Aug. 21st, 2010

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Ugh. Ate too much junk last night at the movies with Michelle. I gotta cut out the junk food again - back when I didn't even eat potato chips, I felt so much better.

Last night was good, though. I had some much needed girl time.

Today, I have a lot of cleaning to do. We've been home from our honeymoon almost a week, and the clean laundry hasn't even been put away yet. So, while Bryan sells wine, I'm going to clean. I explicitly told him he's lazy, since he'd been home almost all week and hadn't done crap. He agreed with me. O_o

When I do get the place clean, I want to show off my new quilt. Granted, it's actually old, but I got it at the antique store while we were honeymooning, so it's new to me. :D It's really pretty.
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Do you watch/did you watch Sesame Street?
I watched it all the time when I was a kid! When winter rolls around, I still pull out the old special, Christmas Eve on Sesame Street. It's not Christmas without it.

Who is your favorite muppet character?
Big Bird, for sure. I always loved Big Bird. Even had a Big Bird night light when I was a kid.

Who is your favorite human character?
I can't remember - I think I liked them all.

What is your favorite Sesame Street song?
I think it's a tie between C Is For Cookie and Rubber Duckie. :D

When you have children, will you let them watch Sesame Street?
Not planning on having kids. :P
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A glass of wine, allergy medicine, and Dexter. That's what's comprised my evening so far.

Emailed Morgan earlier. I don't know if it was a good idea or not, but so far things are okay. He's moved to Florida for work, living in a hick neighborhood, already plotting his return to San Francisco.

I feel very floaty right now.

I don't even know why I'm writing right now. I guess I felt I had to.


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