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I think this year has treated me pretty well. I got back into grad school and haven't had a grade lower than a 3.7, I got off unemployment and have a real job again, I patched things up with Bryan and we managed to plan a wedding in 5 months, and we actually have a place to live! On top of that, there's the whole PhD in Videogames thing (XD) going on. 2010 ended well, and 2011 shows a lot of promise.

Tonight's plans involve going over to Kit's with lots of wine, hoping that she's healthy enough to enjoy said wine, and spending time with some of my favorite people. Even Morgan's going to be up here! Bryan may or may not go, considering his opinion of Morgan, but that's his decision. I'm not gonna let it ruin my New Year's. I haven't seen Kit in ages, and I miss her and the dogs. And I haven't seen Morgan in about a year, give or take. It's gonna be a good night, I think.

I don't even have to worry about waking up for Levitt tomorrow! I'm still not used to that. At least my weekend shifts are now on Sunday nights, so not only can I sleep in, I can sleep in stupidly late if I wanted to. Usually by that time of night, anyway, I've run out of fun things to do, so it'll be my designated homework time. :)

But yeah. Happy New Year's Eve to everyone! :D
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Wow, I have been extraordinarily quiet this month. I apologize for that. I read everyone's posts, and comment when I have something to say, but mostly I've just been lurking in the background. I'm good at that, I guess.

I've got a doctor's appointment today. I hope I find out the results of my blood tests, and that the results aren't scary. Tomorrow is counseling, and I hope I don't end up sounding like a gibbering idiot in there. Is it sad that I have to take notes in order to actually talk about what needs to be talked about, instead of staring out the window and stuttering?

Next week at this time, I will be noveling. OMG IT'S ALMOST NANO TIME. I have been so hyper over NaNoWriMo this year that it's crazy. I even made a research poster on NaNo. It's beautiful. I'll have to post a PDF of the completed version up at some point.

I don't want to go to work today. I don't feel like I've had enough weekend yet. I ended up spending most of the weekend cooped up inside, since the weather was crap and Bryan wasn't feeling well. (He spent most of yesterday in bed.) I'll be happy to get out of the house, but sometimes I actually want to do something other than work and class, yanno? Maybe next weekend I'll just go to the library and work on noveling notes or something.
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I started playing World of Warcraft again! :D

I'm on Garrosh, but I'm considering a realm transfer - I don't really know anyone there, and I'd love to find people to talk to while I play. It was very lonely out there today, wandering around Tarren Mill and finishing some old quests with nobody to talk with. Here's hoping I can either find a good guild to join, or scrape up the money to do a realm transfer.

In other news, Bryan and I had a nice and relaxing day today. In between bouts of gaming (him on Minecraft, me on WoW), we took a walk, winterized our kitchen and bathroom windows, made lunch, and I took a nap while Bry gamed some more. We also went and got Chinese food for dinner - I had some yummy sweet and sour chicken with fried rice, and Bryan had mushu pork. He enjoyed it. :) So, yes, a nice day. I'm still dealing with some weird Wellbutrin side-effects, but they're not too bad. The one thing that really sucks is my lack of appetite - or, more accurately, lack of desire to eat food. I get hungry, but not insistently hungry. Also, I get too sleepy. I'm trying to decide if I should take it in the morning or in the evening - I'll try a few more days of taking it in the morning, and see how it goes. It could just be that I was tired this weekend from dealing with everything during the week. Or it could be whatever Dr. Moose had a blood test done for. Who knows.

Anyhow, I'm going to go watch some more Bones, and relax before work and class tomorrow.
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So much stuff to do. I'm not anxious or stressed out about the wedding, like most people expect me to be. I'm actually really excited. I get to spend time with my closest friends and family, I get to dress like a princess and NOT get strange looks, I get to have my hair done up pretty and my nails done, and most importantly of all, I get to marry the man I love, the only person out there who truly understands me and accepts me for who I am - security blanket and all.

