Jul. 9th, 2010

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Back to work today for one of the shortest work weeks ever!

Turns out I have bronchitis. That combined with asthma = BAD THINGS. I had a nebulizer treatment yesterday, and student health sent me home with a new inhaler and some prednisone to help me breathe and get this crap out of my lungs. The prednisone is making me feel like I can take on the WHOLE WORLD OMG. No wonder why the last time Mom was on this stuff for any length of time, she thought it was a wonderful idea to get two Cocker Spaniel puppies. After she got off the pills, and was exhausted and feeling cruddy and was left with two boisterous little Cocker puppies, she wondered what the hell she was thinking. XD (Honestly, though, I wouldn't trade in Aubi and Levon for anything. They're sweet little boys.)

But yeah. Work today, then if it's cool enough (haha) I might do some cleaning when I get home. Tomorrow's the epic farmers market, since this weekend is the Potsdam Summer Festival - Bryan and I may check that out later.

I hope it rains like the weather report promises. (Then again, it has to rain - we have a flash flood warning for the next day or two. That usually means rain, right? :D )

I wonder what'll happen if I add coffee to the prednisone. I'll probably be crawling up the walls! XD Tempted to see what'll happen.


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