Aug. 1st, 2010

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So much stuff to do. I'm not anxious or stressed out about the wedding, like most people expect me to be. I'm actually really excited. I get to spend time with my closest friends and family, I get to dress like a princess and NOT get strange looks, I get to have my hair done up pretty and my nails done, and most importantly of all, I get to marry the man I love, the only person out there who truly understands me and accepts me for who I am - security blanket and all.

And I'll admit, it's scary to think that if our wedding plans had gone, well, as planned - we'd be getting married today. We originally picked August 1st so it wouldn't detract from all the other things going on in August - my sister Ruthie's birthday (on the 7th), Kathy and Mike's birthdays (the 16th and the 30th, respectively), Kathy and Mike's wedding anniversary (I think it's on the 20th), and even Grandma and Grandpa Carey's wedding anniversary (which is in there somewhere.) And then I had a talk with Bryan, and asked if we really wanted our anniversary to be on August 1st, and he suggested the 9th - "That way, our anniversary is 8/9/10, and I'll always remember it!" And when people complain about it being a Monday, I bring that up, and they understand. :D (And there's only four more years where you can get nifty dates like that to get married on - 9/10/11, 10/11/12 (which is when I think Bryan's friends Scott and AJ are getting married), 11/12/13, and 12/13/14!)

I can understand why some brides may be stressed out about getting married, and I have been a little stressed about things, but now that everything's falling into place, I'm enjoying the excitement more. :)

Alrighty, enough mushiness. Time to get back to cleaning. My bathroom looks like an entirely different place - I got an over-the-toilet shelf for the potty closet (don't ask), and ended up cleaning out a LOT of crap from the rest of the bathroom. Once it's all cleaned up, I'm going to take my video camera out and test it with a tour of the house. :)


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