt down some fabric for costumes.

I should start getting ready for work. I like working at Financial Aid - my day has a set schedule. I try and find some work to do from 8 to 8:30, then enter forms until 9:45, then have my break and come back to get the mail key, sort mail for an hour, then forms for another hour until it's lunchtime at noonish. Then I come back, enter forms, direct traffic, and whatever until the end of the day, minus one more 15 minute break. My co-workers are nice (Stephen's a cute kid, and I hope I'm giving him the right advice about grad school - I think he wants to be a math teacher, and I've told him the better way to go about it is to do his undergrad in Math and then go do his MST in Secondary Ed Math, and then he won't have to do all the crap with blocks and stuff, or worry about finding something to specialize in during grad school), the whole office has an atmosphere of good humor, and it's a welcome change from sitting at a desk all day with nobody to talk to unless a tutoring group comes in.

I think I'm gonna start focusing the bulk of my entries over on Dreamwidth - I may post stuff on LJ but it'll have the "comment with open ID on Dreamwidth" thing tacked on to the end of the entries. LJ just doesn't hold much for me anymore besides a few communities and a few friends.
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So yeah, these have gone back to being morning coffee updates - here I sit, my sheepy mug half full of coffee, and here I am updating my journal. What a coincidence.

So, I realized I made a grave mistake last night in eating two butter rum muffins. Ugh. Will probably never eat another butter rum muffin again - while I didn't get physically ill, my stomach was not happy and I feel all scuzzy.

Gotta work again today. (Of course.) And I have Integrating the Arts tonight with Dr. Chadwick- YAY! I thought I did miserably in Kiddy Lit, but it was the one class I got a 4.0 in. I'm pretty sure I would have 4.0'd Math too if I'd remembered to turn in that one assignment. Ah well. I think I'll be able to 4.0 all my summer classes - not because I think they're easy, but I tend to do extremely well in classes I enjoy. (Or that let me do math in pictures, apparently) I hope Dr. Chadwick lets us out early - I can barely make it through a 4:30 to 7 class, how am I going to do 5:45 to 8:45? Yeep.
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Literacy 2: 3.3
Math: 3.7 (HOLY SHIT)
Kiddy Lit: 4.0
Practicum: S
Social Studies: Workin' on it

Semester average: 3.66
Overall average: 3.58

In other news, my first day of work was interesting. I learned a lot, and it was weird being on the other side of the Financial Aid desk. Tomorrow will be... something else, since I have work, then a two hour break, then class, and then I get home at friggin' 9 pm. So, I'm making some extra dinner tonight to stuff in my cute little bento box, and I'll make some lunch for tomorrow as well so I save some money for groceries and stuff. I think I need to run out and get milk tonight...
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I start my new job in a little over an hour! Yay! It'll be nice, being done at 4 today.

Since for the next month, I'll be going from 8 am to 9 pm. O_o Yaaay insanely long night classes. At least I'll have time to work out and get dinner between work and classes. :D And I can bring Snowball with me! I'll be able to get some homework done for my Diversity class, and surf teh internets.

Here's hoping that cup of coffee I drank kicks in soon. XD

Good day!

May. 13th, 2009 01:53 pm
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So, I finished up my annotated bibliography this morning while working on cleaning the house - I GOT A 4.0 ON IT OMG. I was so worried about it, but Dr. Chadwick really liked it! She said it was very impressive. I'm glad she liked it so much - I wanted to do something different than the regular old annotated bibliograpies she's seen, so I made it into a powerpoint. After I went down to her office to make sure she got it, I went to The Bagelry to get some lunch, and then painfully waddled back across town. My new shorts chafe in the WORST spots. Also, I should remember to NEVER EVER use the 'shortcut' between Meadow East and Waverly St. unless I'm on a bike. I sank in mud up to my ankles, and it hasn't rained in three days! And this mud was thick, too- it took a good scrubbing to get all the splashes on my legs off, and I'm still not sure my feet are all that clean.

I have this little heart shaped prism in my window, and it's catching the sunlight so prettily and shooting rainbows all over the room. So pretty!

There's only a little bit of cleaning left to do, and a little bit of poster assembly to do, and then I'm set for the week. I can't wait for Bryan's parents to get here. :)
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Today was a nice day. I got some housework done, and then I spent the afternoon with Tara and Josh. We went to Massena, and Tara and I looked at some clothes, and then Bryan popped over to the mall when he got done teaching and I went home with him. Bry got a new digital camera for cheap - $69 for one that's comparable to the one he got me for Christmas for $99. His old one eats batteries like there's no tomorrow. Why do old electronics do that, anyway? Mom's got a digital camera that can only take three or four pictures before it dies. Weird.

Anyway, I also got some work done on my annotated bibliography project for kiddy lit. (Basically, we have to come up with some activities for 25 books of our choice.) I decided to do it as a Powerpoint presentation, where you click the image of the book you want, and it takes you to a slide with all the activities on it. Ahh, brings me back to the days of HyperCard, and making presentations with that.

Tomorrow I have my math 'final', where I go hand in my paper and see how I did on the last test. I'm also going to turn in my annotated bibliography (if I finish it, we'll see how that goes - I may end up spending the day in the lit center) as well.


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I had cake for breakfast. Lemon cake with lemon frosting. Mmmm, birthday cake for breakfast.

SO CLOSE TO THE END OF THE SEMESTER OMG. So close I can taste it. (it tastes like lemon cake) I can't wait to not have to worry about a million classes.


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