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Short update, since I have to leave for work in a bit:

Babysitting last night was FUN. Julie ended up giving me money to take them out for pizza with, and we walked downtown to Little Italy and had dinner. After dinner, we walked back to their house, and they scrounged up some money for ice cream (Elizabeth came downstairs with a $20 bill, and Elwood managed to find four dollars in quarters XD) and we swung by my apartment to get some Super Mario Brothers Super Show before getting some ice cream. All while we were walking, the kids kept talking excitedly and I felt bad when they'd interrupt each other - they love to talk, and need to learn to take turns. That was almost the only annoying part about the evening! After that, we settled in and watched Mario in the living room... for three and a half hours. I think the kids expected their parents to be home at 9:30, and when 10:30 pm rolled around Elwood called his dad and said "Where are you? We've been waiting for three hours for you!" And their dad came home pretty quickly after that. I got home at 11. O_o Oh well. I had fun!

Going to Lake Luzerne tonight. Bryan's parents are already on their way up there. I can't wait to get out of here.
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So many of you commented when I posted that internet suicide note that I decided that even if I do get rid of my online presence - like AIM, twitter, and all that jazz (yes, even facebook) - I'll still stay here on Dreamwidth. You're all very wonderful, and it's nice to know that others understand what I'm going through.

Today is strange. (Well, so was last night.) I've been inspired by [personal profile] wyldbutterflies and how they've not only quit caffeine, but sugar and flour as well, so I hopped on the quitting unhealthy things bandwagon and have given up caffeine. I've been decaf since Sunday! And oh lord, I am SO VERY TIRED. But this is to be expected. Anyway. I have a story to tell. I went to bed at - *gasp* - 7 pm last night. And I woke up around 8 pm, watched an episode or two of Bones, and fell back asleep. But I woke up this morning at 5:30. And I'm awake. I mean, really awake. None of this sleep-deprived zombie crap. It's sooo weird to feel so awake!

It's also so weird to look out the window at 6:30 am and see it getting darker outside. I mean, I know we're supposed to have thunderstorms, but this early? Ridiculous. And strange.

I hope I'll still be feeling awake when 5:00 tonight rolls around. I've got a babysitting job - and for some rather energetic (at least, that's how I remember them) and not bratty kids! I haven't babysat for Elwood and Elizabeth in forever - I wonder if they'll remember me. I also hope that Carl and Anders' mom calls me to babysit them- they're friends with Elwood and Elizabeth, and I love those kids. The last time I babysat for Carl and Anders, we all clustered on the couch together and played Pokemon and Mario Kart. :D
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Quick entry time!

It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL outside. I'm looking forward to taking Tyler outside today, for fun times. We had fun yesterday playing with the bubble mower and the kickball. (Except for that time I kicked it really high and it almost landed in the pool. Tyler looked on in awe as he saw it soar onto the deck, while I looked on in horror. XD)

Gonna hang out with Amanda tonight, and maybe go to the drive-in with Bry. I have a social life! This is new and exciting.

There are new neighbors next door. I do not like them. They woke me up at 12:30 this morning with their partying shenanigans.

I have a long weekend! GO ME! XD

Okay, time to figure out what to bring with me for lunch today.
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Sorry I've dropped off the face of the internets the past few days - Tuesday morning I spent fighting with my damn game for Multimedia Development, and yesterday I went to work out. But it's Thursday, and here I am with a giant coffee in my hand and some Lady GaGa downloading. I finally gave up and figured, what the hell, her songs get stuck in my head enough as it is, why the hell not just get her albums?

Anyway, I'm absolutely exhausted. I've been running around constantly the past few days. Monday we drove to Massena to go get some fishies for my late birthday present. One came home dead, so last night we returned it and got two more. My house is now a friggin aquarium. There are more fish here than people. Do I have to make tags for all my fishykids? Artemis has her own tag. I think Augustus, Metella, and Rufilla would be very sad if I didn't give them tags, yanno? (Oh my lord, Beth, they're fish. They don't care if you have tags. Drink your coffee.) I've noticed they all have their own personalities, too. Artemis is just Artemis, being cute and silly and sometimes doing ridiculous stuff, like sleeping in the handle of the Greek vase in her tank. Gus is calm, cool, collected, and loves to come to the glass when I talk. He's a very social fish. He's also one of the most spoiled male bettas I've ever seen, he's got five gallons all to himself! (Then again, right now Artemis has 20 gallons to herself. XD) Rufilla is a little smaller, and Metella was picking on her in the bag on the way home, and she reminds me of a line that her namesake had in my Cambridge Latin 2 book - "You don't understand! You don't care!" Nobody understands what it's like to be a tiny blue betta, heheh. Metella's also named after a Cambridge Latin character, from book 1 - she acts like she's the boss, and Metella in the books was the lady of the household, so there we go.

