May. 2nd, 2010

meme time!

May. 2nd, 2010 08:20 pm
purpleparadox: (Glee!)
Ganked from [profile] alwaysunami. I had fun guessing at hers, so here's mine!

Pick 10 media items, post their summaries from Better Than It Sounds, and have your friends guess WITHOUT CHEATING.

Here goes! :D


1. An old man spends several lifetimes convincing hot young things to join him inside an ancient (time traveling) phone box. He is routinely harassed by tin men, giant nazi pepperpots and his old college buddies.

2. A recovering alcoholic tries to keep a Cowboy Cop, a closet lesbian, a gangsta rapper, and John Munch from taking their frustrations out on rapists and child molesters.

3. A young woodsman embarks on a mystical quest with an elderly wizard, a beautiful woman who mind-rapes people with her eyes, and a reformed dominatrix. Along the way they collect magical objects, rescue villagers, and try not to doom the world by having sex.

Video Games

4. The player takes on the role of a child in a world where kids are allowed to leave the house at 10 years of age and traverse the world, capture and force animals to fight each other causing them to mutate into grotesque monsters, and beat up the local crime syndicate. There are only four games in this series but they have been released 17 times under different names.

5. Everyone decides the damsel is more interesting and helps her have adventures with her umbrella.

6. One of the duo teams up with the damsel, the turtle, a living cloud who was raised by frogs, and a possessed action figure to beat up giant talking weapons and fix a wishing star.


7. A psychic high school track star helps in the fight against Isaac Newton's evil mecha army on a highly improbable moon made by Atlanteans.

8. Shy bookworm must kill Beethoven and other historical figures with paper.

9. Military specialist searches for a magic rock recipe to get his brother out of a can. In one version of the story, the rock is their father, in the other version the rock is us.


10. Indie boy with Robot Buddy accrues harem of unattainable ladies. Comedy, drama, and coffee ensue. And when he does attain one, it's not the one you'd expect.

Have fun guessing, everyone! :D


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