Aug. 17th, 2010

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I think I'm going to make an effort to post more. I should get my thoughts out more often, and put myself out there more often. No more hermit Bethie.

Got a lot done today. I am officially Beth Hoey, according to Social Security, the DMV, and my bank. Tomorrow, the college will recognize me as Beth Hoey, and that'll be just about all the places I need to change my name. I also opened up the boxed wedding presents we got (pots and pans, and a ton of Pyrex glassware), and cleaned up the kitchen, and started writing thank you notes. I also found out there was a living room underneath all the plastic bags, greeting cards, and flowers.

Now that we're back home, it feels like life as usual. I don't feel married. (Or maybe I've felt married for two years.) I end up surprised whenever I see my name as Beth Hoey anywhere. I have to re-learn how to sign my name! I screwed it up on one of the forms I filled out yesterday, and had to white it out and sign it again.

I don't want to go back to work tomorrow. I mean, I sort-of do, but I sort-of don't. I know it's going to be crazy with phone calls from people registering for fall non-credit classes, and I'm going to be so frustrated if my email's not working tomorrow. (Apparently CTS has been replacing a borked volume on the email servers, and not only are all my saved mails gone, half the time I can't even log in!) At least I can email people with the online registration email, even if it'll seem like people are getting emailed by a robot, until my mail is fixed - OH WAIT IT'S BACK. Thank god. I need my email for work!

I can't believe classes start in less than two weeks. The summer's flown by! Granted, there were some points where it felt like it was dragging (like from 2-4 pm every day), but in general, it's just shot right by. I never even got a chance to use my new tent. (I might see if I can find a relatively poop-free spot in Caroline's backyard when I petsit and set it up there, or ask Kit if I can camp out in her yard) When the school year starts, it's going to be crazy. 12 credit hours of classes, 30 hours of work at CLEAR, and 9 hours of work at the computer lab. If I'm not dead by the second week of school, or if I don't have a direct IV of coffee inserted into me, I'll be damn surprised.
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Reading really, really old journal entries is making me all weird tonight. Well, that and a glass of wine. I can't believe some of the stuff I said and did in the past. I'm actually sort of amazed at the fact that I finally did mature. Lord knows it didn't look like it would ever happen, if you read some of my entries from seven and eight years ago!


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