Sep. 3rd, 2010

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I don't know if anyone else does this, but I've noticed I listen to different music during the spring and summer than I do in the fall and winter. Maybe I'm the only one who does this. I dunno. But I don't mind.

During the spring and summer, I tend to listen to really upbeat stuff. Electric Light Orchestra, Daft Punk, Justice, lots of classic rock, even some pop music. I don't usually listen to the radio often, but during the summer sometimes a pop song will get itself stuck in my head and it won't leave. Summer is when the really eclectic stuff in my playlist comes out to play. Pop, dance music, classic rock, anime soundtrack songs... yeah. The random stuff comes out and annoys Bryan a lot, haha.

In the fall and winter, the other stuff comes out. Tori Amos, Ayreon, Goldfrapp, Parov Stelar, Mono, Bitter:Sweet, and Ladytron. I tend to go through phases when I listen to only one album over and over again. A few years ago, all I listened to all winter long was Tori. Winter 08'/'09, I listened to Ayreon's Into the Electric Castle from the start of the first snow until the ice started to melt, five straight months. I tend to listen to more depressing stuff, more serious stuff. Maybe it's because of the seasonal depression, maybe it's just because it fits the season better.

It's strange how eclectic and random my summer musical tastes are in comparison to my fall and winter ones. In summer, I might listen to one song on repeat for an hour and then go peruse my playlist, while in winter I'll listen to one album straight through, then another, then another, and then listen to a specific album for a week straight.

I wonder what that says about me. Does it make me two completely different people, at least musically? If you listed all these tastes separately, the summer and the winter, it would look like it was two different people's music tastes.

Then again, essentially I am two different people. During the summer, I'm enthusiastic, exuberant, almost manic. I want to be out there in the sun, I want to run around until I'm exhausted and it's dark out and the dew is falling. I want to go swimming, I want to go wander through downtown Lake George, I want to bike in the woods and I want to look at the beautiful green trees. I run around in tanktops and shorts and get tan lines on my feet from my sandals. When the leaves fall, though, I become introspective, introverted, and quiet. I keep to myself. I hide behind my computer screen, my glasses, my headphones and my homework. I camouflage myself under big thick sweaters and silly headbands. I cry a lot, and wish the sun would come back. I live off of coffee and junk food and the Internet.

Maybe I am two different people. The me during the summer is who I truly feel I am, and the winter person is someone who takes over when the snow comes and the sun goes away, when I hide and wait for the warmth to come.


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