Feb. 2nd, 2011

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Yeah, it's snowing, and snowing a lot, and I shoveled at least 6 inches of snow off the front walk this morning, but SUNY Potsdam only cancelled classes until noon. I'm currently waiting for 11:30 to roll around so I can call the office (again) and see if I'm needed there. If not, I don't think I'm even going to bother to come to campus today. My only class is an independent study project, and I can work on that while I'm at home. Heck, I could work on it right now. But yeah. Not sure what's going on. All I know is that it's nearly 10 am and my street hasn't even been plowed yet. O_o This morning brought the longest list of school closings that I've seen since I lived in central NY. It's crazy.

Might straighten up the living room and then do some homework. We'll see.

edit: All classes cancelled. Freezing my butt off. Wondering if I have to go to work - called and left a message, since it rang a bunch of times and then went to voicemail. Hoping I don't have to leave. BRR.
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Snow day! Yay!

All I did was sit around and watch TV, and take one long Benadryl nap. It was nice.

Totally unrelated to anything, if anyone's got Ping Chat on their cellphones, feel free to add me - username's purpleparadox. I'd love to have more people to talk to.

Back to work tomorrow. Tomorrow's an all work day - CLEAR in the morning, the lab at night. Kindasorta looking forward to it.


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