Jul. 2nd, 2010

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Luzerne again tomorrow. YES. Two weekends out of this town? YESSS. Four day weekend? I COULD DIE OMG

So, Bryan started his new job yesterday - working as a wine seller for the Thousand Islands winery. I told him to buy me a bottle of North Country Red - he gets a 30% discount. It really makes no sense for me to go to the Potsdam Farmers Market, go to the wine booth, and give Bryan money that's technically already his, haha. Only thing that sucks about it (for both of us) is that he gets home from one farmers market at 10 pm (it's a late one that's two hours away), and then has to leave for the next one at 4:30 am! I saw him for maybe an hour last night before I fell asleep, and he left before I rolled out of bed at 6. Oh well, he can have a nice big nap when he gets home!

I had two strange dreams last night. I guess sleep deprivation does that do you. Anyway, the first dream was that apparently I'd had a baby. (For those of you who don't know me too well, I am absolutely terrified of childbirth and what it will do to my body - I already have issues with my body, I don't need more. I also don't think I'd be a very fit mother - I'm a great babysitter, but then, I don't have to be the parent and it's only for a few hours.) Bryan and I were trying to figure out how to take care of it. It had curly red hair, which could entirely happen, because Bryan's part Irish. It was a cute baby, I guess, but still. Yeeep. I commend all you mothers out there who have had children, and hope you don't hate me too much because I don't want kids of my own. (Maybe when I'm a little more stable I'll be a foster parent!) But anyway, back to the dream. Bryan actually tried to breastfeed the baby. XD I looked and him and said "No, you're doin' it wrong," and took the baby and fed her myself. That's the last part I remember.

Dream number two was infinitely less scary. Mom got me a HUGE Keurig coffee maker, a red one to match my tiny one! Apparently Bry, Ruthie, and I were all at Mom's, and Ruthie thought Mom got it for both of us. We both tore into the box and started reading the instruction manual, which was really complicated, and Ruthie's planning what coffees we'll make. I tell Bryan we can give my little Keurig to his dad, and he said "Let's not worry about that now." Then Mom comes in and tells Ruthie that the coffee maker is just for me, and she runs off crying. Oh lordy.

Wedding planning is going along well. My co-worker, Brittany, brought me some Precious Moments stuff she used for her wedding! Which is nice, since it matches our wedding invitations. If Bryan's parents were going to be up north for the weekend, I'd bring it all with me so Kathy could see. She'd love it! Brittany gave me a few helium balloons, a cake topper, a little banner, and a whole bunch of bubble stuff bottles. She also gave me a set of the napkins she used - they had cute little Precious Moments designs on them. :D I am amazed at how well this wedding is going, and how little we're having to spend on it. So far, all Bryan and I have spent on it is $90 for my dress. The ceremony site is free, I think the Mayor will marry us for free, Bry's parents are paying for the reception, we're getting inexpensive rings with the promise that someday we'll upgrade them, and Bryan's wearing his suit for the wedding. And getting him to wear a purple shirt and tie to match the wedding color will be no problem at all, because he has a million purple shirts and at least three purple ties. XD I think that's why we picked it. In fact, when I was suggesting wedding colors to him, I even said "Purple like your shirts!" XD I think this weekend will be spent cranking out wedding ideas and stuff. I'm half tempted to bring my printer with me so I can actually get some stuff printed out. We'll see.

Anyhow, I should get on with my morning internet browsing, since I have to get ready for work eventually. I'll see if I can bring my laptop and leech wireless from someplace, otherwise I'll try and post on my phone. :D


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