Oh my lord I am explaining the reasoning behind what I named my fish and their personalities. I am a crazy fish lady.

Anyway, two days of babysitting left and then it's the weekend. I had Tyler and Brittany yesterday, since she was sick. I felt so bad for her, she looked really out of it and miserable. Hope she's feeling better today.

Can I go back to bed?
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I'm feeling sorta... scrambly right now. Dunno why. And despite feeling scrambly, I'm here writing. Fingers needed to type, I guess.

Had a good day setting up Prof. Hildreth's new desktop. My lord, that thing is beautiful. It's one of the brand shiny new iMacs, with the wireless mouse and keyboard. It was fun setting it up, and it was fun teaching him how to use it. I think next weekend I might be headed over there again to show him how to use iPhoto, iMovie, and some other Mac-specific stuff. Sure, we spent four hours playing with the computer (and two hours at lunch), but I had fun and enjoyed myself. I also got to spend time with the Pomeranians! Lord, I love those little dogs. Kaya's so sweet, all she wanted to do was cuddle me and lick my hand. When I get my own dog, I hope it's as sweet as she is.

I love how Johanna kinda ordered me to call her earlier. "Hey, you're awake, call me at home. My computer's acting up" is what she said to me after three messages on FB this morning. I'm going to just back off. Not make any attempts to call her or get in touch with her, and just let her come to me. It's frustrating, having to do this when I only just started having a real relationship with her, but she's manipulative and downright mean at some points, especially to animals. I don't want someone toxic like that in my life, even if it is my sister.

I hate wedding planning. I just want to get married and get it over with. Kathy and Mike apparently are planning on helping pay for catering, but could they outright tell us this? NOOO. We had to tell them three times that we can't fucking afford catering for them to tell us "oh we're gonna help". WHAT. Why the hell couldn't they have told us this earlier? Can I elope now? >:|

And tomorrow is going to be Insane Babysitting Day, since I'll be babysitting Tyler from 11:30 to 4, and Tyler and his sister Brittany from 4 until 7. I am going to be beat when I get home. I think I'm gonna bring all my DS games and see if Brittany will help me get some of my Pokemon off Pearl.
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Today's song lyric title is brought to you by We Love Katamari - that's the only English line in the whole song. XD

Babysat yesterday. It went alright. Wish there weren't so many mosquitos out in the woods, I would have liked to go exploring with Tyler more. Ah well. Today looks like it's going to be nasty, so I think we'll have to have some adventures in the house. (Unless I get a call that he's going to daycare, then that's all moot.)

Pomsitting tonight! Jacob's going to help Bryan and I out. After puppies, Amanda's picking me up so we can hang out- we haven't seen each other in a few weeks, and I miss her.


Not like there's going to be any huge celebrations or anything, but still, my birthday is always exciting to me. I survived another year! I have made it to level 28! THERE'S NO STOPPING ME NOW.

(haha, I think I've had too much coffee)
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I had some screwed up dreams last night/this morning.

One of which was the usual one my deep subconscious throws at me every month: "oh hay you're on your period, I'm going to make you dream of being pregnant since i know you hate it so much!" Gnaaaarrr. I am deeply afraid of being pregnant. I'm very iffy about bodily functions and I'm never very comfortable in my own body - I can't bear having something grow in me and throw everything I know about myself out the window. (Hell, I'm squicked out about the fact that I'm full of blood and bodily organs. I like to think that I'm filled with Poly-Fil stuffing. And that all my organs are little stuffed representations of the real thing. Scares me a lot less.)

Dream two was just... weird. I was helping Mom clean again, and Ruthie was helping, and we were taking care of some birds. Apparently Ruthie decided that one of the birds wanted to learn how to swim, and I found it trying to keep its head above water in the fish tank. I freaked, pulled it out and dried it off, and then tried to find the cage it belonged in. At one point, while I was trying to find its cage, the bird decided it wanted to cling to me. Like, wrap its wings around my face and cuddle. Okay then! I found its cage eventually, and put it in, and that was that. Then, the scene switches to me being in the back of a car, and there's a bunch of junk in there, and there's a bird cage with two birds in it and some broken eggs. As I watch, one of the birds lays a disgusting looking egg, and I turn away in the dream, but now I can't get that image out of my head. Birds laying rotten eggs. That has to mean something, right? I mean, dreaming of losing teeth means getting money (oddly, the more teeth I lose, the less money I get, but still), dreaming of birds laying rotten eggs must have some strange meaning.

