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Quick entry time!

It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL outside. I'm looking forward to taking Tyler outside today, for fun times. We had fun yesterday playing with the bubble mower and the kickball. (Except for that time I kicked it really high and it almost landed in the pool. Tyler looked on in awe as he saw it soar onto the deck, while I looked on in horror. XD)

Gonna hang out with Amanda tonight, and maybe go to the drive-in with Bry. I have a social life! This is new and exciting.

There are new neighbors next door. I do not like them. They woke me up at 12:30 this morning with their partying shenanigans.

I have a long weekend! GO ME! XD

Okay, time to figure out what to bring with me for lunch today.
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Today's song lyric title is brought to you by We Love Katamari - that's the only English line in the whole song. XD

Babysat yesterday. It went alright. Wish there weren't so many mosquitos out in the woods, I would have liked to go exploring with Tyler more. Ah well. Today looks like it's going to be nasty, so I think we'll have to have some adventures in the house. (Unless I get a call that he's going to daycare, then that's all moot.)

Pomsitting tonight! Jacob's going to help Bryan and I out. After puppies, Amanda's picking me up so we can hang out- we haven't seen each other in a few weeks, and I miss her.


Not like there's going to be any huge celebrations or anything, but still, my birthday is always exciting to me. I survived another year! I have made it to level 28! THERE'S NO STOPPING ME NOW.

(haha, I think I've had too much coffee)
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Ugh.  I hate it when that happens.  It drives me insane.

Anyway.  I've been learning a lot while doing my student teaching - about myself, about the kids I work with, and about life in general.  I've noticed a lot about myself just working with these kids - mostly, I see some of my immature habits reflected in the kids, and it makes me want to work on them in order to grow up and be a more effective teacher.  I tell too many stories, I talk too much when it's not appropriate, and I need to pay attention more.  Life is a learning process, though, and so is teaching, and it's a good thing that I've got this opportunity to grow.

Outside of teaching, not much has been happening.  I hung out with Amanda on Sunday, we watched some Big Bang Theory (because we ran out of Doctor Who), and played Topple.  I won on a technicality, haha.  (I never win when I play games against Amanda!)  Before that, Bryan and I spent the weekend in Lake Luzerne with his parents.  The weekend felt much too short, and I spent most of it reading We Were The Mulvaneys by Joyce Carol Oates.  I read it ages ago, I think, but I couldn't remember what went on, so I re-read it.  I forgot how depressing it was, honestly, but it was a good read nonetheless.  Now I'm reading Ruled Britannia by Harry Turtledove, which is pretty good so far.


Jul. 14th, 2009 02:47 am
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So, apparently all the student workers at Financial Aid got notices to not play games on the computers at work or we'll be fired. So you know what the other two students do? Play games. I probably wouldn't have even been included in that letter if I hadn't played Sorority Life on Facebook that once at work. Oi vey.

Anyhow, I had HORRIBLE allergies yesterday. So horrible that I took some allergy medicine when I got home and was out like a light by 6 pm. YEEP. I slept 11 hours!

Tonight I'm going to watch Amanda perform at Open Mic Night at the coffee house. Oh man, it'll be like I was back in college again, watching Seth perform his emo goth depressed music. Apparently Amanda watched Seth too, when she went to college here. It's a pity that she graduated JUST before I got here, but oh well- we're friends now, and that works for me.

I need to take new pictures of my Sailor Moon collection and post them in [community profile] sailormoon at some point. I've added a lot of new things to my collection, and I like being able to look at all the bits and pieces in one picture and say "Holy cow, I have a LOT!" My collection's nowhere near as big as it used to be, but it's getting there. I sure have added a lot of random stuff to it, that's for sure- I just got a Sailor Moon picnic mat in the mail yesterday (I'm going to use it as a poster), and I have a set of drinking glasses too. Once I get the 11 inch older style Venus, Mars, and Mercury dolls, and the Crescent Moon Wand, I think I'll be satisfied for a while. :D

I really should make my Chibiusa rag doll a new school uniform.
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Is it sad that the first thing I'm doing is cleaning the hell out of the apartment? The kitchen looks better than it has since Bry got back the first time, the bedroom's neat, the living room is almost there, and oh lord am I going to scrub the hell out of the bathroom when I get done with everything else. The toilet is gross (especially with what happened early Friday morning, I don't want to get near it unless absolutely necessary), the tub is hairy, and the floor could use a good mopping.

Other than that, I have plans for a nice relaxing weekend. Hopefully tonight, I can go over to Amanda's and watch some more Hyperdrive, and I want to get some punch embroidery done. I'm close to finished on a Care Bear embroidery, and when that's done I can sew the pillow together and pop it up for sale on the website.

OH! The website is now open for business! http://www.beescrafts.net is where to go. If you don't see anything you want, feel free to ask for a commission - I'll do just about anything on a pillow. I've also got some yarn and stuff, and if you happen to have a burning desire for a Sailor Moon bath towel, let me know. I've got an experimental one almost done, and it's looking amazing.
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I got a lot done today. Yay! In the morning I cleaned, and worked on cleaning up the Mint Chocolate Chip Mobile, since it's back in our possession again. I got a lot of crud out of the rug, and febreezed the chairs. Bryan and I used some car cleaning wipes to clean up the dashboard and doors, and it looks a lot better now. We also bought a new vacuum cleaner, a bagless one, and HOLY CRAP I can't believe the amount of crud it sucked out of our carpet! When I finish cleaning tomorrow, I'm going to vacuum every bit of carpet in the house and see how much crud comes up.

After my insane whirlwind of cleaning, I went over to Amanda and Romeyn's to watch TV and stuff, and I had lots of fun. Their kitties are so sweet! :D Amanda's socially awkward like I am, so I don't feel so weird around her, trying to be normal. We had a lot of fun, and I think we might make this a more regular thing. :D

Now I'm home, with goodies- Romeyn gave me his extra copy of the Xanadu soundtrack on vinyl, and Amanda gave me her extra copies of Firefly and Serenity. (I know what I'm watching while I clean and punch embroider tomorrow!) Dunno what I'm going to do now, but oh well.

Oh! Almost forgot! Welcome to my new to DW friends, [personal profile] littleandy and [personal profile] stars_of_avalon! Both are friends of mine from LJ who wanted to see what it's like over here. I hope you guys enjoy it here!


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