Sep. 27th, 2010

purpleparadox: (Oooooo.)
Got out of class early, which is wonderful. My friend Janel drove me home, and I changed into comfy clothes and poured myself a glass of wine. :) It's good stuff, the green apple gewurztraminer I bought a million bottles of. Good occasional stress reliever, too. Mmm, apples.

Anyway! Class today was more of "I know this already, why am I here? Oh, to prove that I actually do know this". I ended up working on my portfolio during classes, to be honest. I did what the professor took an entire class time to explain and put it up on my website twice. (He had us convert Powerpoint presentations to a web friendly format.) If you'd like to take a look at my piddly portfolio, head here. My newest stuff is under Presentations, and there's some stuff under Video too that I put up today.

Work is good. I managed to get ALL MY FILING DONE OMG. It was an epic undertaking, but there was honestly nothing else left to do, so off I went.

Discovered Lily Allen's music lately. I'm kinda addicted. XD

Tomorrow is my long day. Much like longcat, long day is long. Not looking forward to it much, but oh well, what can you do?


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