And I'll admit, it's scary to think that if our wedding plans had gone, well, as planned - we'd be getting married today. We originally picked August 1st so it wouldn't detract from all the other things going on in August - my sister Ruthie's birthday (on the 7th), Kathy and Mike's birthdays (the 16th and the 30th, respectively), Kathy and Mike's wedding anniversary (I think it's on the 20th), and even Grandma and Grandpa Carey's wedding anniversary (which is in there somewhere.) And then I had a talk with Bryan, and asked if we really wanted our anniversary to be on August 1st, and he suggested the 9th - "That way, our anniversary is 8/9/10, and I'll always remember it!" And when people complain about it being a Monday, I bring that up, and they understand. :D (And there's only four more years where you can get nifty dates like that to get married on - 9/10/11, 10/11/12 (which is when I think Bryan's friends Scott and AJ are getting married), 11/12/13, and 12/13/14!)

I can understand why some brides may be stressed out about getting married, and I have been a little stressed about things, but now that everything's falling into place, I'm enjoying the excitement more. :)

Alrighty, enough mushiness. Time to get back to cleaning. My bathroom looks like an entirely different place - I got an over-the-toilet shelf for the potty closet (don't ask), and ended up cleaning out a LOT of crap from the rest of the bathroom. Once it's all cleaned up, I'm going to take my video camera out and test it with a tour of the house. :)
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It still has the same effect - too much, not enough, still a zombie. I'm nursing a cup of french espresso roast coffee in hopes that the possibility of extra caffeine will wake me up.

I think Bryan's expecting me to microwave breakfast. I dunno. He's sitting at the other side of the kitchen table, looking at his computer all cute and sleepily. I wish I could read what goes on inside his head. I bet you it's something like "lol internet" or something like that, to be honest, but you never know.

I am very frustrated with one of my co-workers. She's a temp, she only comes in three days a week, and when I went to go do her morning duties since she wasn't here, I noticed that not only had she not checked the phone messages since last Thursday (!!), she also did absolutely nothing on Monday. I mean, it felt like I did nothing on Monday, but I actually got a lot of filing and data entry done. Filing just seems like I get nothing done because the actual folders are such a mess, and I keep having to correct the other student assistant's mistakes. It frustrates the everloving crap out of me. But finding out that the temp did nothing, when she actually had work to do? (She had a batch or two of credit cards to run - usually we don't run them unless there's at least 5, and there's 10 sitting in one folder and another folder's got at least 4) And finding voicemails from LAST THURSDAY? Ugh. I'm just a graduate assistant, but if I were higher up, I would say something. But I can't. And it frustrates me.

Anyway. I should find something to eat, or take a shower, or both - not necessarily at the same time. Guh. Do I have to be awake?
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So, I'm in the kitchen right now!

Why is that?

Because Bryan made me breakfast this morning. He got a loaf of french bread at a farmer's market last week, and when it got stale, he cut it up and turned it into french toast! (It's the best thing to do with stale bread.) It was delicious, and the extras are going into the fridge or freezer for later breakfasts. I told him he didn't have to wake up with me if he didn't get enough sleep, but he did anyway. (We only got maybe 5 or 6 hours? We usually shoot for 8, and for Bry, more than that - I just couldn't fall asleep!)

Now I'm all fed and caffeinated. This is a good morning. :D Hopefully it means the rest of the day will turn out good too.
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Back to work today for one of the shortest work weeks ever!

Turns out I have bronchitis. That combined with asthma = BAD THINGS. I had a nebulizer treatment yesterday, and student health sent me home with a new inhaler and some prednisone to help me breathe and get this crap out of my lungs. The prednisone is making me feel like I can take on the WHOLE WORLD OMG. No wonder why the last time Mom was on this stuff for any length of time, she thought it was a wonderful idea to get two Cocker Spaniel puppies. After she got off the pills, and was exhausted and feeling cruddy and was left with two boisterous little Cocker puppies, she wondered what the hell she was thinking. XD (Honestly, though, I wouldn't trade in Aubi and Levon for anything. They're sweet little boys.)