ANYWAY. Today's the last day I'm babysitting for the week, I am happy for this. Means I can go clean out my fish tank, FINALLY. And get some dirt set up in the bottom of it, and the stones too. I'm hoping the pet store has some female bettas or some good looking neon tetras to put in the big tank along with Miss Artemis. Lately she's been swimming around the big plant I dumped in her tank- I think she likes it. I'm amazed it was still alive in Mom's tank- I wonder how long it's just been sitting and growing there.

8 days to my birthday. Bryan said he'd take me out to dinner! I'm going to wear my piano dress, and my fancy headband, and maybe my new white heels.
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It feels like today's gone on forever. It's the second day I've had that started with an emergency (yesterday Mom called me at 7:30 am freaking out because she thought Johanna took her meds, when she actually just put them back where they were, on the bench behind her bedroom door, in a basket, which took her maybe a half hour or an hour to find; today it was Bryan saying "oh hay your tent collapsed under the snow k bye"), and waking up only to dash out into the snow and yank some tent poles loose... yeah, that's not the best way to wake up. At least Tyler behaved himself today, even if he was a little bored because it was too cold to go outside and he didn't have free reign of the house due to the cleaning ladies being there. I've got Friday off, and then that should be it for the days off until the end of June, when the daily babysitting ends. I'm sorta looking forward to summer, it means more petsitting jobs and better weather. I would much rather deal with Tyler's dog some days, all Zoey does is lay around and look at me with those sad eyes. When I pet sit her, the first thing I'm going to do is give the poor doggy a bath - she needs one.

My night, now that I'm home and done with class and work for the day, is being spent listening to a series of podcasts on the history of Rome (sure it may be boring to you, but I'm finding it very interesting, at least the bits I'm absorbing), curled up in the big desk chair wearing pajamas and my mom's old bathrobe. I love this thing - it's heavy terrycloth, and it used to be on the couch for the longest time. Back when we had a couch in the living room, anyway, and not the top bunk of our old bunk beds. Mom used to use it as a blanket, and the dogs would curl up on it. It's good to snuggle up in. Almost like getting a hug from my mom.

I may go to bed soon. Sure, it's not even 8:30 pm here, but I am exhausted.
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Seriously, it's SNOWING outside right now. The weight of the snow collapsed my tent. And is putting a damper on my plans to take Tyler outside for an "expedition". Gaaar. I hate you, Mother Nature. It's too close to my birthday for it to snow!

Yesterday was spent alternately cleaning a fish tank and organizing the living room. I had the day off from babysitting (thank god), so I managed to make a little dent in the mess. Tonight I've got class, though, and I'm pretty sure that when 7 pm rolls around I'm just going to hurry back home, set myself in front of the computer, and mutter about how nasty the weather is.

Oh, I'm jumping on the bandwagon a day late here, but Three Weeks For Dreamwidth! Going to post every day for three weeks, because I love Dreamwidth. I may buy a Dreamwidth coffee mug. I love coffee. I need to drink more coffee. It's too early in the morning.
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I really hope they don't take Bolt off of Instant Netflix. Tyler will probably freak out when the day comes where we can't watch "Bodt on the copuder". I might have to see if I can get myself a copy somewhere - it is a really cute movie, and I like it a lot. (Although I wish he'd want to watch different movies sometimes!)

I finally got one of the things I've been ogling in the Lolita fasion world for years - the mini Bunnybear Bag I bought off someone on LJ finally made its way here from France! I should have known that "mini" meant "more suitable for a ball-jointed doll than for you". Honestly, the pocket inside is barely big enough to hold some pocket change. (Which is all most lolis have after they spend all their money on clothes and silly things like the bunnybear XD ) Seriously, though, it's super adorable, and Hitomi looks adorable holding it in her lap. I should take a picture of her with the bunnybear, if I ever find my camera.

