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Guh. Sorry I haven't posted a real entry in a few days - at least Loud Twitter's been keeping everyone updated, eh?

Anyway, birthday! I had a nice, quiet birthday. Practically everyone I know on Facebook wished me happy birthday, except my older sister. She even called me and left me a voicemail saying "I have some big news for you, and it might involve you and Bryan" while I was out to dinner with Bryan on my birthday. But did she wish me happy birthday as part of that voicemail? Of course not. But more about that later! My mom and dad and little sister sent beautiful cards, and I think Bryan's parents sent me flowers- my mom said that as far as she knows, Pop didn't send flowers, so they have to be from Kathy and Mike. (They signed the card "Love Mom and Dad", which is really sweet, considering I'm not even married to Bryan yet!) I had a quiet day of babysitting, too, which was nice, and as I mentioned earlier, Bry took me out to dinner. We went to my favorite Italian restaraunt, and I had my favorite dish there - tortellini with tomato and cheese sauce. Mmmmmm. Makes me hungry just thinking about it. Afterwards, we had a quiet evening full of playing Pokemon. I have been so very, very addicted to that game lately! :D

But yeah. Johanna. Turns out the reason she called me, the big news she had that involved Bryan and I, was that her boyfriend is moving in with her and the boys, and she wanted me to babysit them today while she finished moving him in. Of course the only compensation that I'd receive is spending time with my nephews! (and speak of the devil, she just FB messaged me) Mom relayed the fact that I was wanted as the free babysitter to me, since I didn't actually talk to Jo until literally 10 seconds ago, so that pisses me off. Jo seriously thinks that I'll drop everything to go babysit my nephews? I live three hours away, don't have any transportation of my own, and it's Mother's Day! If I was going home, I'd want to spend that time with Mom. Ugh. She frustrates me so much sometimes. Not only about the free babysitting thing, but the fact that when she was on the phone with Mom yesterday, Mom mentioned that it was my birthday, and all Johanna said was "oh". No "Oh, tell her happy birthday for me!" or "I should call her and wish her happy birthday!" Just "oh". Ruth delivered her birthday card to me in person, and Pop called me to wish me a happy birthday and left me a 5 minute long voicemail! Even Bryan's brother Danny left me a "happy birthday" on Facebook, and he's so self absorbed he has his own fan page on Facebook. XD Honestly, that hurt my feelings that my own sister didn't even bother to say happy birthday.

Today is going to be fun. I'm helping Professor Hildreth (the guy who has all the pomeranians I petsit for) set up his new iMac! It's going to be awesome. There's a few things I'm worried about when setting it up- this'll be the first computer I've worked with that has a Bluetooth mouse AND keyboard. And it's one of the new no-button mice, so I hope Prof. Hildreth doesn't get too confused!

Alrighty, off to go scrounge up some more breakfast.
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Today's song lyric title is brought to you by We Love Katamari - that's the only English line in the whole song. XD

Babysat yesterday. It went alright. Wish there weren't so many mosquitos out in the woods, I would have liked to go exploring with Tyler more. Ah well. Today looks like it's going to be nasty, so I think we'll have to have some adventures in the house. (Unless I get a call that he's going to daycare, then that's all moot.)

Pomsitting tonight! Jacob's going to help Bryan and I out. After puppies, Amanda's picking me up so we can hang out- we haven't seen each other in a few weeks, and I miss her.


Not like there's going to be any huge celebrations or anything, but still, my birthday is always exciting to me. I survived another year! I have made it to level 28! THERE'S NO STOPPING ME NOW.

(haha, I think I've had too much coffee)
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I had some screwed up dreams last night/this morning.

One of which was the usual one my deep subconscious throws at me every month: "oh hay you're on your period, I'm going to make you dream of being pregnant since i know you hate it so much!" Gnaaaarrr. I am deeply afraid of being pregnant. I'm very iffy about bodily functions and I'm never very comfortable in my own body - I can't bear having something grow in me and throw everything I know about myself out the window. (Hell, I'm squicked out about the fact that I'm full of blood and bodily organs. I like to think that I'm filled with Poly-Fil stuffing. And that all my organs are little stuffed representations of the real thing. Scares me a lot less.)

Dream two was just... weird. I was helping Mom clean again, and Ruthie was helping, and we were taking care of some birds. Apparently Ruthie decided that one of the birds wanted to learn how to swim, and I found it trying to keep its head above water in the fish tank. I freaked, pulled it out and dried it off, and then tried to find the cage it belonged in. At one point, while I was trying to find its cage, the bird decided it wanted to cling to me. Like, wrap its wings around my face and cuddle. Okay then! I found its cage eventually, and put it in, and that was that. Then, the scene switches to me being in the back of a car, and there's a bunch of junk in there, and there's a bird cage with two birds in it and some broken eggs. As I watch, one of the birds lays a disgusting looking egg, and I turn away in the dream, but now I can't get that image out of my head. Birds laying rotten eggs. That has to mean something, right? I mean, dreaming of losing teeth means getting money (oddly, the more teeth I lose, the less money I get, but still), dreaming of birds laying rotten eggs must have some strange meaning.