But yeah. Work today, then if it's cool enough (haha) I might do some cleaning when I get home. Tomorrow's the epic farmers market, since this weekend is the Potsdam Summer Festival - Bryan and I may check that out later.

I hope it rains like the weather report promises. (Then again, it has to rain - we have a flash flood warning for the next day or two. That usually means rain, right? :D )

I wonder what'll happen if I add coffee to the prednisone. I'll probably be crawling up the walls! XD Tempted to see what'll happen.
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Quick entry time!

It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL outside. I'm looking forward to taking Tyler outside today, for fun times. We had fun yesterday playing with the bubble mower and the kickball. (Except for that time I kicked it really high and it almost landed in the pool. Tyler looked on in awe as he saw it soar onto the deck, while I looked on in horror. XD)

Gonna hang out with Amanda tonight, and maybe go to the drive-in with Bry. I have a social life! This is new and exciting.

There are new neighbors next door. I do not like them. They woke me up at 12:30 this morning with their partying shenanigans.

I have a long weekend! GO ME! XD

Okay, time to figure out what to bring with me for lunch today.
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Guh. Sorry I haven't posted a real entry in a few days - at least Loud Twitter's been keeping everyone updated, eh?

Anyway, birthday! I had a nice, quiet birthday. Practically everyone I know on Facebook wished me happy birthday, except my older sister. She even called me and left me a voicemail saying "I have some big news for you, and it might involve you and Bryan" while I was out to dinner with Bryan on my birthday. But did she wish me happy birthday as part of that voicemail? Of course not. But more about that later! My mom and dad and little sister sent beautiful cards, and I think Bryan's parents sent me flowers- my mom said that as far as she knows, Pop didn't send flowers, so they have to be from Kathy and Mike. (They signed the card "Love Mom and Dad", which is really sweet, considering I'm not even married to Bryan yet!) I had a quiet day of babysitting, too, which was nice, and as I mentioned earlier, Bry took me out to dinner. We went to my favorite Italian restaraunt, and I had my favorite dish there - tortellini with tomato and cheese sauce. Mmmmmm. Makes me hungry just thinking about it. Afterwards, we had a quiet evening full of playing Pokemon. I have been so very, very addicted to that game lately! :D

But yeah. Johanna. Turns out the reason she called me, the big news she had that involved Bryan and I, was that her boyfriend is moving in with her and the boys, and she wanted me to babysit them today while she finished moving him in. Of course the only compensation that I'd receive is spending time with my nephews! (and speak of the devil, she just FB messaged me) Mom relayed the fact that I was wanted as the free babysitter to me, since I didn't actually talk to Jo until literally 10 seconds ago, so that pisses me off. Jo seriously thinks that I'll drop everything to go babysit my nephews? I live three hours away, don't have any transportation of my own, and it's Mother's Day! If I was going home, I'd want to spend that time with Mom. Ugh. She frustrates me so much sometimes. Not only about the free babysitting thing, but the fact that when she was on the phone with Mom yesterday, Mom mentioned that it was my birthday, and all Johanna said was "oh". No "Oh, tell her happy birthday for me!" or "I should call her and wish her happy birthday!" Just "oh". Ruth delivered her birthday card to me in person, and Pop called me to wish me a happy birthday and left me a 5 minute long voicemail! Even Bryan's brother Danny left me a "happy birthday" on Facebook, and he's so self absorbed he has his own fan page on Facebook. XD Honestly, that hurt my feelings that my own sister didn't even bother to say happy birthday.

Today is going to be fun. I'm helping Professor Hildreth (the guy who has all the pomeranians I petsit for) set up his new iMac! It's going to be awesome. There's a few things I'm worried about when setting it up- this'll be the first computer I've worked with that has a Bluetooth mouse AND keyboard. And it's one of the new no-button mice, so I hope Prof. Hildreth doesn't get too confused!

