May. 31st, 2010

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omg nostalgia attack HARDCORE.

I miss Camp Talooli. Very, very badly. I mean, I miss home, sure, and I like going home to visit my mom, but Camp Talooli was home to me. It was the first place I got to go out and be on my own, as a kid and as an adult. You know how some kids get homesick while they're at camp? And cry their first night there? Me, I was the complete opposite. I'd be fine all week and cry the instant I got home. I got campsick. And I still do.

And it's really pissing me off that I can't find my most important piece of Talooli memorabilia. I mean, I've got a Camp Talooli blanket, a couple of Nalgene bottles, a bucket hat that's too small for me, and all my staff shirts. I have my cabin sign hanging over my office space in the living room. But I can't find my whistle! It's the most important thing to me - each counselor gets a hand carved wooden whistle when they become an official staff member. Before getting a whistle became a big end-of-summer ritual, it was a huge deal if someone got their whistle. (It still is.) I remember getting mine - it was back in 1998, and I'd spent the entire summer volunteering as a counselor in training. And during the last week of resident camp, I got my whistle. I was the only one to get theirs that night, and I cried. My sister was there (the sane one), and she cried too. And gave me my first bead. Gary, the counselor I had during my first week of camp ever, cried. All my campers cried. It was great. And ever since then, when I wasn't working, it'd hang on my bedroom doorknob. It's one of the few things that went to California and back with me. It's moved everywhere with me. It was even at Kit's - it hung over my bed. And it's KILLING me that I can't find it!

I think it's time to tear apart the closet.

EDIT: OMG I FOUND IT. It was in with the resin kids' clothes. come see! )


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