Tomorrow, I think I may sequester myself in the ICT lab and do some work on my game and my website. I'm redoing the Newco Chimney Traditions website for my assignment (it's the chimney sweep company that Bryan occasionally works for when he's home, and his dad works for part time, and his mom is the secretary for), and good lord it needs some redoing. It's hosted on a site that won't even let you do your own HTML, and it was created back in 2006, so it looks a little... dated. Some parts look a little ridiculous, too - instead of creating a graphic with the business name and info on it, Kathy just scanned some letterhead, blew it up, emailed it to Bryan, and told him to stick it on the website. (He's the webmaster, poor honey.) It looks silly. I'm going to make something that looks loads better, and hopefully nobody'll want me to tear it apart and change it without paying me. If this works out well, I'm going to make one for Johanna's grooming business.

I want to burrow back under my warm covers. It's chilly in here, and I'm tired.

Then again, it is only 39 degrees outside, and the window is open a teeny bit, and the heat's off.

*marches off to go find her bathrobe*
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There is a huge blister on my heel from walking around yesterday in my too-large shoes with no socks. I haven't seen a blister that big since I was 12 and had my cast taken off after breaking my arm and my entire hand was covered in blisters of varying sizes. I hate blisters.

Not looking forward to class tonight. I am so frustrated with the game I'm making that I'm on the verge of just deleting it and starting over. I may spend a few nights this week in the computer lab doing just that.

Tried registering for classes. Apparently I need advisor approval for 3/4ths of them. And apparently Dr. Chadwick is still my advisor, even though I switched programs and the head of ICT told me that Edd is my advisor now. I am confused. Must email the Grad Studies department.

Not much else going on, I guess. Gotta babysit today. Gotta go to class. Have to clean out the aquarium before the fish hops out and decides she'd rather live in the bathtub. Guh. Not a good day to be me, I think.
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Ugh. Work in three or so hours. Not ready for this.

I'm back home from Long Island (somewhat obviously, if I'm complaining about work, haha). We left at 1 am Sunday morning, got home at 9 am. Managed to beat all the traffic. Bryan said he wanted to leave that early so he'd have a day to recover at home and get stuff done - all he did was sleep, haha. I wanted to, since I didn't manage to sleep much in the car, but I think I'd hit my second third fourth wind, and I didn't actually fall asleep until bedtime. I'm still ridiculously tired. Maybe a shower will wake me up- breakfast and coffee sure didn't, and it's a little too cold out to go take a walk.

Finally got around to installing Semagic on this computer. Let's see if it'll break my habit of always going to the web to post! Plus, I won't have to go look up what I'm actually listening to - I can just hit a button. In my half-awake state, this pleases me muchly. *pushes button* Ooo, I am listening to Parov Stelar. Awesome.

Anyway. Babysitting. Yeah. I bought Tyler a little coloring book with dinosaur stickers in it while I was gone, hopefully he likes it. Hopefully it'll keep him occupied. :D Worst comes to worst, we watch movies and play with cars all day. I should pack my construction paper and a glue stick, maybe we'll make some construction paper stuff today. I dunno. The day is full of possibilities.

Guh. I have to go close my HSBC account sometime today, too. Not sure if I want to do that before or after work. If I could close it online, that'd be nice. I've been feeling really...hm, not sure how to describe it. It's like all the neuroses I have that I hate are coming to the surface, like the social anxiety, the OCDness, stuff like that. No depression or anything, which is weird. Usually depression is the cause of all this crap. It's very strange not wanting to deal with people and being in a perfectly happy mood.

Oh well! Never said I was normal, did I?
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It's strange, but true. I babysat some very well behaved little boys tonight, Anders and Carl. We spent the whole night hanging out on the couch, watching the Super Mario Bros. Super Show and playing DS games. It was like hanging out with two little brothers. They were so nice, and so friendly, and even the cat liked me!

I had a pretty good day overall, actually, I set up the tent and took a nap on the back porch, and then we set Bryan's tent up to air it out. And then we played with the plants! I took the cucumbers out for a bit, and they really liked being out in the sun. Bryan transplanted his little tomato plants, so hopefully they'll grow bigger soon. Also got to talk to Mom today, and Jo and I bounced facebook messages back and forth a few times. Haven't talked to Ruthie in a while, though. Apparently Mom's getting a little chihuahua. He's a red/brown little guy, and he's rather adorable, he's about 8 months old. I was looking to see if his picture was still up on Kijiji, but it's down already, so no baby puppy pictures. (I'll have some soon enough, though!)

I should go to bed. This is the latest I've been up in a while, and I'm starting to feel drowsy. At least I get to sleep in tomorrow!

Oh, while I'm thinking of it, Curves cut my hours AGAIN. I'm about to quit. What's the point in coming in for FOUR HOURS a week?


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