Aug. 5th, 2010

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Got an exercise bike yesterday! Hopefully it will motivate me more to actually work out. It's very nice to have my own personal gym right in my oversized bathroom, haha. It's small enough that if I really wanted to (and cleaned out a closet) I could stuff it in one of the closets. I can also haul it out to the living room to watch TV on while I bike. After dinner tonight, I might go haul it out and watch Dexter on the big tv. :D We ended up getting it from Walmart late last night, and we were putting it together at 10 pm. XD I was up super late because of that (and the nap I took earlier), but it was nice. I worked out a little this morning, and realized just how out of shape I am.

Oh lordy, I had other things to say but I completely forgot them.

Anyway, going to Jan's for dinner tonight after class. Jan is kind of a surrogate mother to me. I met her through my old boss, Cynthia, from when I was working at the Instructional Technology Center, and I ended up helping her with a gallery showing and scanning pictures for one of her books. We're going out to her little cabin in the woods, and having a pre-wedding dinner. Tomorrow I have a half day from work, which means I'll be cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. If I could clean the house and spend the rest of the weekend in the tent, so I don't mess anything up, I totally would.

Guh. I need more morning time, but don't want to wake up at the buttcrack of dawn. :/ Why does time run away from me when I surf the internet in the morning?


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