Sep. 5th, 2010

30 Day Meme

Sep. 5th, 2010 07:33 pm
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I'm stealing this idea from [personal profile] wyldbutterflies, since it sounds like an excellent way to help all my new friends get to know me. Also, I like memes.

30 Day About Me Meme

Day 01: Introduce Yourself

Oh lordy, I am never good at introducing myself. I always start with "My name is Beth", and then start rambling about something nonsensical, like nerdy things or stupid random things that happened to me. Only once has that actually gotten me a friend.

So, I'll approach this in a different way!

My name is Beth. I'm 28 years old. I'm recently married, to a wonderful man named Bryan. He puts up with my craziness. I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder when I was 16, and anxiety when I was 18. I also have other health problems, but they don't impact me nearly as much as the depression crap. I name my electronics - my desktop is Kitra 2 (Kitra 1 was an HP Pavillion that died a spectacular death a few years ago), my laptop is called Silver, my old laptop is named Snowball, my iPod is named Touchie, and my eBook reader is simply named Book. I get funny looks when I refer to my electronics by name. I am territorial, I sleep with a security blanket, I dress in Gothic Lolita sometimes, and I am addicted to coffee.

I like anime and manga and video games, but I'm nowhere near as rabidly fangirly as I used to be. I still have one hell of a Sailor Moon collection, though, and I'm proud of still being a fan 13 years after I discovered the show. I like to read fantasy novels, and I absolutely love Anne Bishop's works. She is the only author I'm a hardcore fan for - I own every novel she's written. I absolutely love the Ace Attorney series of games for the Nintendo DS - I plan on owning every single game in the series someday. (I am one game short of my goal - apparently it's hard to find Apollo Justice anywhere.) I used to be absolutely obsessed with Princess Peach, and have dressed as her for Halloween twice.

I go to graduate school and I work. I am in the MSEd: Educational Technology Specialist program, and I work three jobs - as a graduate assistant at the Center for Lifelong Education and Recreation, a computer lab supervisor at the Levitt Center, and as an unpaid graduate assistant at the Information and Communication Technology office (or whatever the hell we're calling ourselves, now that we've merged with Computer Science - I don't care, so long as they don't take my office away). I've found that keeping myself very busy keeps me from wallowing in depression. You should have seen me last fall, when my only obligation was to show up to Levitt two nights a week. I was a mess. All I did was drink coffee, lay on the couch, and work on my NaNoWriMo novel.

I'm trying to get more active and lose some weight - I tend to eat junk food when I'm stressed, and I've recently banned myself from eating anything that comes from a vending machine. Also, working out keeps the depression away, which is nice. I am also trying to write in my journal daily - it helps keep me sane. Welcome to my life. I hope I haven't scared anyone off yet.

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