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Yeah, it's snowing, and snowing a lot, and I shoveled at least 6 inches of snow off the front walk this morning, but SUNY Potsdam only cancelled classes until noon. I'm currently waiting for 11:30 to roll around so I can call the office (again) and see if I'm needed there. If not, I don't think I'm even going to bother to come to campus today. My only class is an independent study project, and I can work on that while I'm at home. Heck, I could work on it right now. But yeah. Not sure what's going on. All I know is that it's nearly 10 am and my street hasn't even been plowed yet. O_o This morning brought the longest list of school closings that I've seen since I lived in central NY. It's crazy.

Might straighten up the living room and then do some homework. We'll see.

edit: All classes cancelled. Freezing my butt off. Wondering if I have to go to work - called and left a message, since it rang a bunch of times and then went to voicemail. Hoping I don't have to leave. BRR.


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