Alrighty, off to go scrounge up some more breakfast.
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Ugh. Work in three or so hours. Not ready for this.

I'm back home from Long Island (somewhat obviously, if I'm complaining about work, haha). We left at 1 am Sunday morning, got home at 9 am. Managed to beat all the traffic. Bryan said he wanted to leave that early so he'd have a day to recover at home and get stuff done - all he did was sleep, haha. I wanted to, since I didn't manage to sleep much in the car, but I think I'd hit my second third fourth wind, and I didn't actually fall asleep until bedtime. I'm still ridiculously tired. Maybe a shower will wake me up- breakfast and coffee sure didn't, and it's a little too cold out to go take a walk.

Finally got around to installing Semagic on this computer. Let's see if it'll break my habit of always going to the web to post! Plus, I won't have to go look up what I'm actually listening to - I can just hit a button. In my half-awake state, this pleases me muchly. *pushes button* Ooo, I am listening to Parov Stelar. Awesome.

Anyway. Babysitting. Yeah. I bought Tyler a little coloring book with dinosaur stickers in it while I was gone, hopefully he likes it. Hopefully it'll keep him occupied. :D Worst comes to worst, we watch movies and play with cars all day. I should pack my construction paper and a glue stick, maybe we'll make some construction paper stuff today. I dunno. The day is full of possibilities.

Guh. I have to go close my HSBC account sometime today, too. Not sure if I want to do that before or after work. If I could close it online, that'd be nice. I've been feeling really...hm, not sure how to describe it. It's like all the neuroses I have that I hate are coming to the surface, like the social anxiety, the OCDness, stuff like that. No depression or anything, which is weird. Usually depression is the cause of all this crap. It's very strange not wanting to deal with people and being in a perfectly happy mood.

Oh well! Never said I was normal, did I?
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Went bowling tonight with Bryan and Bubba. I sucked miserably, but still had fun. My best game was an 82, Bry's was a 142, and Bubba's was a 212. I kept falling over - I think I was using a ball that was too heavy for me, but oh well. I had fun. :D At one point I wobbled, fell, and ended up landing right on my ass in a sitting position. I got a strike that time, I think! XD I think I was annoying the more professional bowlers next to us with me swearing whenever I got a gutter ball and dancing whenever I got a strike, but whatever. I don't care. After that we went to a diner and had some delicious diabetes-inducing cake. And we talked a lot. I got to hear lots of old Bryan stories, heheh.

Earlier, we cleaned out the laundry room/Mike's office, which hadn't been cleaned in, what, five years? Yeah. We found Nintendo games under the dryer, about a million punch embroidery patterns, four tons of papers, and a lot of money in change, and some porn! An eventful cleaning session. I don't think the room's ever been that clean. After that we cleaned the side yard, which involved Bryan putting the fence by the pond back up so Smokey couldn't go swimming in there anymore, and him shoveling dirt around and raking leaves, and me scooping Smokey's poops. It was relatively uneventful, except for when Smokey almost fell in the pond again. Goofy dog.

Tomorrow we're going to go finish the backyard, and we're also going out to dinner. I am going to wear my Alice in Wonderland skirt. It'll be fun. :D
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Hello everyone! :D

I'm down on Long Island with Bryan and his family. I hadn't been here in a year, and it's nice to see that not much has changed. The dog remembered me (and didn't eat me!), and everything's good.

We went shopping yesterday and today. Yesterday I went a little crazy and bought all sorts of pretty things - I got a new pair of shoes, two pairs of socks (one with an argyle print and hearts on it, the other with a coffee cup print), an Alice doll from the Disney store (she's so soft and cuddly), a Tinkerbell metal water bottle, some hair bows, and a new wallet. Today I bought some underwear (how exciting) and Bryan repaid some of his debt to me by buying me this OMG AMAZING Keurig Mini one cup coffee maker. I've been wanting one for ages, and now I have one, and it matches our mixer, haha. (It's a pretty red color.) We're going to be awash in K-Cups when we get home - they had a special deal where if you register your coffee maker online and bought two large boxes of K-Cups, you can get two boxes free. So I took advantage of that. We're going to have a million of the little things shortly after we get back from Long Island. I don't think I'm going to buy any more coffee makers ever again, haha.

