Jul. 29th, 2010

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I dreamed about Dexter Morgan, from the TV show Dexter. I dreamed he was having an affair with me, but Rita and Bryan found out, and while Bryan was all depressed and resigned to it, Rita was ridiculously upset. And Dexter told me he couldn't see me anymore. I told him I knew his secret (that he was a serial killer) and that I was fine with it, and Rita didn't know about it, so why not go with me? Strange stuff. I think Dexter was sort of representing Morgan, the guy I spent some time with back in January that I try not to think about. (And Rita was my conscience, and Bryan was Bryan.)

Then I had ANOTHER dream about Bryan and I getting married. That's twice this week! I think it's due to stress. Possibly. Amanda's coming over tonight to do weddingy stuff with me, since Michelle is packing to go to NYC. (Otherwise, I bet she'd be over here too!)

Working on a storyboard for video class. It involves Bunzilla and Bryan. I'll post the video here when it's done being edited, and I'll scan and post the storyboard for anyone who's interested later.


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