Jun. 25th, 2010

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Short update, since I have to leave for work in a bit:

Babysitting last night was FUN. Julie ended up giving me money to take them out for pizza with, and we walked downtown to Little Italy and had dinner. After dinner, we walked back to their house, and they scrounged up some money for ice cream (Elizabeth came downstairs with a $20 bill, and Elwood managed to find four dollars in quarters XD) and we swung by my apartment to get some Super Mario Brothers Super Show before getting some ice cream. All while we were walking, the kids kept talking excitedly and I felt bad when they'd interrupt each other - they love to talk, and need to learn to take turns. That was almost the only annoying part about the evening! After that, we settled in and watched Mario in the living room... for three and a half hours. I think the kids expected their parents to be home at 9:30, and when 10:30 pm rolled around Elwood called his dad and said "Where are you? We've been waiting for three hours for you!" And their dad came home pretty quickly after that. I got home at 11. O_o Oh well. I had fun!

Going to Lake Luzerne tonight. Bryan's parents are already on their way up there. I can't wait to get out of here.


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