I think I might be becoming slightly obsessive-compulsive about things. Weird stuff. I mean, I've always been a little weird about my security blankets, like how I hate it when people sit on them and have to tell them to get off my blanket, or if they fall in a dusty hole and get gross I have to wash them, or when I get really iffy about people touching my stuff. (I am very territorial, to the point where it irritates me if someone starts going through my stuff without my permission. Somehow, Bryan hasn't aroused that irritation yet - I think he understands about me being territorial and is nice like that.) Now, I have a new weirdness! Apparently when I eat candy or pretzel rods or anything like that which isn't pre-packaged and pre-proportioned, I have to eat an even number of said item. I don't know why. I don't care what the serving size is. I have to eat an even number. I get iffy if I don't. So what if the serving size for pretzel rods is 7? I will only take and eat six.

Anyhow, Brentwood is nice. It's very nice to get out of the north country. There's actually stuff to do here! :D

Bryan has his head resting on my knee. He's watching me type. OMG WATCHING ME TYPE.

I SEE WHAT YOU DO THERE [personal profile] nomnomchuupie.

(yeah, I'm a little silly tonight)

Also, the wedding date? May need to be changed. Cue me trying not to rip my hair out. AAAGH.


Apr. 11th, 2010 08:41 am
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Today we're driving down to Long Island! This could be a great week out of the North Country, or it could be a disaster due to Bryan's dad still being angry at us over the April Fool's joke we played. (We got Facebook married, and I changed my name, and Bryan's dad flipped.)

Bryan is in a bit of a mood today, though, so that could add to the... interestingness.

At least I might get to see my younger sister today, when we cut through Saranac Lake, so that'll be nice. While I love both my sisters, I feel a bit closer to Ruth.

Uhh... I guess that's it for this entry. I may post more later when I get down to Long Island.

New things.

Apr. 9th, 2010 03:11 pm
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Today, I got a new monitor and a new bank account!

The new monitor is huge, a 20 inch widescreen monitor. It's even bigger than Bryan's, and has a wider screen too. I'm not used to it yet, haha. It's even HD, too, which is super nice. I'm justifying it as an educational expense, like the desktop, because it's annoying as hell trying to do 3D animation and construction stuff in Blender on a 15 inch monitor.

The new bank account is because HSBC decided to eliminate the type of account I have (free student checking) and start taking money from me if I decided to stop doing direct deposit to my checking, and take money if my savings account is lower than $5000. (Which it always is. ._. ) Soooo, once my security deposit check goes through, since that just got deposited yesterday, I'm going to cancel my HSBC account and put my money in my shiny new Community Bank account. (I'm also going to work on keeping better track of my money, now that it's in a new bank account, instead of guessing how much money I have and being shocked at the fact that there's not nearly as much as I'd hoped in there.)

Other than that, did a lot of running around today. Went to visit Edd, my favorite IT professor (and right now, my only IT professor), and got his OK to miss classes next week - apparently I'm not even going to be missing class on Wednesday, since we'll all be Skyping in to class, haha. I'm gonna see if I can manage to get Smokey, Bry's dog, in on the Skype To Class action. XD Edd also almost convinced Bryan to go back to grad school for Educational Technology - it is a good major, and Edd said that everyone who's been through the program has been hired as soom as they got out of school. (Which is very, very promising.)

And now, to surf about the internet a little bit before we start cleaning the house in a half hour. (It's a friggin' wreck right now!) If anyone wants to see pictures of the place once it's clean, let me know and I'll make a post of apartment pictures.
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Things just keep on falling into place!