ANYWAY. Today's the last day I'm babysitting for the week, I am happy for this. Means I can go clean out my fish tank, FINALLY. And get some dirt set up in the bottom of it, and the stones too. I'm hoping the pet store has some female bettas or some good looking neon tetras to put in the big tank along with Miss Artemis. Lately she's been swimming around the big plant I dumped in her tank- I think she likes it. I'm amazed it was still alive in Mom's tank- I wonder how long it's just been sitting and growing there.

8 days to my birthday. Bryan said he'd take me out to dinner! I'm going to wear my piano dress, and my fancy headband, and maybe my new white heels.

satis bene.

May. 7th, 2009 08:46 pm
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This was a good birthday. I got all the OMG IMPORTANT work done that I needed to, I had cake for breakfast and tortellini for dinner (my favorite, with Bryan's amazing alfredo sauce), and lots of people wished me happy birthday. (Chelsea wished me happy birthday every 5 minutes while she was tutoring, haha) Bryan also surprised me with a can of french fried onions (an unhealthy but delicious treat) and string cheese (we ran out two days ago, and I need my string cheese!). I also got my first Paperback Swap book in the mail (http://www.paperbackswap.com, if anyone's interested), Dead Until Dark by Charlane Harris. I also wrapped a heap of books to send out, so I can get more books. :D

And I bet half my friends list will disown me, but... I'm getting Twilight through Paperback Swap. I figure, all I need to do to get it send out another book, so it's not really a huge cost... so it doesn't count that I actually bought it, you know? I'm morbidly curious to see what all the fuss is about. (Bryan rolled his eyes and made a fuss when I told him I got it on PBS.)

And besides, Dr. Chadwick is reading the series. If she likes it, then it must be good. (Dr. Chadwick is my advisor, a very interesting lady in her mid sixties who likes to jump on chairs and yell about the state of the education system. Watching Vicki, my practicum advisor, imitate Dr. Chadwick is hilarious.) She wasn't going to read them as of the beginning of the semester, but one of her students gave her a copy, and that was that - she got hooked.

Oh lord I am gonna sleep in tomorrow and it will be GOOOOOOOOD.
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I had cake for breakfast. Lemon cake with lemon frosting. Mmmm, birthday cake for breakfast.

SO CLOSE TO THE END OF THE SEMESTER OMG. So close I can taste it. (it tastes like lemon cake) I can't wait to not have to worry about a million classes.
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Ahh, and to think that last year around this time I was panicking about getting into graduate school and running around drunk, thinking I was an Ewok.

I might have to break into that bottle of cinnamon whiskey again, if it's still good a year later. (Otherwise, I'll have to buy myself a new bottle.) I like being a drunk Ewok, hahah.

I can't believe I've survived a year of grad school, with few casualties.

Ah shit. Financial Aid won't have the money to hire a student, so there goes that plan. The lady I talked to said Admissions might be hiring, though. I'll have to go there tomorrow. If worst comes to worst, I could ask Dad for help, but I feel bad doing it. I want to work, you know? OMG I LOVE YOU CAMPUS. Financial Aid called Admissions and told them I'm looking for a job, and they called me and said they're hiring. I think the fact that I've been on campus forever will count in my favor.

Alright, time to pack up and take a final. I'll let everyone know how that goes later. :D
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Ugh. I hate being a girl. I feel so sluggish right now, despite the fact that I've had about three cups of coffee. I'm eating all sorts of crap food that I'm going to have to work off later (yay for the elliptical machine), and all I want to do is sleep.

In other news, I have a babysitting job on Friday night! It's for two little boys, 8 and 10 years old, who love to play video games. My DS will finally get some use! I figure I'll bring the DS over, maybe the Wii, and my Super Mario Bros. Super Show DVDs, and the three of us will have fun for four hours. I can definitely use the extra money - it's going into my "pay for the wedding" fund. I hope the kids like me, this way I can babysit for them more and maybe earn more money. If that does happen, any babysitting money will go in the fund, just like any money I'm making off my punch embroidery and scarfs is going into the fund. (If anyone wants to take a peek at my punch embroidery, go to http://www.purpleparadox.net and look at the gallery.)

I have my induction ceremony for Omicron Delta Kappa tonight. I'm excited, it's the first honor society I've ever been in. (Next week I'm getting inducted into Omicron-Psi, but I have to miss that ceremony, because I'll be at Madrid-Waddington Elementary, doing my pre-student teaching stuff.) I hope I'll be awake enough for it. I'm going to go work out after Kiddy Lit, and then go home and make myself pretty. I have another awards ceremony I'm supposed to be at tonight, for Teacher Opportunity Corps, but I can't make it to that because of the ODK ceremony. Diana, the director for TOC, tried to make me go to hers for 15 minutes (the TOC reception starts at 6:15, and the ODK ceremony starts at 6:30), but I'm not going to push it and end up late to my own induction ceremony. Bryan is going to go to the TOC thing for a little bit, and hopefully Diana will give him whatever award I'm getting. There is way too much stuff going on in April, I swear.

And holy shit, my birthday's in two weeks and a day. 27 years old, here I come. :D


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