Jul. 7th, 2010

purpleparadox: (Weeeeeellll...)
the highlights OF my weekend (lord, I shouldn't type when I'm half awake and very sick)

-went to the farmers market with bry. watched him sell a lot of wine. packed the car and went to lake luzerne. read a lot. slept well.

-woke up with a sore throat. went to lake george. found out that the fireworks cruises were sold out. found out that our favorite restaurant has a $50 limit to sit on the deck for dinner. ended up spending two hours guarding a table in the heat, waiting for fireworks, with an increasing headache. beautiful fireworks. not so beautiful migrane. bry drove me home while i hung my head out the window, in case i had to throw up. passed out when i got home. think i had heat exhaustion.

-ran around, did a little cleaning, felt a bit sicker. went to the mall in glens falls. had a campfire, drank wine and ate marshmallows.

-woke up really sick. laid in bed and wheezed for a bit. went downstairs and wheezed. laid on the couch for pretty much the entire day. bry drove us home, and i couldn't get comfy because i ached so much. i think i have the flu.

-last night my friend michelle told me to call into work. so did my other co-worker, katie. brittany, another of my co-workers, sanitized her desk again upon learning i was sick. i am in bed right now, wishing walmart was not sold out of air conditioners, and wishing it didn't hurt to hack crap up.

EDIT: We've now got an air conditioner! We had to drive out all the way to Massena to get it, but we got one, and since it was a floor model they took $25 off the price! I am now basking in the cool breeze of the AC. It's really helping me feel better - I don't think the heat's been helping my cold/flu/whatever at all. Now, time to download some old Law and Order episodes if I can, and work on feeling better. (If I don't feel better tomorrow, I may go make an appointment at student health, and see if they can figure out what this is and how to make it go away.)

Wow. I can hardly believe it's 90something degrees out. I will probably wilt and die the instant I leave the bedroom, haha.


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