I got my new student ID and meal plan taken care of. (I think it's kinda funny that I look even younger on my ID than I did when I started 10 years ago. WTF.) All Financial Aid needed was a letter stating that I'm taking classes half time this semester. I probably won't have a job this semester, but that will leave me more time to work on my classes. I have wonderful Kit to make sure I'm taking care of myself, and to have great discussions with, I have Morgan to chat about all sorts of things with, and I have Bryan to support me through everything. I've got wonderful friends, I've got a nice computer, and life is very good right now.

I think I kicked the depression monster's ass. :D
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Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday- not much really happened yesterday. I walked to campus, put in my grad school application, and watched a lot of Dexter.

Today I watched Dexter, talked to Morgan, had a bagel with Bryan, and now I'm watching more Dexter. And eating popcorn. Nom nom nom.

Oh! And I talked to my Rin! :D That made my day. I haven't talked to her in weeeeeks.

Other than that, not too much has been going on. Things are beautifully quiet.
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Ah, another quiet Sunday. I've officially been here for over a week!

Today was a day. I stayed over at Bryan's last night and watched both parts of The End of Time, like I said last night. This morning we went out to breakfast, and then went to Wal-Mart, where I saw Donna! I miss her. We were in a musical together 5 years ago, and went to college together, and now she lives in Saranac Lake. Next time I go visit my younger sister, I plan on snatching Donna up and taking her out to Starbucks for coffee. Mmm, coffee.

Right now I'm watching Dexter on the big TV- it looks gorgeous. Dexter is fucking wonderful. Any other Dexter fans here? I'm currently on episode 11 of season 3. And I can't wait until the new episodes of Doctor Who come out. Dexter and Doctor Who two of my favorite TV shows, hands done, bar none. Too bad I have to wait until September for new Dexter episodes, when I run out, and I have to wait until Spring for more 11th Doctor. I'm not sure why I like Dexter so much - I mean, he's a serial killer. And a cop. And he's trying to lead a normal life while he offs people on the side. I dunno, it's strangely addicting.

I've been feeling strangely numb today. I'm not sure why. Just one of those days, I guess.

ETA: Uploaded some new icons! Woohoo! I miss having a million icons at my disposal, but 15 slots are okay for now.
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Finally got around to watching The End Of Time. I will miss David Tennant. I almost cried at the end. I dunno what I think about 11th Doctor yet.... gonna have to wait to see him in action.

Oh, I'd like to welcome Bryan to Dreamwidth - also known as [personal profile] nomnomchuupie. He needs some friends.

I got Morgan to hop on Skype and show me his guitar, he played a little bit for Kit and I. I think Kit really enjoyed getting to see him, even if it was just on the computer. She even brought Oatmeal in to say hi.

I wish I knew where I stood with Morgan - if I'm a friend, or just his "grandmother's house guest". I'm too much of a pussy to just outright ask him, though. I worry too much, and cling too much, and should probably just detach myself from the human race in general.

Probably going to just roll over and go to sleep now. It's been a long day. A long, long day.
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I did a whole lot of boring stuff today that nobody probably wants to hear about, haha. I think the most exciting thing I did was go to Walmart to get my hair cut, and it wasn't the disaster Bryan feared it would be. I got a half inch taken off my ratty ends, and supposedly Bryan got an inch of hair cut off, although you can't really tell- his 'fro is still as poofy as it was this morning, it just looks a little tamer.

God, today really was a boring day- I'm talking about haircuts! I'm gonna shut up before I get into my ironing habits, or how I trimmed dead stuff off one of my plants, or how I ate a brownie. XD
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Bryan comes home in two days! :D

Today is going to be another long day. Ugh. I have so much work to do and so little time to do it in, with work and all. I'm going to end up doing reading for Diversity on my lunch break, and before everyone gets to Just Plain Fancy rehearsal, just so I can pass the quiz I have tonight. Urgh. Working full time and trying to take two classes is insane.


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