Jun. 24th, 2010

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So many of you commented when I posted that internet suicide note that I decided that even if I do get rid of my online presence - like AIM, twitter, and all that jazz (yes, even facebook) - I'll still stay here on Dreamwidth. You're all very wonderful, and it's nice to know that others understand what I'm going through.

Today is strange. (Well, so was last night.) I've been inspired by [personal profile] wyldbutterflies and how they've not only quit caffeine, but sugar and flour as well, so I hopped on the quitting unhealthy things bandwagon and have given up caffeine. I've been decaf since Sunday! And oh lord, I am SO VERY TIRED. But this is to be expected. Anyway. I have a story to tell. I went to bed at - *gasp* - 7 pm last night. And I woke up around 8 pm, watched an episode or two of Bones, and fell back asleep. But I woke up this morning at 5:30. And I'm awake. I mean, really awake. None of this sleep-deprived zombie crap. It's sooo weird to feel so awake!

It's also so weird to look out the window at 6:30 am and see it getting darker outside. I mean, I know we're supposed to have thunderstorms, but this early? Ridiculous. And strange.

I hope I'll still be feeling awake when 5:00 tonight rolls around. I've got a babysitting job - and for some rather energetic (at least, that's how I remember them) and not bratty kids! I haven't babysat for Elwood and Elizabeth in forever - I wonder if they'll remember me. I also hope that Carl and Anders' mom calls me to babysit them- they're friends with Elwood and Elizabeth, and I love those kids. The last time I babysat for Carl and Anders, we all clustered on the couch together and played Pokemon and Mario Kart. :D


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